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How To Make A Jumper More Baggy

Sweaters that do not make you look fat??

I am looking for sweaters that do not make me look bigger. Every sweater I try on, makes me look bigger. I am not sure if its the material or the brands. I want sweaters that make me look normal or thinner. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Wearing baggy clothing because I think I'm fat?

Nooooo. Baggy clothing will make you look sluggish and overweight. Since its not form fitting you get lost in it, causing you to look uncurvy and chubby. Your weight, with your height sounds fine! If you feel insecure, slant your mirrors. You're guaranteed to look skinnier. My advice; never wear baggy clothing, even overweight people (which you are not) can pull of clothing for their shape and size. Certain patterns, cuts and materials are more flattering on certain sizes. For example, someone who is overweight might want to stay away from spandex . Anyways, I'd suggest wearing alot of straight cut jeans (still form fitting but not too tight) or regular skinnies (not the super skinnies if you're uncomfortable because they highlight everything.) if you feel like your thigh/butt area is too big, try wear longer tops. They can still be form fitting, but if they cut off at the waist, they pull more attention to your butt than shirts that are a few cm longer. If suggest wearing blouses and tops. If you feel you're fat stay away from Tshirts; too baggy, not good. Too tight; highlights the trouble areas really well. Wearing more clothes, adds more layers to your appearance which doesn't help at all. You could try spanx or those bell covering underwear. They are like high waisted leggings and they help to make your but, thighs and stomach appear more firm. Remind yourself you are beautiful. The body has over 200 bones and they need space. The human body is a complex thing, with so many functions. It's actually amazing to think that all the organs and everything don't take up more space. As for losing weight, if suggest going pescatarian. The artificial hormones in many meats can cause weight gain. Also tofu and vegetarian foods are generally alot less fattening than meat products. Do not drink your calories (soda,juice,frappucinos are the worst. ) stay away from things like McDonald's "smoothies" and Starbucks frappucinos at all costs. They have as many calories as a full meal or more. Drink sparkling water if you need a change. Good luck x

How can you make a hoodie smaller?

if you want your hoodie that fits you, try shrinking it in the washer and dryer. If you bought a large hoodie by accident, you may need to make it smaller. One possible solution is to shrink the hoodie in the washer and dryer. In some instances, your hoodiemay be preshrunk, making it difficult to shrink any further. If your hoodie is made of cotton, the material is bound to shrink somewhat.More Instructions1), Wash your hoodie in high heat or add it to an existing load or wash it separately. You must remember that if you wash it with other cotton clothing, every cotton dress will also shrink.2), Dry your hoodie in high heat. Cotton usually contracts under high heat because the cotton fibers retain the water. The water makes the cotton fibers to tighten and shrink. If dried too quickly, the cotton fibers will keep their shortened length. If dried slowly, the water will lose and return the thread to its original size.3), Try on your newly shrunk hoodie. If it is still too large, repeat the process until the hoodie fits snugly on your body. This may take two to three more washes and dries.WarningsIt's always possible for your hoodie to shrink overly.customized t-shirts in Bangalore , corporategifts in Bangalore

Do woman look fatter by wearing baggy clothes or tight clothes?

Both make you look fat. Bigger clothes make you look bigger than you are, and tight clothes highlight all the bad spots. Wear things that fit comfortably. If you are rounder in the middle, then wear a slimming shirt like low cut in front and the lower part flowing. Don't let it cling. For pants, just wear your size and wear girls jeans for a girl, guys for a guy. Girls shouldn't wear bagy or mens jeans. There is too much room in the front and it will cling. Not a pretty sight. Let the shirt come down to the top of your thigh. When you raise your arms in the air, the bottom of your shirt should stop at the top of your pants. That is the right length.

What kind of pants should I wear to hide my penis?

If I wear shorts, or sweat pants, my penis is very visible no matter how baggy they are. If I wear jeans, the shape of my penis is usually pretty visible even through the denim. I can't wear khaki pants because it shows big time. So what I've been resorting to is wearing baggy shirts or sweaters that go down below my waste to cover my groin.

Are there any pants that I could wear that won't expose it?

Why do sweaters have elastic bottoms?

Why do sweaters have elastic bottoms?Probably for the same reason they have ribbed cuffs and necks. It just looks a lot better. Absolutely necessary? Well, no. You don’t need to have a collar on a shirt, and few if any did until about a hundred years ago. But unless you’re a baseball player in your team’s uniform, it looks odd. You could make a sweater with no ribbing around the ‘edges’ (hem, neck, cuffs) but it would look funny to most people. It would look loose and baggy. A comfortable sweater will be anyway, but the ribbing keeps it from looking that way!Military service sweaters like the ‘Wooly Pully’ are often worn with the bottom rolled up under, giving them a ‘bloused’ look much like pant legs are over boots. It does look good, but take some work to maintain the look and it’s too high-maintenance for most folks. So, ribbing it is!

Are hollister hoodies tight?

I want to get this hoodie, I can't try it on cause im ordering online, ( i dont have a hollister near me) but i want to know if, they are tight? I prefer baggy sweaters.. like the aeropostale ones, so are they tight or is L baggy?

How can I shrink a stretched wool sweater?

If the sweater is at least 70% wool, you can shrink it selectively. The higher the percentage of wool, the more shrinkage you will get. Check the label to make sure it isn’t superwash, which has been treated so it doesn’t shrink.Wet it with warm soapy water and rub it between your hands in the direction you want it to shrink. For example, if the sleeves are too long, rub lengthwise along the sleeve until it reaches the length you want. You can lay it flat on a table and rub it that way, so you have a little more control. It’s better to shrink it this way than in a dryer because you can target exactly where and how much shrinkage you get.Once you have shrunk wool, it cannot be restored to its original size, so be careful to do this in stages, keeping it even by applying equal pressure everywhere you want to shrink it. If you rub crosswise on the body of the sweater, it will get narrower. If you rub lengthwise, it will get shorter.

How many sizes should I go up for oversized sweater?

If you don't want it to swallow you whole, then go for the small. I think you may want to reconsider your choice of sweater, though, because this one is ruched, which will make it look really weird if it doesn't fit tightly. This one may work better and it's got the oversize aspect built in:

I hope this is helpful!