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How To Help A Suicidal Friend Need Help Asap

My best friend is suicidal?

My best friend has been depressed for 2 years now I think, and nobody knows about this except for me and 3 other people. Her parents doesn't know anything about this.
She rarely eats, doesn't sleep, works and studies until she cries, is self harming and tried to commit suicide. She doesn't think anyone will miss her if she dies. One of her friends left her and her boyfriend broke up with her. Her mother is horrible and mentally abusing her.
What should I do? We are 15.

HOW can you help a SUICIDAL friend?

have you talked to her since? she needs your support now more than ever! make sure to talk to her alot; she doesn't necessarily need to respond. ask her about her problems...make sure she knows you care. DON'T give advice to "fix" her problems; just show her that there's more to life! AND remind her of the people she'd be hurting (mainly you, other friends, parents, and siblings) if she decided to do it again. suicide attempts are always a very sad situation. get together with her and other friends; go walking, swimming, read a novel aloud to one another, watch a funny movie together, look at photo albums! make sure to spend QUALITY TIME with her. the next attempt she has may be interrupted by your phone call to hang out with her! good luck and keep it up! -sudo psycho...logist

Suicidal friend?

Well, my friend was very suicidal had a drinking problem and did drugs. She threatened to kill herself numerous times. I believe your friend may need help. Perhaps look into counseling and you can help, try and give her self confidence a boost: help her find a new job, get her some help with AAA and try to help her get back on track with life and i believe you can help. I got my friend some counseling and shes a lot better now and i believe you can help your also :)
good luck - and remember it wont happen over night if you have the courage to help you may get frustrated she may hate you at first but as it comes it also comes with acceptance so just keep trying and she will pull through.

I have a friend who's suicidal, but they're also abusive. Do I stop being friends with them?

Are you a doctor or therapist? If not, you cannot treat suicidality.Note that abusive people often threaten suicide to inspire guilt and fear and keep people under their thumbs.Give your friend the number of a suicide hotline, and sincerely advise them to call. Then explain that you're no longer willing to be treated the way they treat you, and stop interacting with them.

I need some help ASAP please!?

I am in need of some help. My friend John is saying he is going to kill himself. When does it get to the point where you need to tell someone? we were talking on msn messanger and he said this

John - getting sick of life. why cant i just end it? says:
i mean, i came really close to having someone buying me vodka and taking like 20 ibprophines this weekend, i was so depressed

Can I print out the conversation and turn it into a counslor? I am really worried!!!

In Indonesia, where can a suicidal person find help?

Call HOTLINE 500–454. This hotline is provided by the Mental Health Directory of the Health Ministry. A trained counselor will answer the call. The caller can express their thoughts and feelings freely and the counselor will listen and help. If the caller’s trouble is beyond their ability to give advice/help, the counselor will give advice for the caller to seek help to the nearest Mental Hospital. Hope this helps.

My friend says he's gonna commit suicide?

****, get him help THIS INSTANT because although you stopped him once, next time you might not be as lucky. He says tell no one, that means he's going to try again. My sister went through the same after almost being raped by her ex-fiancé (I killed him though) and she tried jumping from the balcony 10 times but I would not lose my watch. Only by digging into the very core of her psyche and talking some serious business was I finally able to somewhat calm down this madness, and it nearly took a month. Call the police because having a low self-esteem is NOT being mentally insane; rather what he needs is 24/7 supervision. Don't wait a minute longer, and act now before you find him dead. That's the deal! Good luck to you and him!

I'm suicidal because I have no friends. I haven't had a friend in years?

And because no one can relate, or if they do, it's because they've had friends before, no one gives a ****. If I was suicidal because of a best friend or a bf\gf, maybe some would bother to give a crap and try to help me.

But because I have Aspergers and am a minority, people lose interest in half a second. Most people don't even know what the **** Aspergers even is. At most this will get 2 answers, and will likely be half asssed.

I'm nothing but a loser to everyone. People think I'm creepy, scary, or hilarious. People, in public places, I'm not even in school, sometimes give me weird looks, either scared or are trying to contain laughter. They move away from me or I hear them laugh when I leave a room. I just shouldn't leave the house, so no one will have to suffer my presence.

I feel like such a ruined, mentally deformed freak. I can't stand up straight and force a smile on my face for complete strangers. I can't look pleasing and beautiful so people will even notice I exist, or not be disturbed by me. I can't even hold the most goddamn simplest of conversations to anyone, I'm not an interesting person or human being.

This has just messed up and ruined my whole life. I've only had a few friends in my life time, and half of them didn't even know the real me. This has prevented me from going to school, getting a basic education, prevented me from growing as a person and having normal\ simple and essential life experiences.

It just isn't fair, I don't want to live with the consequences of what this disorder has given me, of what it has cost me. I can't take this, I don't want to live anymore. I wasn't ready to live in a world like this, or it wasn't ready for me. Maybe in five hundred years the world would be prepared for someone like me and I would have had a decent life, but not now.

My mind just feels so deteriorated and tired. I'm just tired of this ****. of feeling like crap ALL THE TIME. It's been so long since I've been truly happy with myself, since I was a child. I've ruined relationships I've had because I got so messed up, because all I can think about is my problems.

I just want a friend, I want human contact and comfort. But no, only people who are at least semi social can have that gift. I just CAN'T ask for it........

What do I do about this..........

I have a question about my best friend...? I need 2 know ASAP!!!?

More details little man: Is it flirting text? your my best friend text?
Women enjoy the company of men beacuse they dont like the drama of other women, they think we are simple and easy to get along with. She might enjoy having a good guy friend. If it's flirting then more likely she is a little interested in you. In that case, start slow and ask her on a "date" by suggesting you 2 go out together alone to something like a movie or dinner. If she finds that weird and questioning that, then you are just friends and change the subject by saying that "we are such good friends and just thought that would be cool," if not then go with it and see what happens.