How To Find A Russian Or European Girl In Thailand

Do european and russian girls like hispanics?

No. You'd have to ask the girl that, wouldn't you? You can't lump all sorts of completely different people together and think they share the same view, simply because of the fact that they are of the female race.

How to find russian mistress in thailand?

I have been to Thailand several times. I also speak Russian as a second language 9I wanted to challenge myself...) Russians tend to congregate in Pattaya. It is weird. Pattaya is a party paradise, offering single, young men and old men a lifestyle of women, bars, drinking and debauchery like no other place I have seen. It is not a family place, except for the luxury resorts on the outskirts. Yet, Russian parents bring their little children through Walking street every night. This kids are exposed to sights and sounds of this crazy lifestyle, which they shouldn't be allowed to see. I wonder whether the Russian men have convinced their Russian wives that Pattaya is a good place, for a reason. Perhaps once there, they know they can sneak away for some pay for play.

How to find Russian girl for date in Thailand?

There are 2 places to find russian girls in Thailand

the first is around NANA but i have heard a lot got ushered away because they were stealing all the Thais clients. so ....

next stop Pattaya, this is where the russian mafia of Thailand are situated and they organize a lot of the russians to travel and work in Thailand. so therefore this is a haven for russians and you can see them very easily after plonking yourself on a bar chair in walking street and looking out for single tall blond women scouting around.

you see that and your target has been met... you will have to approach her though because they are a delicacy in pattaya... you just walk up to them smile and say can i buy you a drink?>

Any tourist area. Try the Full Moon Party.While you are trying out Caucasian girls in Thailand, don't forget to check out the scenery; the temples, the food, the local people, the language, the rice fields, the fish farms, the markets, the sea, the sand, Thai whiskey, the Islands, the long tail boats, the North, the festivals, the scuba diving,

Do russian or eastern european girls find hispanic guys attractive?

im asking this because there is this russian-looking girl (like born in russia not russian-american) i see on the bus every single day and in school sometimes (i think she's learning english) and she always looks at me on the bus and sometimes when im kinda sitting behind her she wont turn around but her eyes are looking to the side at me and sometimes out of nowhere she will just turn around and look at me probably thinking im not looking at her (although i am because i like her) and i was just wondering if she might like me because i dont really picture a russian girl dating hispanics or other races (idk why it just seems like they wouldnt) and duh im hispanic. also she never smiles or anything she has like a kinda serious look to her but i think thats just the way her face is but sometimes when i sit somewhere behind her where i can see her and she can see me (some seats in the bus face sideways) she has like a kinda nervous look and then she looks to the side where i am. (i hope its because she likes me not because she afraid or thinks im creepy or something like that)

Girls in Russian Show, Pattaya, Thailand?

Here's a clip from

"the Galaxy Cabaret, which is situated in the Polo Entertainment Complex on Walking Street. They advertise only European girls, so I thought I would pay a visit and suss it out. Imagine my shock, when I found the following...... Bottled beer at 250 baht for a Corona and 220 baht for a Heineken! The girls are mostly tall leggy bleached blondes and after talking briefly to one, she told me she was from Estonia. They are in fairness very attractive women, but I don't come to Pattaya to meet European girls! Now check this out - on the club's menu they have the services on offer listed, I won't go into them all, but here is a taster: VIP = 350 US Dollars (yes 350 dollars!!) and Private Time = 500 US Dollars. I asked the Estonian lady what this meant? She said, "For time with the ladies for company, maybe for dinner or just a friend for the night, but no sex!"

If have money to throw away your money then go for it.

Bangkok  is famous for its ladies of the evening, but did you know that it is  actually the best place in the world to meet hot Chinese girls. Much  better in fact, than anywhere in China.Paradoxically, Thai girls on the other hand are  much more difficult to meet.  The main reason for this is that Bangkok  has so many hookers catering to tourists and no ordinary Thai girls want  to be mistaken for a working girl.Bangkok is now the number one  destination for Chinese tourists, and some 85% of these are single  women.  The reason that there are so many girls is that that all of the  Chinese guys have to stay at home and save their money so that that can  afford the mandatory house and car that they will need in order to get  married.  This does not apply to the girls who can afford to go off  travelling and enjoying themselves.  Nearly all are looking for fun,  adventure and maybe even a little holiday romance.  Because they are  away from their own suffocating culture, they drop a lot of their normal  inhibitions. Most speak reasonable English and all have plenty of money  to spend.  During the big Chinese holiay periods, such as Chinese New  Year and October National Day, more than a million Chinese tourists  arrive en masse.  Although the low budget tour groups have a bad  reputation, there are literally thousands of independent girls from Hong  Kong, Shanghai and Beijing looking to party.  I first read  about this phenomena in the book "Mandarin Optional" by Darby Jones,  where two English guys spend a week in the capital partying with a  selection of hot and horny Chinese girls.  I went to check out the  situation for myself last time I was in Bangkok and it was completely  true.  In places lkike Chatuchak, and Khaosan there were friendly, open  Chinese girls everywhere.  Thanks to the book, I had learned to spot  them very easily.

I’m not Russian but after a couple years in Thailand I’ll throw out an opinion. Thais first of all think of russian tourists as relatively rich farangs (which like all white foreigners including myself, we are) who will splash out money. They’re usually right when it comes to the tourists. In clubs they and the Japanese tourists will basically compete (if it’s not a Japanese only club, which exist in Bangkok and Pattaya) to show off their money. Westerners aren’t going to keep buying 15 dollar beers every 5 minutes and 20 dollar “lady drinks” every 10 minutes and 600 dollars for a “short time” experience���but Russians will. So clubs and girls like them, because they pay more.That said they can get belligerent (as do all tourists and expats who are drunk, but more often…probably because they’re willing to pay a fortune on drinks) and mama-sans keep a closer eye on them. I’ve seen bouncers throw them out more than any other country. In addition they often grab girls “private parts” (mostly breasts but surprisingly often down below) without permission or upfront cash, which is a no-no in most places.I wrote a third paragraph about real estate and business dealings and then deleted it. Things are too complicated right now and saying the wrong things is foolish. Foreigners should be careful and that’s all I’m going to say.

Two reasons jump to mind.First, the visa. Thailand is one of the few countries with a warm climate that Russians can enter without getting a visa before hand. (Egypt and Turkey being the other major ones). Also, Thailand is cheap compared to other options. Due to this, there is a lot of Russian tourists in Thailand.Second, Russians tend to travel for relaxation, not exploration. Therefore, there's very little "traveling off the beaten path." Generally speaking, Russians will go and do what other Russians have already done. Why Pattaya specifically I can only guess, but now that there are a lot of Russians there, it just attracts more Russians. For example, when Katya comes home from her trip, she'll tell her friend Natasha about Pattaya and other places she went, not places like Pai or Railey. So when Natasha goes to Thailand a few months later, she's also going to go to Pattaya, not Pai or Railey.As to why Pattaya specifically... this is pure speculation but I would guess the prostitution. Thailand is notorious for its sex trade and Russian women are, I'd imagine, always in demand do to their light features and extreme femininity. (By extreme femininity, I mean that Russian women wear high heels and make up significantly more often than almost every other culture I've encountered.) Initially, this high demand for Russian prostitutes, in addition to the visa situation, brought Russian women to Thailand and Pattaya, more specifically. Then, it must've reached a tipping point, and now it's just a hot destination for Russians. Although as of my last time in Pattaya (five years ago), it was still quite notorious for its prostitution and night life. Perhaps guys go there to get laid while girls to visit their friends?Again, this is pure speculation.