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How To Mail College Recommendation Letters By Yourself

Can I send my recommendation letters on my own?

If they cannot submit the letters online, ask the admissions office for alternative ways to submit a recommendation letter. For example, sending by post in a sealed envelope or sending through email (an institution/non-official email) and what are their policies for it. These requirements vary from institution-to-institution so you’ll have to ask each of them.Alternatively, set out a meeting time with your faculty members and guide them through the process?From what I know, there’s no way a recommendation letter sent by you would be given any credit.

Is this a good letter of recommendation?

This is a letter to a Stanford University professor from my Biology teacher (this is for an internship) about 250 kids signed-up for it but only 15 kids get accepted.I'm poor and Latino and Arab, but my essays weren't all that great, but not bead either.
Dear Dr. Saltzman,

I am very pleased to be writing a letter of recommendation for Nadia Saleh, who has been my biology student since August 2011. During this past year, I have gotten to know Nadia quite well and have enjoyed spending time with her both in class and after school. As a freshman in a sophomore biology class, Nadia truly stands out both academically and socially. During the five years I have been teaching biology and integrated science at Santa Teresa High School, I have met very few students who are as motivated and goal oriented as Nadia.

Nadia shows an attention to detail that I do not often see. She is very concerned with getting information correct and often comes in after school to ensure that her understanding the concepts we are covering is both accurate and complete. For example, during the last unit, students were assigned a Meiosis project, and although most of the work was completed in class, Nadia stayed after class to make certain that both the academic and technical parts of the project were done correctly. Her attention to detail earned her one of the highest grades I have given on this assignment.

Nadia has frequently impressed me with her desire to learn. She frequently asks questions that at a higher level then what is being covered in the class. She also comes in early or stays after class to ask questions about things we haven’t even covered yet. Her enthusiasm for science has helped keep her at the top of the class and earned her the respect of her classmates and myself.

Nadia excels in working with other students. She frequently leads discussions and is not afraid of asking and answering complex questions. During lab work, she demonstrates a rare talent for working collaboratively with her partners, instead of simply taking turns doing the work. She not only tries to do her best, but also encourages her peers to do their best.

With her commitment to learning, and the long-term goals she has already set, Nadia has shown herself to be an exceptional young woman who would be an asset to your summer program.


Diana Jarmann
Science Teacher, Santa Teresa High School

Can I copy letters of recommendation and send them to different colleges?

The letters must be sent directly to the colleges by the teachers. The student is not supposed to know the content or even to have the opportunity to try to peek into the envelope.

When you ask a teacher, etc. for a letter, give the teacher a properly stamped and addressed business size envelope to use to mail the letter directly to the college.

The teacher will usually produce the letters on a computer and will sign each one individually.

Most teachers will tell the student that the letter has been mailed. Be sure to thank the teacher, of course. If three weeks go by with no word from the teacher, it is OK to ask if the letter has been sent. If the teacher does not then say that it will be sent immediately, it is better to ask a different teacher.

Be sure to inform each teacher of each admission decision by the colleges and of the name of the college where you have decided to study. At that time you should give the teacher a handwritten thank you note.

Can you read letters of recommendation before you send them?

Reference letters, the writer who agrees to write one decides whether it’s a recommendation or not, are supposed to be confidential. When a person agrees to write a reference for you, that’s it. You should provide the person with the form and a stamped, addressed envelope. They write the letter, put it in the envelope and send it. You’re not supposed to see it at all. Sometimes the person who you asked to write a reference will show you a copy, but that isn’t really proper, either. Most people who can’t give you a “good” reference will refuse to write it. They don’t mean you ill, they simply can’t write you the kind of reference you would want, so they don’t send one at all. But a reference, a really well written one, will reflect some of your needs as well as your strengths. They shouldn’t simply be rave reviews. So, actually, you shouldn’t get a chance to read your references before they’re sent to the school or employer who’s requested them.

How do I send teacher recommendations for college applications?

I am applying with the Common Application to most of the colleges I am applying to, and I am a bit confused about the forms they have given me for teacher reccomendations.

Do the teachers send the recomendations themselves?
Do I need to give them separate forms for each school that requires a reccomendation and ask them to mail each to the right school?
Do I get to see what they write before they send it?
If I am applying online to most of my schools, how does the teacher reccomendation find its way to my online application? Will the school match it up?

Any answers and advice on this step of the application process would really help. Thanks.

