How To Get Over Anxiety So I Can Travel

How do you get rid of travel anxiety?

Work very much a day before your flight and sleep less, so when you get in the airplane, you will feel so exhausted that will fall sleep. Don't forget to put those things in your ear, there is always someone snoring or a baby crying.... This is what I do every time I flight (no because I am afraid, but I hate being for hours in there).
About being nervous in a new place, I don't know exactly what you can do. Most people feels this way about the unknowing, it's normal. I think one or two days of your arrived, you will feel much better. I would try to check over the net guides about the place, to get more familiar and make plans to where go and to do, this way, the trip can be more pleasurable.

Please help with travel anxiety?

have suffered from anxiety all my life but recently it has been so much better and I ve become far more outgoing and brave. I also booked a solo Japan (already was going for work to attend a conference) and so I will be here for 3 weeks.
I arrived 3 days ago and am currently with two friends and it s going fine. However I am totally dreading the point that they will leave and I will be alone here for 9 days with nobody to rely on or talk to. I am an outwardly extremely outgoing person but I have this inner fear that I will feel anxious and nervous for the entire 9 days and it will be hell. I also worry that I m so far from home it s like that my safe "comfort zone" is so far away and that I might be too nervous to take the flight home and I just don t know what to do to convince myself that it will be fine.
Anyone with anxiety experience please reassure and give me tips to help me get my confidence back!!

Do I have travel anxiety?

How do you learn to travel? You have to eventually push yourself to go out and face your fears. Otherwise, you can't expect a difference. If traveling is fearful and uncomfortable to you, then don't do it. Stick to what you like. Travel for yourself and because you want the experience and exposure; not because you want to prove something to people or feel you have to do it. But if you must learn, start small. Travel 30 minutes out within your own city. Then travel into the next city over and look at sightings there. Do that a couple of times, and then traveling a little bit beyond like three cities over. Then go out of state and spend days there. It will also probably make you feel better if you researched the area well before going, such as where is the police station if you need it? or a car repair shop if something goes wrong. Also, make sure to take a couple of thousand bucks with you just in case of emergencies. Traveling is horrifying when you're not prepared.

How can I reduce travel anxiety?

If you have travel anxiety these tips should help you feel more in control:Plan for your anxiety. Brush up on your coping skills and bring along items you know will help you stay calm. For example, you might check to be sure your favorite music is downloaded to your phone or you might tuck your favorite pillow into your suitcase so you’ll be sure to get some restful sleep.Practice relaxation techniques before your trip, so you can use them the minute you start to feel anxious.Focus on a calming image in your mind or on an object you can physically see to take your mind off your fears. Concentrating on a book or watching a movie is distracting and can keep you from stressing over the unfamiliar.Use affirmations, such as “I am safe,” to calm your thoughts.Long, slow breaths have been proven to reduce anxiety and it’s worth it to learn deep breathing techniques. Breathing in slowly through your nose, then exhaling gradually through your mouth helps keep you from taking the short, hurried breaths that can trigger a panic attack.Learn to meditate, which has been proven to reduce stress and boost overall health. Meditation can be done in so many ways – did you know that getting lost in music or even daydreaming are forms of meditation? Regular meditation practice can build long-term resilience.Remind yourself of why you’re traveling. Picture your life a year from now – will you regret not having gone to your destination?Because anxiety often stems from a feeling that you’re not in control, plan the first few days of your trip in detail. Look for photos of the airport and its terminals, explore the city’s subway system or figure out local transportation, look for your hotel on a maps website, and check out nearby restaurant and read their reviews. Having the details handy helps to keep your from worrying about the unexpected.Join a community. There are many online forums or local support groups for anxiety sufferers where you can talk about your travel fears and find support.

How do I overcome the anxiety of traveling by airplanes?

Educate yourself…….. collect all the information you need about air travel ……Sit down…… take a deep breath…… calm down….. and ask yourself…….the reason for your fear….. maybe bcoz of childhood experience…..orListening to someone else’s bad experience….. reading negative news reports ….. watching terrible incidents involving crashes and the like…..or it could be aviophobia…… fear of flying in airplanes……..acrophobia…….fear of high places …… claustrophobia…… fear of confined places……… xenophobia…… fear of strangers……and the like. Identify your problem…..Collect the knowledge…… how to deal with such problems……. There are plenty of sites …..Implement the solutions offered.YOUR MENTAL STATE……. This is equally imp….. it is basically the mind you have to convince…… no problem….. you are halfway through…..Be positive……. Think positive….. surround yourself with positive…. Compassionate people who understand your situation….. take the help of your family ….. friends……Be frank ….. open ……. Explain yourself…… ask for advice from those who have the experience…’ll be surprised how many people would be willing to help you….After talking your heart out…… you will soon gain clarity …… you have the knowledge….. you have the support of good people…. You will soon feel the fear ……. Dissipitating.Be cheerful…… be positive…… visualise your flight ……… imagine how beautiful it would feel to be beside the clouds …… in the sky …… feel one with nature and birds ……what a lovely sight to behold ….. anticipate joy …..Do this daily ……. Slowly but surely…… you will watch your fear ……. Disappear.Assuming you have to deal with kids …… try a softer approach….. distract their attention…… have some stuff that they hold close to their heart ……And this is my personal experience…… I used to cry bcoz of earache(when I was a kid)during takeoff….sucking candies and lollipops definitely helps .Face your fear with confidence…….YES ……. You will win.Thank you……

How can I conquer my anxiety of driving or traveling on the interstate?

I have not much to say after all the good feedback/answers you’ve received. I am just gonna tell you what it worked for me. I love traveling by air or land, and I like to be independent, so I understood that in order for open my possibilities, I needed to conquer my fear to drive on highways. When I first got my DL I spent almost 3 years just driving local, until one day I said to myself I have to do this if I want to save time on my commute home/work/school. So, that Monday came, I took the Major Deegan Hway on my way home from school(night time, wrong time lol). So my heart was pumping so fast that I thought it will comes out of my chest, my whole body was shaking, but I got into the highway, and once there, I started to relax, going thru the motion, then I realized I did not know my exit, so I ended up at the tri-boro bridge with no money to pay the toll (2.75 at that time). I started crying, I have no money, plus I did not know how to come back home from there. To my good luck the gentleman at the booth was very patient. I told him the whole story lol, so he asked me for my address, and he gave me direction on how to get to my home (No, I did not have a cellphone on those days, and I do live near the bridge, I can actually see it from my apt). They billed me for the toll fee, and that day I did get home very late. I tried again next day, less scare but still shaking, ended up by the Hunts Point terminal market lol, but at least it was local so I knew how to get home. I tried 3 times before I got it right, and I kept trying every time a little bit farther, and now there is no place I wont go, but it has been a process for me. So try small steps, small rides, every time a little bit farther than before until you conquer your fear. YOU CAN DO IT!