How To Inform Indian Government About An Idea Which Can Improve Country

Ideas to improve the standard of living for those earning under $18,000 in the U.S.?

saw an extremely thought provoking episode of oprah in which she was discussing the 30M people in the U.S. earning under $18,000, yet working tirelessly to make ends meet. was very surprised to hear of people in positions such as paramedics and lab technicians earning less than $10 per hour and unable to provide properly for their families (one woman profiled was living temporarily in a homeless shelter). raising the min wage will help, but even at roughly 2x where the min wage is today, health care costs are oftentimes enough to break the bank of most hourly earners. curious to hear potential solutions, partcularly from professionals in gov't or economics.

What steps must be taken to improve women's condition in India?

Every person is a part of the nation, if the nation develops, everybody is benefited by it. Religion, caste or gender need not be distinguished. Women’s right, children’s rights, and aged people’s rights are one and the same. Why should we differentiate, different categories, for the sake of rights. Every individual should enjoy their rights.It is true that women suffer more than man in all walks of life. The toughest life for women, is family life. They are born to live with domestic violence. There is no law to prevent it. Family has become a private affair. Mostly man is the head of the family. He enjoys full authority. It is a traditional practice. There is no way to move away from it.Violence against women in public places is a regular affair. Severe punishment to the accused, have not reduced the crime. The only alternative is to provide protection for women at all places. Law and order have to be improved drastically. Women should not move out, without personal protection, till law and order, is fully in place.Employment in all sectors of the economy, is a different issue. Women can’t be replaced in all the jobs, in which men are engaged. Women can’t do all the heavy work, in which men are engaged. They have their limitations. Safety is the first consideration for women than right.

Chapter 1 - marketing Is All Around Us - Fact and Idea Review?

Which term doesn't belong out of each list of terms and why?

1) selling , financing , pricing , communication skills

2) assemble, inform, persuade, remind

3) lower prices, new products, higher prices, improved products

4) time, possession, sales, information

5) consumer, industrial, segmented, utility

6) product, market, place, price

7) credit cards, promotion, personal checks, layaway plans

8) understanding business, interpersonal skills, economics, research

9) displays, advertising, owner's manuals, charge accounts

10) product, income, ethnic background, age

What can I do for a clean India?

Hi!Hats off to you for your wonderful question dear friend.If you really want India to be clean, keep yourself clean first and then your surroundings . Every household generates waste or garbage. It should not be thrown any where and every where , but in trash bins only. If you throw itv any where instead of throwing it in bin then it will pollute the environment.Control use of plastic bags. This will also aid in keeping surroundings clean.Individuals must take care that they do not throw waste in drains. The drains must be properly covered so that mosquitoes would not breed in them. Any stagnation of water must be cleaned from streets.The playground is a place where a lot of people visit. So it should be kept clean.People should not litter rubbish on ground. The grass of playground must be trimmed regularly to prevent any fungal growth….Hygiene & cleanliness is very essential in cafeteria as it is place where people eat.Individuals leave their trays & plates on the table after eating. They must dispose that in proper disposal place. Workers serving food must wear gloves while serving & should not cook food in unhygienic conditions.As a responsible member of society each of us must strive hard to keep our surroundings clean. It makes us better citizens.