Can letters of recommendation for law school be written by high school teachers?

I strongly discourage you from using a letter from a high school teacher as a law school recommendation letter.

Law school admissions committees do NOT want to know what you did in high school, or what your high school teachers think of you. They DO want to know how well you have taken advantage of university-level courses. Your high school teachers, even those with whom you have a close relationship, have not been witness to your academic development over the past three or four years. They are not able to testify to your abilities in the arenas of close reading, clear writing, and critical thinking, because they have not read (and graded) the papers you have written in your field of interest (major).

Finally, it is not necessary for you to have a "close relationship" with a college professor in order for you to get a great letter of recommendation. Just choose professors who taught courses in which you got excellent grades, and in which you regularly participated in discussion.

Here's a fantastic description of how to get the best possible letters from your college professors. Points 5 and 6 will be of the most help to you.

Is it OK to write a recommendation letter for myself when applying for a PhD program?

As others mentioned, the simple answer is absolutely NO.You refer to academic letters in your question. The admission process (at PhD) is not looking for academic letters ONLY. For academic credentials, they have a verification process. So you need not to worry.What applicants need is the third party evaluation of their skills. The third party has to be a credible witness (not you or family or friends). I am assuming that you worked in the industry after 2014, so get letters from them. The letters from your prior bosses (can be academic or non-academic) are always considered the best. It doesn't have to be bosses, it can be colleagues who are on the same level as you (nothing wrong in trying to get letter from people who worked under you, it might not be great but better than not having the third) and talk about your stats or econ skills.In any case, if you write your own letter, you are guaranteed to be denied. You can also reach out to the prospective advisor (if you are already in touch with anyone) and explain the situation. In general, the prospective advisors can make slight amendments depending on situations.

How can I get a recommendation letter from my teacher?

Getting Recommendation letters that really count requires some planning but lots of credibility.One, a recommendation letter is an endorsement of who you are and what you qualities you encompass by a third party who has had the chance to see you up close while putting those qualities into action.Two, the weight a recommendation letter carries is determined by the importance of the person issuing it to you.Recommendation letters from teachers are usually sought after especially if you are fresh out of college with zero work experience. They are people who have had the opportunity to see you in action from close quarters. Here are pointers to get a recommendation letter that really reflects you in glowing terms (coz that is what we all want at the end of the day)Ask well in advance. When you ask, state clearly the context, the authorities to whom it will be submitted to (Ex: Visa office, prospective employer, etc)You may need to follow up politely a few times.It may be better to enumerate a few points which definitely must find a mention.If the teacher is issuing a recommendation letter for the first time, do gather a few sample recommendation letters from the Internet and give it to them.Often, the teachers ask you to draft the letter yourself and they will be endorsing the same. However, this comes with a risk. Writing a recommendation letter yourself often results in blatant self-glorification and can be a giveaway. It can seriously damage your credibility as an applicant. If faced with such a situation, ask a third party like a friend or relative to draft it, review it and then submit it for the teacher’s endorsement.At times, all copies of the recommendation letter need to be in original letterhead, seal and signature. Mention this clearly.Also, it might be the need for the issuing authority to send by post or e-mail the letter directly to the requesting authority (as in the case of higher education applications to foreign universities)Do not forget to thank your teacher formally by letter or e-mail for issuing a recommendation letter to you. This will ensure you stay in their memories for a long time. :-)A good recommendation letter issued in the right spirit and true intention is a gift that is cherished forever. I do have a recommendation letter from my teacher that uplift my spirits every time I read it.

How do you submit letters of recommendation to universities?

Almost every University has electronic method of application now. They DON’T prefer sending them Letters of Recommendation (LOR). Some Universities do require hard copies of your transcript, but even they don’t ask for hard copies of LOR. This is primarily because you are not supposed to know what your recommender is writing about you. If you send them the hard copy, there is no guarantee that you yourself did not write it.Usually, during application you have to provide names and contact details (e-mail id) of your recommenders. The university will send them an email with a link. The recommender goes to that link and answers the questions asked there. Sometimes, they have to submit a PDF or DOC file.First and foremost, your professor surely knows how to write a recommendation letter much better than me. But a general structure is not state how he/she knows you (any classes or projects), what is your educational qualification, which classes or projects you took under his/her supervision and how your performance was and finally a bit of explanation of your strengths and weaknesses according to him.