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How To Get Job In Canada

How easy is it to get a job in canada?

Wait a you realize you cannot just move to Canada , then go job hunting? You must apply for a work visa FIRST . If you want to immigrate permanently to Canada, you immigration is based on your work skills...and takes 2 or 3 years to process IF you are accepted. Just show up and try to get a job? That will get you deported pronto. You can learn about work visas or immigration at sites below.

I'm 15 - Where Can I Get a Job (Canada)?

Okay, so my birthday was last week. I'm now 15 and I really want a job! Just a part time one a couple nights a week. Does anyone know of a places to start applying? I DO NOT want to work at McDonald's, so please don't suggest that. Just the smell ... makes me sick. Anyway, all other ideas are appreciated :)

Oh, and I live in Canada. I have very little experience. I've worked at a hockey camp selling souvenirs, but that's about it!


How can I get a job in Canada from Nigeria?

It is possible, but very difficult. Step 1: You need to format your résumé into a Canadian-style réesumé (How do I create a Canadian-style résumé?)Step 2: Register for online job boards in Canada such as Home - Job BankStep 3: Research Canada. Learn what the country is like, the cultural norms, the habits. In addition to this, learn about the different provinces and territories to determine where you should focus your energy. Each has different dominant sectors and require different skillsets. Determine your own skillset and find the province whose economic sectors best align with what you can offer, then focus your job hunt there.Step 4: Apply to jobs with a Canadian cover letter (Writing a cover letter) and your Canadian résumé.Keep in mind that Canadian employers often favour international applicants with experience that they can understand/trust. If you worked in the UK, the US, Australia, France etc at any point in time, or studied there, or interned there, whatever it is, highlight that aspect. No one really trusts African experience unless it is for an international company like Shell Nigeria or it took place in South Africa.Step 5: Network. Join online forums with Canadians looking to network. Attend webinars and make connections. The Canadian government does not make it easy for companies to hire non-Canadians from abroad, but if someone believes you are worth it, they will go through the effort.Step 6: Pray that either Step 4 or 5 work out. Once you have a job offer with an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment Basics) you are g0od to head to the nearest embassy and apply to come to Canada. Other options include having the employer and you go through the province nominating you (Determine your eligibility - Provincial nominees) however, this is a longer process.Alternative option: go to Canada to complete your education (get another bachelors, or a masters or a PhD or something) and it will increase your chances of staying, finding a job, working, and going through the immigration system exponentially.Regardless of what you choose to do, goodluck! Your question was Can I get a job in Canada from Nigeria?The answer is yes. It is hard, but very possible.Cheers,Bonus video:

How can I get a job in Canada, being Mexican?

I apologize for the pig ignorance of the person who said that Mexicans are related to Eskimos. The answerer doesn't even know that the correct term is "Inuit" meaning (in their language) "human beings". The Inuit, in their far north isolated home, didn't know that there were any other humans in the world other than themselves.

In fact, Mexicans and Inuit likely do share common ancestry, since most Mexicans and all Inuit have Aboriginal ancestry, but the impolite answerer just wanted to be rude to you, and to my country.

Enough anthropology.

Immigrants to Canada can only be sponsored by a relative, regardless of the financial ability of a sponsor to cover you until you get going. Unless you have family in Canada, nobody will be allowed to sponsor you.

I recommend against claiming refugee status. Some people think it is a short cut, and Canada has to take you, but this is not so. You have to be a legitimate refugee, and you will be deported unless you qualify.

Unless you have a skill that is so in demand that no Canadians are available for the job, you will have a hard time going that route too.

The only other way is to work for a Mexican company doing business in Canada, and get them to assign you to a Canadian operation.

I hate to sound so pessimistic, but there is a lot of misinformation out there about Canada and our immigration law.

How to get job offer in Canada from outside?

try the job search websites

you need to find your own job
free registration
govt job bank- no registration required - choose a province/territory

How can i get a job in Canada..Is there someone who could help me?

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What are the best ways to apply to jobs in Canada?

“Fast” would probably mean different things to different people. For me personally, I found a job in 2 weeks from the day I started looking.I’m a new immigrant to Canada, and I got my job before I got my driving license. So I think that’s pretty fast.How did I do it? I took a targeted approach to my job search strategy, which I researched for a full year before starting my job search.This means I wasn’t just applying for jobs online on job boards like LinkedIn, Workopolis, Indeed and waiting for a response.Instead, rather than machine gunning multiple resumes to multiple jobs, I applied to no more that 2 to 3 jobs per day with a step-by-step detail oriented process.In those two weeks, I had 3 job offers, and I just selected the best job that paid the most. I’m not allowed to reveal which company, but it’s a pretty sweet deal. You can view my online resume to see which company it is here.I’m grateful that Canada has given me a new home, and I wanted to share the efforts of my research to everyone who deserves a great job in Canada. I wrote a blog detailing the step-by-step process I followed to make it happen here.As I continue my research on job searching, I would like to share some new methods that would be helpful that will help you get that job fast:You can go to YouTube and search for “TedX Job Search” to learn how global professionals and successful job seekers effectively found jobs.Want to check how your resume matches up against the job description? Check Jobscan and copy paste the job description side by side with your uploaded resume to see what score you get.Want to really stand out of the competition? Build an online resume like I did - - and reference this site in your resume, cover letter, post-interview thank you note. I’m not a web designer, I used an easy tool called Wix.Want to meet a Canadian expert in your industry over Skype or a cup of coffee? Connect with them on LinkedIn from companies you are targeting and roles you are seeking and building relationships by offering value instead of asking for favours!There are meetups all over Canada. Find groups with the industry you are in and attend these meet ups. My research has revealed that people who get off their couches and head out into the real world find jobs a lot faster than those who only spray their resumes online.Bonus: Here is YouTube video on inspirational stories from new immigrants to Canada.Good Luck!-Reach for your potential-