How To Get Weed Out Of My System

How to get weed out your system in 14 days?

Drink lots of water, that's the best way I know. It should be out of your system naturally in two weeks anyway, the rule of thumb I always used was 3-5 days. If you want drink a monster before your test and it will add more color to your piss.

How can I get weed out of my system fast?

I RARELY smoke weed. It probably had been a year since I had. 2 weeks ago I took exactly 3 hits of weed. Well I got a job offer and they want to do a BLOOD drug test. Which will prob be next week sometime. Can you help me get it out of my system FAST.

How can I get weed out of my system in 15 days?

I was at a party yesterday, and I made a big mistake. I got high, and it was pretty irresponsible considering I have a job interview that will involve a drug test in 15 days.

Before I get the cliche "you shouldn't have done it", "you're dumb" responses, I know all of that. It was a mistake pure and simple, I wasn't having a good day and I really wish I could have taken it back.

So anyway, I want to know what are some things I can do to get the THC out of system in 15 days?
How long do you think the THC will stay in my body?

Here are some facts that might help:
-I smoked AK-47 Weed through an apple pipe, and I beileve I took about 5 hits
-It was my first time smoking in 6 years
-I'm a 19 year old male
-Very fast metabolism
-6'1'' 185 lbs [10-15% bodyfat] if that makes a difference

What can I do to get weed out of me and the baby’s system before delivery?

If your physician suspect drug use during pregnancy and makes the pediatrician aware, there is a good likelihood they will test your child’s first urine and meconium (stool). Your child’s urine will give them a quick answer to what you’ve been using/whether you’ve been using. The meconium test takes longer to get back (typically a few days) but can detect drug use for the past few MONTHS in a pregnant woman.Your best bet it to come clean about your use to your doctor and your child’s pediatrician. Your child may need to be monitored for withdrawal in the NICU depending on your level of use.

How to get weed out of my system in two weeks?

Water will not do it for you.. Water will simply allow you to piss clean for a certain amount of time. It helps to clense your body but it will not get it out. My best suggestions would be to..
Yes.. Drink mainly water, or beer.. Does the same thing.. Makes you piss alot
Get a body detox drink. It helps push out alot of the bad stuff in your body.

Thats really all you can do that will help..

Now if your needing help on passing a drug test.. your asking the wrong question..

You can literally go to the test high and pass... Its all about the water intake.. Wake up and start drinking... Your first piss of the day is the dirtiest.. never go in without peeing all day. Drink alot of water to pee pee pee. By the time you go in, you might feel full and not well, but you can piss clean there on the spot. Other tricks ive heard. Will not tell you whom told me, but one is to drink gelatin, or jello mix with water an hour before you go.. the gelatin will coat your kidneys, not allowing thc to flow for an hour or so.. Other trick was to dip your fingertip into bleach for a second or two.. When you are peeing in the cup.. dont aim directly into the cup.. start peeing into the toilet (its always dirtier upfront (like when you wake up.)) When ready piss on your fingertip and let it splash into the cup...

I know this is strang and not sure if most will believe me.. But i did everything i just told you and passed a very hard test to pass. I did them all because i could not risk failing...

Good Luck!!

How can I clean my system out with weed in 15 days?

ok so first of all let me say I've passed a few REALLY high stakes screens with my method.Moat people in here are right it's not going to take more than a month. That guy that said 60 days is fuckin drunk or really fat.Baisicly if you stop smoking immediately. It only takes about two days clean for the drinks or pills from the head shops. Omni has never failed me.Really though if your skinny to alittle husky you should be fine with 15 days. If you want to feels extra safe though…NEVER give your first urine of the day.drink a Poland spring sized bottle before bed. This should make your first urine of the day push out whatever toxins have leeched from your fat into your urineAn hour and a Half before the test drink 1 and a half bottles of water. Pee three times before you leave and your golden.This should dilute your urine enough to pass you without being too diluted since you won't have that much in your system at the time. Hope this helps.

How much water should i drink to get weed out of my system?

Well if you drink a bottle of Cranberry juice the day after, and i mean a full bottle, 64oz, and like 48oz of water, 2normal size bottles of water. that does a good job at getting the weed out of your system in a timely manner. at least enough to pass a urine drug test. Yes if you were to test your blood that stays there for 30days, less if you don't smoke all the time, longer if you smoke more. But most home tests that a parent would use would be for you to "pee in a cup" Just water doesn't work and it turns your urine into water so there isn't enough there to test so you run the risk of inconclusive or a positive. Cranberry juice and water. I don't know when your mom would do the test if at all, but as soon as you wake up thurs morning, start your day with cranberry juice

(used to work to pass drug tests for po and drs)
Not much works but have found that works best without showing chemicals from detox beverages, or too much water which if that shows anything is that you're trying to hide something.