How To Identify True Friends How To Be A Good Friend

What is a true friend?

A best friend is someone who’ll listen to your mistakes and accept them. It is someone who you can trust.Being best friends is not something you can just explain. A best friend is someone you feel comfortable being 100% yourself around. It's also a person who accept your flaws and whom you can speak about your problems with.According to Dr. Klein and a Harvard study, you live longer with friends.Contrary to popular belief, your best friend doesn't have to be with you 24/7 or think and act just like you.Truly, a best friend can be the exact opposite of you, and this usually leads to fights and difficulties getting along, but somehow you still just love them to death anyway.Your best friend is the one person who could not speak to you for any amount of time but you still think of them just the same. Someone who, despite all the changes a person goes through in their life, will stick by you and always accept you for who you are.A person who will always tell you what you NEED to hear, even if its not necessarily what you WANT to hear. A person who can make you laugh even on your bad days, and who makes all the problems in life seem easy to overcome, as long as you have them by your side.A best friend can be many things, your inspiration, your hero; best friends help each other to become better people by using honest, constructive criticism that sometimes hurts to hear, but is all for the best in the end.Bestfriends are the ones that bring up touchy topics with you, even if it will risk you being angry w/ them because they care more about your well being. Your best friend is the one who you could piss off so badly, but in your time of need they'll will still be there for you.A best friend is someone who you have shared good AND bad memories with, but you just can't help but cherish each of them; a TRUE best friend is hard to come by, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

Do you believe true friends exist?

That person definitely exists. But having more than 6 billion people in the world, it would probably take anybody years to find that person. That person may not even be found, but at least he/she exists..

How do you know that you have found a true friend?

Read this;A cruise ship met with an incident at sea, on the ship was a pair of couple, after having made their way to the lifeboat, they realized that there was only space for one person left. At this moment, the man pushed the woman behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat himself.The lady stood on the sinking ship and shouted one sentence to her husband.The teacher stopped and asked, "What do you think she shouted?"Most of the students excitedly answered, "I hate you! I was blind!"Now, the teacher noticed a boy who was silent throughout, she got him to answer and he replied, "Teacher, I believe she would have shouted - Take care of our child!"The teacher was surprised, asking "Have you heard this story before?"The boy shook his head, "Nope, but that was what my mum told my dad before she died to disease".The teacher lamented, "The answer is right".The cruise sunk, the man went home and brought up their daughter single-handedly.Many years later after the death of the man, their daughter found his diary while tidying his belongings.It turns out that when parents went onto the cruise ship, the mother was already diagnosed with a terminal illness. At the critical moment, the father rushed to the only chance of survival. He wrote in his diary, "How I wished to sink to the bottom of the ocean with you, but for the sake of our daughter, I can only let you lie forever below the sea alone".The story is finished, the class was silent. The teacher knows that the student has understood the moral of the story, that of the good and the evil in the world, there are many complications behind them which are hard to understand. Which is why we should never only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding them first.Those who like to pay the bill, does so not because they are loaded but because they value friendship above money.Those who take the initiative at work, does so not because they are stupid but because they understand the concept of responsibility.Those who apologizes first after a fight, does so not because they are wrong but because they value the people around them.Those who are willing to help you, does so not because they owe you any thing but because they see you as a true friend.....edits: Thankyou folks for promoting it.Debayan ChakrabortyAbhishek BundelaSanket KhedekarDinesh RamKaran BansalUser-12626575727167174152Rupal Dasguptaand many more

Why is it so hard to find true friends these days?

TLDR: Because trust is difficult to obtain.Because people are assholes.Hold on, let me explain. As you get older, you become picky. As a kid you don’t care. You like baseball, Johnny likes baseball, so Johnny is now a friend. As an adult a friend is a serious investment. You have a job, you have responsibilities, you come home after work pretty much dead, pondering to just shoot yourself and be done with it.At the age of about 15 you learn the true nature of people: they put themselves before anything else. It sounds like a simple idea, but it’s a bit more complicated. People will easily betray you, people will spread rumors, people will do anything if they see you as an obstacle that needs to be removed.As you (and the people) grow older, cynicism comes into play. You learn to not trust people. You learn that strangers will betray you, stomp you into the ground for a measly dollar. Hell, they’ll do it for fun.You need someone you can trust and that’s one hell of a requirement.You need someone who, regardless of consequences or potential profit, or hell, entertainment will trust you and you can trust them to not suddenly stab them in the back. People do it “for the lulz” all the time. Finding that someone is difficult. It’s one hell of a quest. Finding a true friend these days is almost impossible.That’s why people pretty much give up once they’re older.You need to invest time and money into friendship and if the other party senses something shifty is going on, they pull out immediately and without any explanation.

Fake Friends Vs Real/True Friends, how do you tell the difference between them both?

this is from personal experience
True Friend: 1) They like spending time with you, and they'll ask you to hang out with them
2) If they're with other people they won't pretend like they don't know you
3) they'll listen to you when you need a shoulder to cry on
4) they'll do favors for you and don't expect anything in return

Fake Friend: 1) they'll call or text you once in a while if they need a favor or to borrow money
2) they'll make lame excuses why they can't hang out
3) they'll say you're their friend but constantly insult you or put you down

hope that answered your question :)

How can you tell if someone is a good friend?

It was a Sunday night.I had finished dinner and tucked myself in the comfort of my bed inside a blanket.Dimmed the lights and was thinking about the weekly Monday morning Sales conference call.At 11:30ish when I was about to fall asleep, my phone rang.On the other side was a friend.Given that our communication happened mostly on texts (read: WhatsApp) it was odd that she called me, especially at that time of the day.Nonetheless, I answered and a trembling ‘hello’ from the other side told me something was wrong.I calmed her down and asked what the issue was.She told me she was lost and trying to figure out the route to her place but to no avail.She owned an old smartphone on which Google Maps kept crashing.I offered to book her a cab but she was apprehensive given that it was approaching midnight.Without a second thought, I ditched my blanket, put on denims, picked up helmet and was ready to go.Though, the streets of Pune are safe till wee hours, I wouldn’t risk feeling guilty for the rest of my life if something untoward was to happen.I stayed in the Northern part of the city.She was stranded somewhere in the centre and her place was to the south.The empty streets helped me with the speed.All the while I was speaking to her through handsfree and was with her in no time.Gave her a hug and assured all was well.We rode on our respective bikes till her house around 30kms away from mine.Hugged her good bye and was happy she’s safe.I don’t think I did something extraordinary.That’s what the friends are supposed to do.They are there for you,When the rain starts to pour.Like they’ve been there beforeCoz you’re there for them too…*F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Theme playing in background*