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How To Delete Yahoo Answers Questions/account

How do you delete questions on Yahoo Answers?

Original question:How do you delete questions on Yahoo Answers?I want to delete some of my questions on Yahoo Answers because the answers aren't that helpful to me. Everyone keeps telling me to click on the blue pencil icon to delete my questions but they already have a best answer and I want to get rid of the ones that I have. Is there any ways that I can delete my own questions that I have on the site? Thanks.You cannot delete questions once you have an answer (or a best answer), just like on Quora. However, if no one has replied to your question yet, you can still delete it. The steps are as follows:Step 1: Go to your question. If you are at the home page, click on your name on the left (not the profile picture in the top right-hand corner) and click on ‘My Questions’.Step 2: Click the ‘Edit’ button and press ‘Delete question’. It is found over here:Hope this helps! :)

How to delete yahoo answers account but not yahoo email account?

if u want to give up YAnswer!
u need to delete ur entire YAhoo Account
visit Account Deletion page.
u will be asked to sign in to or verify ur password for
the account u wish to delete.

after the deletion process is initiated,
ur account can never be recovered.
goodluck ^_^

Why does Yahoo Answers delete my question after I ask it?

A couple reasons come to mind: Your Answer violates Yahoo Community Guidelines - if it's off-topic, or harassing another user or obscene or otherwise violates Yahoo's Terms of Service.Your Answer has been asked and answered countless times, like Yahoo Answers: Why is the Sky Blue? Use the Search feature before you post a question that probably already has an answer.

Does deleting your yahoo account delete the questions you have asked as well?

You can only delete questions that you asked, and you can only do that while they are still 'open'. Once a question is in 'voting' or has been resolved via a Best Answer being chosen, the question belongs to Y!A and is in their database forever (or until they start archiving old Q&As anyway).

You can also email Yahoo Customer services at or and ask for them to delete the question for you. In your email include the link to the question you want deleted, explain why you want it deleted and ask them to delete it for you

To delete your question while it's still open, go to the question page, pass your mouse over the pencil icon in the toolbar below your question, and click on Delete Question.

Even if you delete your entire Yahoo account (email, flickr, messenger, etc) your questions & answers remain out here as part of the Y!A knowledge database.


How can i remove my yahoo answer account? and delete my questions and answers?

Go to account deletions, but since the questions and answers are the property of Y!A, they may never get deleted

Will your question get deleted if you delete your yahoo answers account?

No ,they remain they are the property of Yahoo. You really can't delete a YA account, only YA can delete a YA account. You could do this. Click your avatar, delete all your contacts click edit my info, delete the info in your profile including your personal avatar if you had one, set everything to private and , uncheck to receive ims or emails, click save. Don't return to the site.Your questions and answers remain on the site they are the property of Yahoo.
it does not affect your email account, it remains active.
Although your questions and answers would remain, an alternative would be to completely close all your Yahoo accounts.
Go below follow the prompts.

How do you get rid of resolved questions on Yahoo answers without deleting your account?

From Yahoo Help pages:“You can ONLY delete a question before it receives its first answer.”See: Changes to your question or answer“If the question doesn't have an answer yet, the asker can delete it. Yahoo reserves the right to remove content that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines or Terms.”See: Reasons for deleted questions, answers, or commentsSo I guess you could report your question as being in violation of the terms. I’m not sure if the moderation process will simply accept that. See: