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How To Increase Running Speed In My 13 Year Old 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall 170 Lbs For Basketball.

Basketball: I'm 6 foot tall, 18 years old and 150 lbs. What should I do to be able to dunk in the next year?

As a teenager,  I  was 6 ft tall and 160 lbs and practiced dunking all the time (at least trying to)  but no matter how much I tried I couldn't do it. I worked at it almost every day. I was also a soccer player and had very strong legs, but  the best I could do was get my hands slightly above the rim. I sort of semi dunked a few times, but I could never get myself high enough to do a true dunk.  Sometimes  your body simply doesn't cooperate no matter how hard you try. Keep trying, but if it isn't working out then concentrate on your outside shot and your ball handling skills. Dunking is a powerful statement in basketball, but having a good three point shot and good passing and ball handling skills are far more important in today's game. Players who can dunk are a dime a dozen. Players who can handle the ball well, pass well and shoot well are golden. In the end screw the dunking if it doesn't come and work on the other facets of the game.

What is the minimum height required to make a basketball dunk?

Thanks for the A2A.Now, let us consider a few things.The hoop is 10 feet above the ground, but to dunk the ball you need your hand to be above the hoop. Effectively, your fingertips need to be atleast 10 feet 6 inches high.Now, another thing to factor into is the standing reach. On an average, a 6 ft tall guy has an 8ft standing reach. However, things like shoulder width and build also factor into it.Another thing to consider is your weight. While the weight won't determine how high you need to jump, but it would determine how much force you need to exert.Now, NBA has had great dunkers as short as 5 feet 6 inches but they had exceptional vertical jumps.What you should do is calculate your height, standing reach and weight and enter them into the website below.Dunk CalculatorYou can reverse engineer your way into finding the necessary height given your vertical, however, you don't have a lot of control on your height.So, to dunk, you should increase your vertical and have the correct posture, with the ideal bend of knees.

Why come some people can dunk a basketball and some people can't?

I know this sounds like a crazy question. However, I'm really trying to figure this out. I never been able to dunk a basketball. I've been playing basketball all my life. I've done plyometrics, I've strength training, speed training, I've done dynamic stretching for increased flexibility to improve my range of jumping motion. Nothing works, I've come to a point to where I'm thinking maybe it's genetic and 3 inches from the basketball goal rim is as close as I'm ever going to get. I'm not fat at all. I'm not skinny either. I'm 5'9 and 190 pounds. You tell me what's wrong? I should be dunking one handed at least. I see guys my height or one or two inches shorter grabbing the rim two handed. This frustrates me sometimes, the damn goal doesn't even look that high when I look up, but when I actually jump it feels so high. Am I too core heavy to lift myself off the ground? I do situps all the time and back exercises, what is the problem?

How do I determine the weight of the bowling ball I should use?

Bowling balls come in a variety of weights, ranging from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. Choosing the right ball is crucial. Choose a ball that is heavy enough for you to roll down the lane without putting strain in your body. Doing that can of course be tricky so here is a simple thumb rule : 1. Divide your body weight (in pounds) by 11 and 2. You shouldn't pick a ball that is heavier than this obtained number. Ideally, you might want to try the ball that is 1 or 2 pounds lesser than the obtained number. For example, I weigh around 115 pounds (115/11 = 10.45) and am most comfortable with a 9 pound ball.

How can I grow taller (I'm fourteen)?

First of all thank you for asking a question about me. This will be my first answer in quora about myself.Okay, so first of all I wana tell u that genetic is always a first priority but handwork always show it's results. In my case, my family parents are of medium height around 5ft to 5′5ft, and others like my uncles and other relatives are 3inch more in height.Now, I had joined gym after completing my 10th with few of my friends. What happened was, we got a very good trainer who told us not to use heavy weights and do as much free hands excersices and light weight lifting as much as u can(if u wana know my suggested exercises, then please look at my previous answers). I was a very obedient student from my childhood, so I just did whatever my trainer told me to do. But my friends got influenced by their co-partners and started lifting heavy weights. They used to skipped the free hand excersices, started taking supplements and steroids,and used to hide from the trainer. We used to have a specific time for excersies like 1hr in a day and 4–5days in a week. But they used to spend 2hrs in the gym and used to come everyday.When we passed out our 12th I left the gym with height around 5′9 and a good body physic. And my friends, they didn't got their height more than 5ft and moreover they back pain,ankel pain, shoulder ache, one of my friend had a very bad accident while lifting weights now he can't even lift his hand.One thing I want to tell u and others who will read this. Please have patients and work hard don't think about results and success and goals. Just live ur life happily.I hope u understood my story. If u like it give an upvote and also share ur thoughts by commenting below and don't forget to share. For more updates Follow me.Thank you.

How can I find out the ideal weight for my height and age?

Go see your doctor before you get concerned, they can clearly evaluate your true BMI.Firstly, you're working out regularly so you can toss this chart in the trash:Secondly, so many factors go into healthy body composition that any simple "rule of thumb" (or maybe a chart per se) is over generalized. I am just a touch over 5'10" and weigh 200 lbs. I don't look like a football player, nor a marathon runner, but I'm certainly not borderline obese as this chart would have me believe. I play sports and have worked out my entire life. My strength to weight ratio is ideal but you would never guess me at 200 lbs. (btw..I win a lot of stuffed animals at the County Fair when they guess my weight). Once upon a time I was concerned about my BMI and its possible effects on my health. My doctor told me that bone density, muscle concentration and cell mass differ with all of us. I guess it was his way of telling me that I was dense! (rim shot). He then told me to get out of his office and enjoy my stuffed animal collection. I'm sure your doctor will tell you much of the same.