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How To Keep Up Quickly With Looking After Your

How do I keep healthy while smoking meth?

Number one would be cadence. If you are a "casual" meth smoker and can restrict yourself to one hit in the morning, that would be the first step.Second step would be to titrate down from smoking to small early AM doses so you can get a proper night of sleep.Once you have your usage under control, its important to take a mega amount of vitamins. Not just a single multi-vitamin, but individual doses of A,B (all complexes), C, D, E, K. That probably plus a multi-vitamin just to top it off.Supplement also tons of calcium. Meth robs the bones of calcium, so drinking lots of milk when you eat will be helpful.Set an alarm on your phone to eat every 4 hours do you don't forget. Focus on eating as much as you can an as healthy as you can. The meth will have your metabolism running all the time, so no worried about weight gain, and it will actually make you feel much better.Meth killing your appetite? Drink protein shakes.Water, drink lots of water. Stay fully hydrated. If you are high its easy to get too distracted to remember to drink enough water. Keep a bottle with you full at all times.Only smoke the cleanest of meth. Don't settle for poor quality, invest only in pure / high quality stuff. Use an acetone base to wash down anything suspect to get out any decontaminates. If you took away the smoking component as part of the question, I'd suggest moving to eating it. Will be less hard on your body overall.

Why do girls look away quickly when we make eye contact?

This is interesting.  I learn so much at Quora.  When I was a teenage girl I never figured out if a guy was staring at me because he thought I was cute, or because he thought I was hideous.  Now that I am (much) older, I realize how cute I was when I was that age!  Too bad we can't have the wisdom of an elder when we are teens and twenties.  I like all the answers you've already received.  To sum up, don't stare at girls or women who are from a different culture.  Cross cultural eye contact is more confusing than mutual culture eye contact.  There is more to body language than eye contact, as suggested by the answer that asked, does she play with her hair.  Maybe get a book or read online articles about body language to better understand unspoken signals.  Finally, someone posted a link to an outside site.  It looks like reliable information to get started when wanting to evaluate non-verbal communication.  Eighty percent of communication IS non-verbal.  So, it is important that you've asked this question.  Women will appreciate your interest in not making them uncomfortable.  I've walked past men who clearly don't care if their staring made me uncomfortable.  If I spoke their language I would ask them sarcastically, "What are you looking at"?  I wanted them to be just as uncomfortable as their unwavering stare was to me.

How long does a quick weave on a stocking cap last?

Depends on how it was applied.

If it was applied with glue and a stocking cap directly onto your hair, you will want to remove it after 3-4 weeks to tend to your hair underneath. Be very careful when removing so that you do not rip out your hair.

It can last up to a few months if you do it this way:

Place a shower cap/ saran wrap on your head and then put the stocking cap on. Glue the tracks down and let dry for about 10 minutes. Remove shower cap/or saran wrap and then place the weave cap back on. Now you can remove it anytime you like to care for your hair underneath and you have a custom weave!

How do you keep your hair straight after takeing a shower?

I think that's impossible if your hair is naturally curly. My hair does the same thing.

Tattoo peeling too fast?

i got a 2.5hr tattoo on my shoulder march 4th ending at around 330~pm. it's now march 10th at around 1am, so it's been only six days since my tattoo.

i have been incredibly careful taking care of it, following the artist's aftercare instructions, and NOT picking or scratching, only wearing strapless bras and not sleeping on it.

and my concern is that it looks like it's almost done peeling already! i thought it would take two weeks or so, but the skin underneath has a "waxy" look to it. is it going to go for round two of peeling or once this is done in a few days, is that it?

i've heard so many people say that theirs peeled for weeks! mine's still crazy itchy and i imagine it will keep peeling little bits for a couple more days, but .. i wonder if there's something abnormal about this :( thanks in advance.