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Is your primary care physician permitted to prescribe the ADHD medication Adderall?

Yes, though many primary care physicians (PCPs) refer patients in need of psychotropic medication to psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practioners.Stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are prescribed only for people with ADHD, extreme fatigue related to specific sleep disorders, and (rarely) for near-cataonic depression in the elderly.

Is nursing a respected profession? Why would parents disapprove of their child becoming a nurse?

Nursing is respected but not prestigious.  Since nurses collaborate with physicians, but do not have the ultimate decision making authority over patient care, they are not seen as experts.  Also, because nurses are not experts, they do not get the de facto respect physicians enjoy.   Also, nurses make less money than doctors making their job less desirable/prestigious/respected in some circles.Oftentimes the job of nurses is either sensationalized or minimized.  If you get into nursing thinking that you will be some grey's anatomy surgeon saving the day you will be disappointed.  If you get into nursing thinking you will be making the end-all decisions in patient care, you will be disappointed.  If you get into nursing thinking that you will have the opportunity to help someone in a time of need and possibly make a lasting impression in their life, you will have a fulfilling career.Nursing can be a dirty job.  Your job is to help a person with things they cannot do on their own, things like washing themselves, using the bathroom, or eating.  There is also a labor component to nursing.  Finally, I suspect that most people who lack respect for nurses do so because you are there to work for the patient.  If a patient needs basically anything, you are there to tend to their needs.  This submissive and role erodes respect in people who have never been sick.The bottom line: Most nursing jobs aren't prestigious, if you want a job loaded with prestige and adulation, nursing will not fulfill you.