How To Dye A Suits Pinstripes

How is pinstripe fabric made?

It's called pinstripe because the stripe is as narrow as a pin - a thread or so wide, in fact. It's made by putting one or two contrast colour warp threads (the long ones that go down the length of the cloth) on the loom when setting it up. The weft (or 'woof') threads going across the loom are then woven in and out, and the narrow stripe shows where the warp thread is exposed.

Can I dye a wool suit? I LOVE the fit just not wild about the lite gray color. Want to dye it dk blue or black

Wool can be dyed with a lot of different fabric dyes, but doing so is likely to alter the fit, because wool tends to shrink.

Is your suit washable? You cannot dye anything that is not washable. If the suit is lined, and is marked "dry clean only", then you can expect the lining to end up a different size from the outer wool layer, as it will not shrink as much. This will ruin the shape of the suit.

If the suit is washable, but you want to minimize shrinkage as much as possible, try one of the cool-water recipes whose links are found on the last of the three pages linked to below, either "Cold Batch Dyeing of Wool with Cibacron F Dye" or "Garbage Bag Dyeing with Wool using PRO MX Reactive Dyes".

How do i make my suit look emo?

take a **** on the floor and roll around in it, you'll look like a proper emo then

How to dye a suits pinstripes?

I recently purchased a pinstripe suit, im not sure what material or anything, but I need them to be blue for cosplay, im not sure what kind of dye to buy or how to go about it
Im not even sure if the blue would effect the black part of the suit or not

From now on, I'm going to wear a suit every time I leave the house . . . good idea?

Knock your socks off, buddy. I always wear a suit, even when I'm not working. I don't think I've worn anything so casual as jeans in nearly three years, and I never go without a shirt that has a collar. Wear whatever patterns you like--including tic weaves, solids, herringbones, pinstripes, multistripes, shadow plaids, etc.

My advice, though, is to not wear a suit or a pair of shoes more than once a week. Over wearing these particular items of your wardrobe too frequently will wear them out in a matter of months. If you are going to be wearing a suit every day, then it is imperative that you have a full wardrobe to rotate. My advice would be to obtain the following suits in this order: navy blue, medium gray, charcoal or navy stripe, black, black or blue shadow plaid, cotton khaki, second striped suit. Other than the khaki suit, make sure that the suits are made of 100% worsted wool. They breath well in the summer, insulate fairly well in the winter, and will last you for several seasons.

For shoes, as I said, you need to not wear the same ones repeatedly. I recently threw out my entire dress shoe wardrobe and bought a new one. I now have ten new pairs of dress shoes that I rotate through--two brown split-toe oxfords, brown wing tips, tan cap toe oxfords, cordovan wing tips, cordovan cap toes, cordovan loafers, black plain toe oxfords, black cap toes, black loafers, and white bucks for summer. I shine them regularly, and I store them in their boxes in felt bags with cedar shoe trees. I flly expect that these ten shoes will last me a good decade.

When it comes to over dressing? Who cares? Truly, if you feel so uncomfortable from over dressing and feel that you must excuse yourself early from whatever event you're attending, it is far better than because you feel under dressed. Plus, if you're exceptionally well dressed, people will think that you're going some place fantastic.

I understand that building a new wardrobe may not be an immediate venture, but over time, if you are serious about wearing dress clothes frequently, you must invest in several pieces so that you don't wear them out.

For future style tips, check out Glen O'Brien, The Style Guy, at

Is the devil really a bright red with a forked tail like in all the pictures you see?

No, he wears a pinstripe suit, has a really bad toupe and tends to fire people a lot.

What color turban should I wear with a blue suit (light blue & navy)?

To be frank enough, punjabi’s have their own style and they are known for their vibrant nature. The Turban is pride for them and almost turban of any colour would suit with it. I will just give examples on how you can mix and match any colour with your suit.In the below pics he has matched his turban with the accessories like: bow, tie and handkerchief:Now you see he matched it with his shirt:Now you can see it can be matched with the waist coat (optional):Now you can match with the shoes:The basic funda is try mix and match…If i was in your place, i would wear turban, tie and shoes of same colour. Shirt and Handkerchief of same colour.NOW, which colour goes well in contrast to your navy blue suit: white, yellow, green, orange, pink, sky blue, Red, Peach and Aqua/torquoise