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How To Establish A E-commerce Busines In Switzerland Formalities Any Good Local Site Like Ebay

I ordered from AliExpress but the tracking site says it is held by customs. What does it mean?

Hi, this typical means following cases.1. Miss a flight, a truck and is waiting for the next one.2. Fail to locate your address. Trust me, it sometimes does.3. Under physically inspected. Such as trademark or copyright stuff related.4. Encounter holidays and weekends during delivery process.5. Sender paid for economy shipping and is schedule to go out next day.6. There is something to check from the sender (a zip code or something) before continuing delivery.

Is selling on Amazon using FBA profitable (in Europe)?

FBA can certainly work in the EU, but honestly, it isn’t quite enough on its own. You also need to market research for each product you’re thinking of selling. Every nation has different shipping costs, taxes, and consumer demands, and you need to consider all the factors to sell well online.There’s an Amazon seller tool called Algopix that helps a ton with this. The information it gives you saves you time by helping you decide what products are worth selling and in what nations. Just as an example, take a look at the results for a specific lamp you might want to sell from the UK.The market price, expenses to ship, profit margins, and local competition/demand are all shown in one convenient graph for both eBay and Amazon in various nations. Out of this data, Algopix extrapolates a recommendation of where to sell. This is an extremely useful feature for Europeans as it enables them to sell products across the EU with ease.The tool is free to use with an optional paid version, so you definitely should try it out.

Is international drop shipping from India possible?

There is a big Ebay Scam going on where hundreds of Sellers just for example magideal on Ebay are selling international products on ebay and the payment by Indian Buyers is done in Indian Rupees and the items are shipped directly to the buyer’s address from International Locations like China, HongKong, United States etc. The buyer has to pay Customs Duties also and even KYC documents have to be provided by the Buyer. But the worst thing is in doing this these Companies are earning a handsome profit without paying anything as Sales Tax, Income Tax etc. Their transactions are not being monitored and themselves allow an option for the seller to mention the location of the item as in HongKong, United States etc and even allow HongKong Post , China Post tracking numbers to be updated on which is an Indian Website. You can see many feedback of Customers who are not even aware of this fraud and who are compelled to wait for 15–20 days for arrival of this product. This is an Illegal Selling Plaftform and Ebay. in is blatantly violating the Indian Tax Laws.

What are my best options for sending gifts to India, preferably a seller based in India who ships to any city, so I can avoid ridiculous international shipping costs?

I'm a big advocate of Peer to Peer (P2P) Shipping and really would recommend you to consider it if you can buy the "gift" yourself in US/Abroad and then would like to send it to India. This can save huge international shipping costs.Here's how it works:Buy the gift in US through Amazon/eBay/Offline storesLogin your request for a flyer from your city abroad to the destination Indian city on a P2P shipping site. I recommend Bring Me That From There considering its one of the pioneers in the P2P shipping.BMTFT usually matches your request with a Flyer who's flying from your city and through the site chat - both of you can communicate and agree on a price.You then transfer the agreed price to an Escrow account of BMTFT as security and handover your gift to the Flyer.Flyer delivers it to your intended recipient or books a domestic courier which is way cheaper if you want to keep a surprise factorVoila! Delivery done... BMTFT releases your amount to the Flyer - Everyone Happy!

What are some cheap options to ship products from India to the USA?

Hi,There is a new courier service that is becoming quite popular nowadays with NRIs that is Garudavega. Heard that it even ships items in 2 working days at your doorstep in USA and the price is very much reasonable something like INR 400/ kg with a minimum weight of 8 kg shipments. Though I am not sure about it but I know people had received shipments in 2 days and they were a load of masalas, pickles and other such perishable items even it says no food items in it's banned items list with an impressive safe packaging.Hope you get the satisfactory service.RegardsThere is a change in tariff after posting this answer so kindly checkout the official channel of garudavega for genuinity. I can now guess that this answer is no more valid for having an idea of their tariff.

How can I sell on Amazon USA from India?

Save 50% on warehouse storage with Shipcrow. Amazon charges $837 for one pallet(64 cubic feet/year) and Shipcrow charges $456 for one pallet a year. Fulfillment by Amazon , this is the link to Amazon Fulfilled services for USA.But wait a minute, why are you selling on Amazon? Why not sell on your own website, with a actual company incorporated in USA and USA fulfillment.I can give you plenty of reasons, why not to sell on Amazon and why you should get your own website and US company with US warehousing and fulfillment. Please do check USA Company Formation and Order fulfillment | Shipcrow and get your own company in US with US storage and fulfillment for your products.Amazon charges from 5 to 16% of your selling price as commission.If you want to sell as a premium seller you pay $39.99/month for limited items.Storage charges and fulfillment charges are way too high, that you can see in the link below and the photo I am attaching.The process of getting started with Amazon fulfillment is pretty hectic and there are different US laws that you might have trouble understanding.Fulfillment Warehouses charges basically three fee:Receiving.Storing.Fulfillment.Shipcrow fulfills your orders on your website, amazon, e-bay, etsy, i-offer and many more. If you partner with USA Company Formation and Order fulfillment | Shipcrow , they can do everything for you for very reasonable prices.