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How To Handle Being Around My Daughter

How should my daughter handle this situation?

My daughter is a freshman in highschool. We are Protestant. There is a girl who sits next to my daughter in one of her classes. This girl is a Jehovah's Witness. This girl cries and tells my daughter she does not want to be a Jehovah's Witness. She waqnts to join our church. Te girl knows her parents would disown her if she told them her feelings. The girl asked what Christmas and holidays are like. My daughter told me her friend wants my husband and me to adopt her? How should this situation be handled?

How should I handle my boyfriends 8 year old daughters jealousy?

We have been dating for almost a year. His kids love me and I love them. The oldest child is 8 and she is okay with us being friends but she gets jealous if she sees us hug or kiss, and hates when he talks to me on the phone. I get along well with her, it does not seem like she has a problem with me. I sleep at his house allot when he does not have the kids. Last week she came over to his house wile we where out and saw my bag, she got really mad at her dad that I was sleaping there, anything romantic bothers her. He told me that she acts like a jealous girlfriend who is being cheated on, and we are concerned that this type of jealousy might not be healthy. We have talked to her about it before and we thought that she might just not like her dad being with someone other then her mom, but that is not the case, she just does not want him to be romanticly involved whith a female, ,is overly affectionate towards him when I am around, and hangs on him and kisses him constantly, Normal??

My girlfriend doesn't like my daughter?

My Girlfriend and I have lived together for over a year and been going out for 4 years.
Since we've been together my 12 year old daughter visits us every other weekend. My Girlfriends kids visit more frequently and are treated much better by her.
Recently my girlfriend has gotten very irritable toward my daughter saying that she doesnt want to take the backseat to a child. She says she doesn't want anything to do with her and has called her names and dumb due to her learning disablities which are minimal.
She says she doesn't want to have a relationship where she isn't number one.
She takes this all back when she's cooled down and says its because she was angry but says it so often I really think she means it.
How do you handle this?

How do I deal with my boyfriend's daughter?

I feel so bad for that little girl.. guess what, children are very sensitive and can easily detect adults’ feelings towards them. There is nothing worse than when your parent gets a new partner, trust me, I’ve been there. It’s inexplicably hurtful, it feels like some stranger has come and peed all over your territory and now reclaiming it as theirs, your parents with whom you can be vulnerable and exposed. The only ones who can give you a sense of security as a child have now been stolen by a stranger, kidnapped and taken right out of your hands. Now you have to share..That girl doesn’t want to share her dad, she wants him all to herself and you have to respect that, you have to give her all the time and space she needs to come to terms with the fact that her dad is now not only hers. You’re clearly not respecting her and her needs, judging from the way you describe her. You say you hate her? Excuse me, but what kind of potential stepmother says that about their boyfriend’s flesh and blood? She can sense that very clearlyyou’re not interested in her and her needs, that’s why she’s acting out, it’s a vicious cycle. She’s trying to get rid of you because you’ve taken what is rightfully hers and you don’t seem to be the least humble, understanding or respectful about it, you’re clearly not ready to be stepmother and if your boyfriend can’t see that and he continues to expose his daughter to this kind of emotional torture that you’re putting her through (seriously, you said you hate that little girl) then I hope she has a real mom she can escape to.. good luck to her.

How to deal with an evil manipulative step daughter?

When I met my husband I was 24 years old, he had a daughter, in the beginning of the relationship she look and act apparently sweet with me, she was 15 and start to be very jealous of me, wants to sleep in our bed between her father and me, talking of her mother always in front of me, using the kitchen every time I need to cook, so I have to cook later when she is done, spending her vacations with us her father and I, so she always try to get his attention and all turns over her,I have talked to my husband about it but he always defend her saying that I need to understand her. Now I'm 31 and I just cannot tolerate her anymore, she only comes a few times to visit us and she is always encharge of making me feel that she is the only one and I don't belong there, so every time she appears my husband and I have to fight because of her, when her father is around she treat me well but when he is not around is another story, I'm affected about this situation for so many years of my husband saying to me, is all my foult she is my doughter and you have to understand her, and defending her, that I cannot be in the same room as her, what can I do? how can I deal with this situation?

My adult daughter is verbally abusive to me, her mother. How do I stop this?

There is no sure guarantee to stop it. Do you have a person around that is encouraging her behavior by not respecting you?You can set boundaries (i.e., If you disrespect me again, I will stop doing ____). The person will usually fight really hard and fuss. But stay true to yourself. If you give in, that just teaches them to be a brat to you. One of the ways to handle this is when she does it is to remove yourself from the situation when she has crossed a boundary. No one can verbally abuse you easily if you are away from them calming yourself down. If you provide her with some kind of support or extra “goodies”, (Cell phone service, Netflix), you can cut them off as a consequence for mean verbal behavior and tell her you will return them when she is genuinely sorry and motivated to change her behavior.If her behavior is so toxic that it is causing you mental harm, than limit contact with her if you can.Family counseling is an option, but your daughter must get to the point where she has motivation to change herself.Added: When you are not legally responsible for herIf you daughter is an adult, and all attempts seem to fail, you can say you will happily pay taxi fare for her to go to a friend or a homeless shelter (have someone with you as this could escalate her bad behavior). Change your locks and phone number. Do not contact her until she understands was her verbal abuse did and she is securely housed.

I need help to overcome being a motherless daughter.?

I have been a foster parent to girlsand boys in this situation. First, YOU need to KNOW it is ........not is REALLY hard to get through life without a doubt about it. Know God.......and though I am not Catholic, I found hope and love of "The Virgin"........kind of like Mother to God is Father to all.

These are tough times for you, I have been there myself. I know how we can hang on by a shoe string sometimes. HANG ON.........I've found God works these kinds of things for and to the best possible.

I wish I had more to say for and too you. The hard fact is I don't. Find passions in YOUR heart, self, life. Spend your time on the passions you have. Put your energy there.

As the years have come and gone, I have found "mothers", and treasured them greatly. Oddly enough, after more than 20 years absent from my own mother did come around. But, I don't expect that will happen in every case. And, by then I had grown well accustom to life without a Mom.

Don't let your Mom mess with your mind and heart. This will be Very tough, because you want her SO BAD. She is a person "drowning".........and they will hold or grab anything to keep themselves -afloat-. If there is ANYONE you can talk it.

Honey, take care of yourself.