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How To Decide On A Career

When did you decide on your career, and why?

I watched Jame's Cameron's 'Titanic' when I was about 12. I was awe-struck. How could a ship so great and magnificent sink?! The Titanic, and its great story, has never left me since then and, primarily due to watching that single film, I became suddenly fascinated by ships. I would grab pencil, ruler and paper and start sketching out my own designs for an ocean liner or supertanker. The possibilities on paper were endless. I went further in trying to write an adventure novel at sea, set almost entirely over the waters but, alas, my procrastinating self got the better of me and to this day I have never finished it (but plan to!). That said, now, at age 16 and finishing my GCSEs (finally!) I have in mind to become a naval architect. That's right. I want to design and build ocean vessels - primarily ships. That most worthy of professions is a unique fusion between art and science, concept and design. It has led me to choosing Physics and Mathematics at A Level - the latter is certainly not my strength. However, with perseverance and that little bit of audacity, I 'll get there. Ship building here I come!

I Don't Know What Career to Decide on?


If you're trying to figure out what job or career you want, or if you don't like your current one and want a new one, you might be trying to find the "ideal" job or career by asking yourself "what do I want to DO?"

But that question may do more harm than good because you may not be able to come up with an answer that really helps you, and that's if you can think of one at all.

This may be because you don't know what you want to do, or because there are just too many things you want to do, or because it's a loaded question: it implies that there must be one answer, which you just can't decide on.

So maybe, if you're struggling with knowing what you want to do career-wise, it's time for another question: what do you want to LEARN?

Well, here's an exercise to help you determine what your next career move should be (whether it's choosing or starting a new career, or somehow modifying your current one).

Find some paper or load up Notepad on your computer, and make a list of all the career or job-related knowledge and skills you want to develop. Once you've done this, assign a priority to each item.

Finally, consider what careers or jobs will probably teach you what you want to know in the priority that you want to know it.

Just keep in mind that you may not be able to learn everything from one career, job or company, and what you want to learn may change too, but at least now, you know what you want to learn, and which jobs or careers will allow you to learn it.

So, you should stop trying to find an answer to the question of what you want to do. Go through the fun exercise above and let your answers as to what you want to learn guide you towards the right job(s) and/or career(s) for you =)

Good luck!

How did you decide your career path?

It becomes an easy decision when we simply follow our heart's desire without questioning the money part of it. By doing so we will place ourselves in the creative mode instead of the competitive mode.

My heart's decision was to stay healthy, travel the World and to have more children. I was 20 years older than you at that time with no formal education pass the High School. My heart's desire lead me in the right direction all the time --- goal oriented self-education brought plenty of money to travel the World many times over; in Europe I met this young lady who after 5 years of courting became my wife and mother of our two beautiful children, we traveled the world together finally settling down in the place of our dreams. I also have two grandchildren of the same age. The life can be incredibly peachy if you make it so.

We are debt free, financially secure and most of all, our children (now 6&7 years old) had never seen us going to work because our self-education lead us to Health and Wellness Industry where we developed substantial residual income right from our home, allowing us to do the same from anywhere in the World where there is Internet connection.

You mentioned health related --- many people are confused on this subject, i.e. nurses claim to be in Health Care. I am 61 years old now and healthy as can be, I do not need any care. It's the sick people who need their care, shouldn’t it be called Sick Care instead?

If your heart leads you to health being your choice, abandon falsely acquired employee mentality, educate yourself in Health and Wellness and Illness Prevention. You'll become very healthy and wealthy in the process, before you reach the age of 30. Guaranteed!! Providing you always find yourself a mentor.

Before we went to Africa, we spoke to people who already been there, before we invest our money in Real Estate, we consult with people who had already done the same, before we started to market our products we’ve learned from people who were already doing it and most of all were exceptionally successful at it. Follow your heart’s true desire, then follow the pattern of people already successful at what you want to accomplish, and you will excel in everything and anything you do. Guaranteed!!!

