How To Do Auto Like Malaysia

Do US laptops work in Malaysia?

If you are planning to move to Malaysia permanently or for an considerable length of time then I would purchase a laptop while you are over there. Not only would it cost less but if you have any problems with your U.S laptop, then you would have to ship it back home to get it repaired or try and find a Malaysian repair shop.

If you are only going for a short period of time then yes, it will work although you would have to buy either a voltage converter or a simple converter to change the plug output.

Unfortunately I am not sure what they use over there.

Why are public toilets in Malaysia always wet?

I found it very horrifying compared with the dry toilets that I am used to in Australia. Even the public toilets over here are a whole lot cleaner (well the ones in the shopping centres at least) at most all you have to do is wipe the seat. I hate the water everywhere I dont know where that water has been : ( I have peed on the ground on our car trips in outback australia where I live many times and I WOULD rather pee on the ground than in a grotty toilet.


Well I know that Royal Mail uses British Airways to send mail to other countries, but BA doesnt have a direct flight to Kualal Lumpur, so in this case what they do? they send the mail to Singapore first and the to Malaysia?? or maybe royal mail uses Malaysia Airlines??

Oh by the way the seller sent me the item by Airmail Small Packets, he posted the shirt last saturday. I also called Pos Malaysia, which is the postal service here in Malaysia, and they said that the items from the UK usually takes 10 working days.

Oh I hope it arrives here before the Malaysian GP... Thanks for the answers...

Do there condom vending machine in Malaysia?

It's perfectly fine to buy condoms at a shop! They're there for that and sex is just a part of life, they wouldn't put them in shops if people weren't going to buy them. Everyone has sex at some point in their life and everyone usually has to buy themselves a condom! The most the guy at the shop is gonna do is give you a look, and if they give you a look, give them an aggressive look.

Where can you watch a replay of the Malaysian F1 grand prix 2010 online?

I missed the F1 this weekend as I was busy and I would like to watch the race coverage (preferably in English but that is not essential). Are there any online sites that let you watch/download the whole thing or the highlights for free. I am in Germany and BBC I Player does not work (which is stupid).

What do you think happened to the malaysia missing plane?

where do you think it is what about how peoples phones still rung when family members called them do you think it crashed or that terrorists got it or maybe something else