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How To Get An Apartment At Age 17 In Texas

Can a 17 year old rent an apartment in Texas?

In Texas, you don't need your parents' consent to do so, unless you are already under the supervision of the juvenile court (deferred adjudication, probation, etc.). Otherwise, the jurisdiction of the juvenile court ends at seventeen. (It's big boy jail after that! ;) Since a runaway charge is a status (juvenile) offense, only those under seventeen can be charged as such.

If you can find a landlord willing to rent to you, it's perfectly legal. In fact, the lease is even enforceable by the landlord, since exceptions are made for contracts with minors "necessary to the health and safety ... such goods and services include food, clothing, and lodging or shelter."

Good luck! :)

How to get an apartment at age 17 in Texas?

I suggest you ask this question on this site. The person maintaining this site appears to respond to the posts quite well.
(lots of good information here)

Proces of emancipation by obtaining a court order (copied from this site):

A minor can ask (petition) the court to eliminate the minor's disablities of minority. The procedure and standards for accomplishing this are set out in Chapter 31 of the Texas Family Code. This applies to minors who:

1) Reside in Texas;
2) Are at least 17 years old, or as young as 16 if the minor is living apart from the minor's parents, conservators, or guardians; and
3) Are self-supporting and managing their own financial affairs.

When the minor petitions the court, he or she may do so under his or her own name. In other words, the parents/guardians/conservators of the minor do not have to initiate the lawsuit. However, the petition must be verified by a certain adult.

"Verification" means that someone has to sign a statement at the end of the petition wherein they swear or affirm that the facts given in the petition are within their personal knowledge and are true. The verification must be signed by a parent, conservator, or guardian of the child. If none of those folks can be found, then the amicus attorney (appointed by the court to represent the child) must investigate and verify the alleged facts.

The Court will appoint an amicus attorney to represent the minor at the hearing on this petition.

If a minor has a court order from another state, then subject to the limitations of that order and Section 31.006 of the Texas Family Code, that minor will retain his or her emancipated status in Texas once the minor registers the out of state order with the Texas courts.

Some more information

The cost to file is $250 according to this site.

And this looks like a really good resource for legal help (specifically for minors)

How old do you have to be to rent an apartment in texas?

You must be 18 to sign any contract including a lease. The only exception to this is if a court has emancipated you and proof must be given to your landlord.

Can i co-sign to rent an apartment at 17 in texas?

two friends of mine want to rent an apartment with them one is 26 and the other 18. my parents have already given me the ok to move out and all 3 of us work. would i be able to co-sign the lease with them.

Can I move out at 17 and get my own apartment?

This depends on your local laws. I moved out at 16 1/2 and moved in with my mothers boss. Then I was a couch surfer for a little while until I went to Job Corps so they provided room& board. Meals and an education. That was the best decision for me. My dad and I were like oil and water when I was a teenager. He wasn’t happy about me leaving but I made it clear I couldn’t be in the same house.After he hit me the jaw. He could have called the cops and had them haul me off to some group Home but what good would it had done. I would have just run away again. So my comprise was that I would check in with him or mom so they knew I was ok several times in my life he told me I could come back when times where tough but I declined. I loved him but that was last time I ever let a man hit me. I do wish we had gotten along better when I was a teenager because being out on your own is great at first but then when your broke and can’t buy food or pay for a phone it sucks. So my advice is to save as much money as you can before leaving. Stay as long as no one is hurting you but if you are being sexually abused , physically abused or mentally abused please get out of the situation Now. You may not want to call the police I understand that but if your being hurt  don’t hesitate to ask for help .

Could I move out at the age of 17 in Texas with parents moving out of state? *with consent*

You could certainly move out, but where would you live? Apartment complexes will not rent to you unless you're 18 and in some places you got to be 21! Most hotel rooms won't rent to you either unless you're 21. if you have some friends or other family that already have a place you could definitely stay with them. But you could not be included on the lease because you're still a legal minor. Even if you have your parents permission to move away you still can't sign any contracts. Which means you're going to live at the mercy of your roommates who could decide at any moment for whatever reason to kick you out. So while legally you can move away, practically you really shouldn't because there are way too many serious obstacles at your age.Then there's the problem of work and school. Legally you still are required to finish school. And that means you're not going to be able to get a full-time job. And you're not going to get any job that pays anything above $5 or $6 an hour and working part time you can't afford even to share an apartment. Unless you're independently wealthy the only way you can move away from your parents is to find some other place to live for free.

Can you rent an apartment or house at the age of 17

No. You must be at least 18 to sign a contract, open a bank account, get a lease, get work without restrictions and parental permission. And if you have not graduated from high school and have a good job, no landlord wants an 18 y.o. tenant either.

Solve the problems with your parents in a mature, rational, adult fashion. If you cannot do this, you cannot survive out in the real world.

How old do you have to be to rent a apartment?

Your friend is funny
You cannot sign a contract at 14
In some states you have to be 18 to rent an apartment, some require you to be 19 years old to rent a place.

Most will want a cosigner at that young age of 18 or 19 because most kids will not have much if any credit history.

Can a 17 year old rent an apartment or house?

It totally depends on the landlord. As one response says, most landlords won't rent to a minor. That being said, they are not forbidden from doing so. The issue is with capacity to contract. Many people think that minors cannot enter into contracts. That is not true. Minors can enter into contracts but the contract is voidable by the minor. That means, if you agree to a 6 month lease and decide to move after one month that you can void the deal and move out. The landlord on the other hand, being an adult, cannot void the contract and is bound by its terms. But, if you live in the apartment and pay your rent, you cannot void the contract after 3 months and get your rent back for those 3 months because that part of the contract has been completed. So you need to find a landlord that will work with you and there are some that will. When I was young, a friend of mine was in your position. He found a person that had converted their garage to an apartment and he rented that. When I was in college, there were always postings form college kids that were renting a place and had rooms to rent to other kids. So if you have a community college in your area, you can go there and look for room for rent postings. And these days there is craigslist. On craigslist there is an area dedicated to rooms for rent postings. So I am sure if you try, that you can find a place to rent. Just make sure that when you meet up with the landlord that you present yourself well. You need them to have confidence in you. That you will pay your rent on time, be a good tenant, protect their property and not be a party animal. Good luck

Could I move out at 16 with parental consent in Texas?

With parental consent, you can move out whenever you want, who's going to stop you?  Your parents will still have legal custody, but if they're not trying to get you back, you can live wherever you want. Pragmatically though, you can't enter into a legal contract without your parents written consent, which means you can't rent an apartment or buy a house. (And almost no one would rent to minors anyway).  Also, since there are limits on the hours you can work, getting money would be very difficult.Now, if you just want to live with friends or relatives, sure, that happens all the time. Just make sure you don't cross state lines unless you have permission in writing (or someone could get charged with kidnapping). Also be aware that they could demand you move home more or less at any time.