From the very bottom of my heart, all and only the best to you. Live your life to the fullest, it’s the best and the only game in town worth playing. Guaranteed!!! :)))

Cant decide on what career i want to pursue?

im going into my senior year of high school and ive changed my mind so many times about what i wanted to be,
and i know i want to work in the medical field just because i love working with people. i wanted to either be a suregon that majors in plastic surgery or an anesthieologist. but the amount of time ill be in school scares me... and all the studying, and it might be overwhelming

but then again, i love taking pictures and love photography and i really enjoy it. i do that in my spare time...

ive taken those "career tests" but that really doesnt satistfy me at all...

i guess i need some help deciding what im going to do.
did anyone ever get stuck on deciding what career they wanted to pursue?

because i love both of them, but it would mean giving up my social life if i went to medical school and i just need some help deciding...
i want to be able to make it by (as in making enough money) so i will be able to enjoy life.

Still can't decide on a career mid 20s/late 20s?

Is this normal? I did well towards the end of college and it made me rethink my career. I graduated a bit later than most. The grad programs I want to enter are impacted so it's given me a longer time to decide. A few different careers (all in health) interest me. I'm taking classes to apply to other programs that interest me, while working part time. I feel like the only thing I'll regret is not buying a home sooner than if I had already choosen my career. Advice? Am I taking too long or is it ok to take awhile? Family + buying a home are being delayed - not sure if I will regret that in a few years. B/f is a little bit older, doesn't mind me taking awhile.

How do I decide on a career path for my life?

I think it is really an important issue . Selecting a right career path - you are to judge unbiased the following :** Go with the subject or stream based on your choice and skill.Now have an information about the prospect of your choice — it's industry requirement i.e. market demand. If you get positive output , go ahead, else — optimization is required. You have to go for best tuning in between your subject/stream of choice and it's job prospectiveness. The more efficient as well as unbiased your tuning the better result oriented will be your career.As success is our desired end result, careful homework considering every pros and cons is the key to reach the destination.

How do I decide what to do in life and what career path to follow?

Sometimes it's easier to identify what you dislike than what you like (see: every little kid, ever).So start with a list of jobs you hate/would never want to have. Write down about 10 of these, then look for commonalities between them. So, for example, if you would never want to be a writer no matter what, ask yourself why -- if it's because you hate writing, then you know you also wouldn't want to work in marketing or journalism. Write that down: 'I hate writing.'If it's because you hate working without structure, then you know you'd also dislike freelancing work of any sort. Write down 'I hate working without an office, schedule, or boss to help give me direction.'If it's because words/grammar/language are a challenge for you, and you hate focusing on detail, cross out law. Write down "I hate detail-oriented, linguistically complex work."Keep doing this for about ten jobs. Now you have a list of ten characteristics that you hate in your work/workplace. Now, for each of those characteristics, write down the opposite. So if you wrote 'I hate detail-oriented work', then also write 'I prefer large-scale goals and broad thinking.'Do this ten times.Now you've got at least a preliminary outline of what you like to do. Dig in deep after that -- pick up some career books (What Color is Your Parachute? might be one) and browse websites to see what jobs are a good fit for people who like to work like you do.Make a list of 20 of those jobs, then rank them by which sound most interesting to you. Shave off the bottom 5 and save them for later. Explore the top 15. And voila -- you have yourself at least some kind of direction.

Do you think your parents should decide your career??

I mean is it like we should opt for the career our parents decide??Its true that our parents always want us to have the best..they always think about should we always do as our parents say??

How can I decide on a career between multiple talents?

Some thoughts:Will this be useful in 10+ years? If your career is your livelihood, you better be sure its around in the future. Stable source of income means more time to devote to your interests.Which one gives the most freedom? If something will consume your life and force you to give up all other hobbies, it may not be a good idea. Something amazing would pay really well and still give you time to do all the things you like.Would I mind doing this every day? If one of your talents is more creativity-inspired and you can't see yourself doing it when you don't "feel" it, cross that one off the list.Remember, a career is usually a means, not an end.