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How To Get Over An Insecurity About Having Too Much Hair

How can I get over my insecurities about my red hair?

Gosh, and I was always jealous of red hair!

Christina Hendricks, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams -- all awesome, all red-haired.

And, seriously, don't even think twice about the silly names -- think of all the ridiculous "dumb blond" jokes there are! There are names like "ginger" and "firecrotch," yes, but I don't think there are any stereotypes attached to redheads, really.

How do I overcome my insecurity of my hairstyle?

This answer might change your life.The reason you should stop worrying about your hair is that no one is looking. The only person on the planet worried about your hair is….drum roll…YOU.99% of the human population is thinking about their own stuff: their own hair, their skin, their car, their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, money problems, homework, jobs, dying family members, nuclear war, no health care….the list goes on forever.I don’t know your age, but if you are young, you are quite possibly more insecure about your looks than you need to be. As a teacher, I see kids/teens obsessing about their hair all day long. They’ve got real problems to worry about—big problems—but they focus on their hair and how one strand of it is poking out. This strand of hair takes precedence over their work, their friends, everything.Think of your hair like a cell phone. No one is looking at yours—they are glued to their own.So stop worrying. And if you really, really can’t shake it, save up the bucks and get extensions, ask a salon for a consultation, wear a crazy wig, or whatever. Life is too short to worry about hair to the point of being sad.

I feel insecure about putting my hair up?

Ohoho hai! ;o

I use to be the same freaking way!!!

I HATED to put my hair up when I was little. I would cry if someone tried to force me into it!

And as I got older I wanted to put it up but I too felt too weird to.
I felt like my hair was like my clothes and with it down I was naked and everyone would stare at me.

I can tell you that not caring about what your friends think will save you so much time to not be worrying/stressing/nervous honestly, I know it is hard but just do what the he11 you want because your true friends won't be annoying about it and if they are you can politely ask them to stop and they will (if they are really good friends).

Really though I know this is hard to understand because I was the same but you just have to live it up! I mean if you want to wear your hair up DO IT! who cares! No one really. Even they act like they do they are just being silly!

Do what you want in life because those who mind won't matter and those who matter won't mind. xx :'3 Best of luck xx

Insecure about wearing hair down at school and work?

This is weird, but I always take the time to wear my hair down when I'm out with friends...I have a lot of curly hair that takes time to "fix." Straightening it out also takes a lot of time.
So, I figured that I don't have extra time to waste on my hair for morning class or for my low-key job (I work at a ghetto women's shelter and can show up in jeans and a bun). I have a problem with over-sleeping, so I often don't have time in the morning to fix myself up just to look good in front of classmates or female clients at the shelter.

The thing is I don't like it when people say "Oh look how different you look!" or "Did you get a makeover!", so I'm kind of shy about wearing my hair down at school/work.

I don't like it how people would assume that I recently changed my hairstyle, when I always do my hair and wear makeup on the weekends to go out. Do a lot of you only dress up when you go out?
Does that make sense?

How do I get over my eye color insecurity?

Let me explain...
I found out this is the official term. So, as you may suspect, I have dark brown eyes and hair. I find blue eyes on men to be astonishingly beautiful and can many times overlook other features if he has these.
I found out a while back that guys with blue eyes prefer girls with blue eyes. This has led me to resenting girls with blue eyes and suddenly noticing the eye color of every girl in the media. There are soo many light colored women with handsome brown eyed/blue eyed men and I get so angry inside. Whenever I see a woman with brown eyes, I begin cheering, but this is a just leads me to understand that brown eyes aren't as interesting as blue eyes, and thus blue eyed women are more desirable.
It's causing resentment also of blue eyed women in real life...I get soo jealous of my blue eyed friends just cuz they get more male attention. How can I get over this insecurity and stop caring? (I don't hate brown eyed men, it's just my preference is definately blue eyes...I also think brown= boring :/)

HELP I'm so insecure about my hair!! Please read!?

Ever since I was little I had baby fine hair. And I mean really fine. It's curly though. I never wear it up because people always comment on how thin it looks or how tiny the ponytail is. I cry over my hair everyday because it's frizzy too. Everyone in school has lots Of nice hair except me. I can't even wear it up and I want to . It brings my self esteem down SO much when people comment on how light my hair feels too. I have to wash It every morning before school because it's so thin. Why do I have thin hair and why was I punished with it? I get upset about it a lot. I don't straighten it often either because it looks like I have no hair . I'm afraid hair extensions will show through my hair. Idk what to do anymore ! Please help!!!:,(

I'm a 17 year old girl who is experiencing hair loss. I feel very insecure about it and I wish it wouldn't fall out so much. How can I stop it?

It's possible that you might have Hashimoto’s Disease, which is a thyroid centered auto-immune disorder in the family of Lupus. Basically the immune system doesn't recognize the thyroid gland as part of the body, and therefore spends most of its time/resources attacking the thyroid. This prevents the thyroid from making the amount of thyroid hormone the body needs which causes a variety of side effects, one of which being significant hair loss. It can be easily treated, though, with an all natural, normally side effect free presciption pill called Nature Thyroid, which consists of replacement thyroid hormone taken from pig thyroids. Once my doctor and I found the right dosage of Nature Thyroid and I started taking it on a daily basis, over time I noticed that the other symptoms I had experienced lessened, and at least 75 to 80% of the hair I had lost grew back.I only mention Hashimoto’s as a potential factor for you because I also experienced significant hair loss in my teens, and didn't discover that I had Hashimoto’s until my early twenties thanks to my doctor who thought outside of the box and did a simple blood test for it on me. Your particular cause, of course, could be something entirely different so it would be wise to see a doctor about it. Do ask your doctor about Hashimoto’s as a potential factor, though, in case he/she doesn't think of it as something to test for. My doctor got the idea to test me for it from me casually mentioning that my hands/fingers were almost always a lot colder and sometimes even positively icy compared to other people’s (difficulty regulating body temperature is another side effect of Hashimoto’s).

How do I overcome insecurity because of baldness?

Now-a-days, hair-fall has become one of the most common problems for both men and women; this is due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes and usage of detergents.In Medical terms excessive hair loss is a form of baldness, Men are worse sufferer of baldness than women. Male baldness is much more severe than that of women and can make crown, temples, and even all parts of the head hairless.Hair fall could be a sign of underlying illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. It can have negative effects on social life and may also lead to depression. Do not neglect hair loss. Consult Vibra Clinic’s Expert Hair Doctors Now. Here experts have conducted client focused R&D activities and have processed the most advanced formula of Vitamins for Hair Growth. It also provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Udaipur and has world’s famous Hair Transplant Doctor in Udaipur.