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How To Keep Pitbull In Yard

How can i keep the neighbors pit bull out of my yard when they leave it loose and unatttended?

neighbors just moved in and allow their pit bull out loose and unattended. it continually comes into my yard and proceeds to all my doors where it will just watch us. It will follow my children when they are outside in my yard and it has runs up and down the pasture fence chasing the animals. thank god it hasn't jumped it yet. my wonderful neighbors think there is nothing wrong with this behavior and will go so far as watching the dog enter and follow my children and never correct the dogs behavior. my 2 dogs are trained to stay in my yard and have never entered their yard. i want the same respect and i want my children to feel safe in their own backyard. what should i do before something drastic happens?

A pitbull came in my yard and killed my poodle what do i do ?

You go talk to the owner and request that he repay you for the cost of replacing your dog, if he/she refuses. You call animal control and report a vicious dog. They will then come out, take a bite report, remove the dog and hold him for ten days as a vicious dog. After that, if the owner wants to pick up the dog, they have to pay a hefty fine and get proper fencing to properly secure their dog. If the owner is unwilling to pay the fines, the dog is then euthanized.

Keep a pitbull away from my yard?

first of all you need to report to animal control that pit bull each and every time it is not properly contained in it's own yard ... if it continues you can rent a humane trap and trap the dog and drop it off at the pound ... i personally would drive quite a few hours and drop it off at a pound far away as a stray so it never has to bother you again ...

How much space in a backyard does a pit bull need?

Is the dog having free range in a secure fenced yard? I'd suggest a fence that's atleast 6ft tall. Although my pitty can clear that height standing still not all will attempt to. Or would it be on a tie out? If it's a tie out which honestly for pitbulls is what I'd recommend. A tie out that's around 12ft long will give plenty of space. More so than a few 10x6 kennels combined. Get good quality equipment to prevent escapes. Still water kennel supply makes awesome collars etc. Especially for pitbulls. Buy some lap links, swivel, bull snap and have a chain cut at your hard ware store. Go by chain break limit and not its physical size. Heavier isn't necessary. And secure it to a auger or buried car axle or t post with a O ring to prevent tangles. This is a good cost effective form of containment. No it isn't inhumane or make a dog aggressive before anyone says so. Ppl conjure up the worst images possible and ignore a proper set up. Pitbulls are active dogs. So regular walks and play time off their tie out is a must. This keeps them fit and healthy and easy to handle.

My german shepherd killed a pitbull?

I Left my german shepherd guarding my house , when i returned home i found a dead pitbull in my yard and my german shepherd has some wounds i asked the neighbours they told me " THAT DOG JUMPED YOUR FENCE AND ATTACKED YOUR DOG BUT YOUR DOG KILLED IT" i dont know why they are happy :S i just wanna know is my dog safe for me to keep?

How strong ARE pitbulls?

I just got done speaking with my cousin on the phone-we live in different countries and this is what she told me:

She was keeping her uncles pitbull; Brownie tied up in the back yard- to give him away since the owner can't keep him where he moved- I was told.

Anyway, Brownie got off the chain and went to the front yard and attacked her male siberian husky, Titan. I don't know exactly what was done to him but I guess the top of his nose was ripped open, he had a very deep gash in his leg and was covered in blood.

I am so glad he didn't attack the female husky! Although she does try to protect herself. But I'm sure it would have been worse.

Anyway, during the attack-my couiins aunt; broke a broom stick over the pitbulls back and shot bebes(or whatever)into his mouth and he was still attacking Titan! I was told she stabbed in the head with a knife(UGH!)Anyway, after that he stopped

Both dogs are fine, that was a few months ago....but WHAT was my cousin thinking getting this dog!

Also, a few years ago, he literally ripped the jaw off another dog in one movement. This is typical for a pitbull or is he out of control?

What does it mean if lots of puppy pitbulls appear in my yard from a hole in the fence?

It probably means that strays or poorly managed dogs have bred and the puppies are roaming loose, or that your neighbor has had a litter and doesn't know about the hole in the fence. Does your fence lead to another property? You should let your neighbor know so they can round up their puppies (and fix the fence!).If they're strays, you should contact either animal control, or, preferably, a local no-kill shelter. Be careful if their mother is around — she might get defensive of her pups. I wouldn't try to approach or handle them until you know the situation. Just try to keep them contained and out of danger.

How can I legally keep a neighbors dog out of my yard? I'm open to any suggestions.

I like the water spray as non-harmful.When I lived in the city and had a tiny front yard that the dog walkers thought perfect for allowing their dogs to use without cleanup, I bought the largest cheapest container of finely ground white pepper I could find and liberally doused the lawn with it (closest to the walk and travel areas - needs to be refreshed occasionally after rains - useless in deep snow). This drove them off pretty rapidly without interaction and pretty soon I had no more unwanted deposits. Except for the sneezing as they depart... ;^DThat trick does nothing for the barking, so I'm with the advice about befriending the dog (who, after all, is just being a dog).I would also follow the advice about logging the matter with the town/village in writing, so if you can't resolve amicably with the neighbor, you can then pursue the legal options, but nuisance stuff is usually a pain for all involved (laws around this stuff get written because unreasonable humans can't get along, be responsible pet owners, and they want someone else to resolve it rather than address it personally - like animal control or police - so if it can be worked out amicably between neighbors, its always better).

My neighbors got a pit bull and it keeps getting loose?

They just got it a week ago and it's escaped twice already. I don't care if they say it's a nice dog, it's a vicious breed and the dog doesn't know me. I'm just worried that it'll get loose while I'm in my front yard cutting my grass and maul me to death. My back yard is fenced and gated. What should we do?