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How To Give Flowers To An Ex.

Should I give my ex's mom flowers?

Don't do it anon. If she thinks her kids did it, that gives her false hope - illusions are bad for all effected.

But, she has been a friend, obviously. That friendship has not ended because your relationship with her son has. I would suggest sending them to her work - first, she gets the bonus of everyone seeing them, which gives her a huge boost to her day. Second, it's a neutral ground. It's not as personal as receiving them at home.

Personally, I'd write a note and add that to the flowers that, in effect, says, "Hey, just because Ex and I broke up, doesn't mean I forgot about you!" or something to that effect.

Let her know how much you've valued your conversations with her.

I hope things go well for you.

Should i send my ex flowers to get her back?

why not ......then you can be a complete crawler

Anonymous flowers to an ex?

yes!!! how romantic! :) good luck! and later call her n tell her it was u! or give her hints in the card also!

Should I send my ex-girlfriend flowers?

While a nice gesture, sending her flowers will likely only make her think that you care for her more than your words are saying and will just confuse and her hurt more when you reject her again. My guess is that she says she wants to be friends, but she really wants more than that. She may be hoping that being friends again is the first step in winning you back.Depending on how long you dated and the seriousness of the relationship, friendship may or may not work. If the break up wasn't mutually agreed upon, then one party usually still wants something more which makes a platonic friendship without hard feelings difficult to achieve, at least for awhile. So, if you really don't have a romantic interest in her, be nice but clear about your feelings toward her - and then don't give signals otherwise.

Should i send my ex flowers for christmas?

i dont know if i should send my ex flowers for christmas, were on pretty good terms but i dont wanna her weird her out or anything just think itd be nice? should i?-- i do want her back but i dont wanna be too creepy soo idkk

How much do girls like being gifted with flowers? Is it weird to gift my ex who's a friend now some flowers?

Sorry not being sexist, but just saw this on facebook and really laughed.PS I do not believe in giving flowers. I rather paint them using coffee and give those. Distractor's Coffee Art