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How To Get More Followers On My Instagram Fan Page

How to get more followers on my fanpage? (Instagram)?

I have a fanpage for a certain show on instagram and it only has 8 followers. I haven't had an instagram for 7 months (lost interest) and just picked it up again 3 days ago. So do you have any tips for attracting people to my page, and eventually getting follow numbers in the 1000's?

How can I get more followers and likes on my Instagram NFL fan page?

Hi Jerry,The best way to gain engaging followers on Instagram is by creating “Viral Content” — posts that involves your audience to comment, likes and save your posts. There is a science to creating viral content for every niche. Tip: find and post controversial plays or rulings from NFL games and your caption should be in a form of a question. Umalic helps clients reach more of their target audience using this method as one of tools for growing accounts.

How can I get more followers on Instagram?

1. If you don't want to follow people on the page, search up hashtags related to your fan page such as #harrypotter #gryffindor and like as many pictures as you can. People will be notified you liked your page and maybe check it out and follow

2. Do the first part (search up related hashtags) and click on the pictures, then click on the people's profile and follow them. Many people will follow back just because you followed them

3. Search up tags like #followback #likedforlikes #likesforfollows and do either 1 or 2

How can an Instagram fanpage with 1000 followers make money?

it is possible if you got good engagement with that 1000 followers and considering all of them pretty active. One way to know whether they are active is through instagram story, look at how many views you got from the story and ask some questions related to your niche, once you got some good amount of responses, its time to monetize your audience.The best way to monetize your audience is also through instagram stories and dm your followers personally, in case of product sales, you can demonstrate the features of the products in your story as well as what kind of problem can it solve for your followers. People need solution for their problem and in order for people to buy your product, they need to consider that the value that they got from the product worth more than the price that they are going to pay.Mathematically, from 1000 followers, 1 to 3 percents of people will buy your products considering that they are all active, and this will result in 10 to 30 sales which is quite a lot for a thousand followers. Imagine how much you can make with more audience right?In case if you want to know more on how to grow your followers and building business brands on instagram, check out my FREE E-BOOK on instagram growth and monetization at insta3

How do I earn from Instagram fanpage?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform with over 800 million users. If you have a substantial no. of followers, there is a lot of scope for making money. The best one is by Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting a product and get paid with a commission. With Instagram, you post attractive images of products and drive your followers to click on the links to affliated product.Here is an example for AmazonSign up with The web's most popular and successful Affiliate Program:// links of products and paste the links in your instagram posts. When users buy using these links, you get paid by a commission.Thank me when you get rich.

Can a fan page make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can easily make money through promoting others business page if you have great followers on Instagram.ThanksAsiahBest way to make money online

Games to play with followers on instagram?

Hey! So I have a Hunter Hayes fanpage instagram, and all of my followers want to play a game. What are some cool games to play? I've already heard of Guess the Boy, and Guess the Song, but are there any others? HELP?

How do I create fan page in instagram?

Well, creating a fan page on Instagram is not different than creating a regular personal account.Just open up Instagram and create an account as you usually do.Just write a specific name for your page which you want to use and complete the sign up. Within a second you will have your page ready.Simple…The real hard part, however, is to manage your Fans.You see, anyone can create a fan page. It costs absolutely zero bucks.But to have fans, you do have to spend a loads of time, and of course, your sweats.Otherwise you can not have fans. All you have is an empty page where they will be no one to like your posts.So, before you create a fan page, make sure you have enough patience to spend a couple of months to do hard promotions.Without doing promotions, you can not get followers or fans in your page.So be prepared for a whole lot of works.Or, if you want to do smart work instead of hard work, you can then outsource this promotional tasks to a third party.Of course, it will cost you a few bucks, but having a reliable agency like Instafamous Pro on your side will help you get fans at a turbo speed.You know, they have established networks which are loaded with hundreds of active users. So when they will promote your page there, certainly many of them would checkout your page.And if you fill your page with Awesome contents, then those people will end up becoming your fan on Instagram.So, whether you prefer hard-working or smart-working, you must do promotion to get enough fans to your Instagram page.Hope this helpsCheers…