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How To Make A Life Time Friend

Can a girl and a boy be only friends for a lifetime?

YES! YES! YES!……….Why not?????I know my best friend (Girl) for 6 years now and we have been best friends for 4 years and neither of us has or will fall for the other one.We love each other immensely but not in a quintessential lovey-dovey kind of way.We absolutely won’t ever fall in love with each other contrary to what our friends think and keep saying. Everyone who knows us think that there’s something wrong between us and if not, somewhere in the near future, definitely will be. But both of us know that what we feel for each other is more than love. A relationship might just end someday. but our friendship. WON’T.There’s some sort of transparency in our friendship. We never hide anything from each other. She studies in a different city but that never comes in between our bond. Infact, if anything, we’re only closer. Every time she comes home, I pick her up from the airport and we travel the odd 20 miles home together. For some people, it might be a waste of time. Travelling all the way to just pick her and come back. But I’d do anything to see her first smile while emerging from the airport. How she runs and hugs me as if we are meeting after years. I’d travel 100 miles for it. Even when she is in another city, we make it a point to call each other once in two days and skype once a week for sure.We laugh, cry, tease, smile, play pranks, study, travel, eat and do everything imaginable.Even though we are in different fields and study absoluetely opposite stuff, she makes me do her assignments :P Since I have early morning lectures, she even makes me her alarm clock :PThere are hundred of stuff to say and stories to share. We complete each others sentences (literally) and we know that the other person is sad just with a “Hi” Everytime we meet it’s a blasssst!We love each others company.We love our friendship.We love how we make the world crazy.And we love each other. But just as friends. And hope to keep it the same.That’s us…………

What are lifetime friends?

And how do we figure out/recognize who they are?

There's a quote that's like, "People come and go in your life, but only a lucky few stay forever". I have a few friends at school and they say stuff like, "We'll stay friends forever" and I just don't get the "gut" feeling. I have enjoyed them, love them, and truly appreciate them, but I'm kind of ready to move on (I'm leaving for college next year). And we can't keep everyone in our lives, for then we'll never grow, learn, etc. But then I have another friend (she lives across the country & we talk at least once/week) and when she says, "We'll be friends forever" I feel good and like it's meant to be. It doesn't feel pressured (like the other friendships). It's just natural.

Is there a way you can tell if someone is a lifetime friend? thank you (:

A true friend is once in a lifetime!?

Someone who you can talk to and tell everything to. Someone who is there for you. Someone who loves you no matter how you look or what you do.

How does one make lifetime friends?

I don't think there is an actual answer to this as there is no way of manipulating people to become your life long friend .One of the ways is to keep in touch and do things together ; going to the same uni or college is a good way to increase the chance of a life long friend .Also going on tripsSame interestsAre able to be honest with eachotherCan enjoy each others company

How can I make friendships that last a lifetime?

You just have to do few things to make any friendship lasts the lifetime.1. Be loyal: It is the essence of the friendship. We may have heard that being loyal is necessary for relationships. But this same thing applies in friendship too. It hurts when our partner hides anything from us or lie to us, but it hurts even more when this comes from our friend. Lie and hide things only when you are 100% sure that this is the last and best solution.2. Never Avoid Them: Even when they irritate you, talk nonsense or crying over their silly problems, Never Ignore. if you can’t talk, just tell them. “Gaali denge lekin naraz ni honge”. You can make up for it just by a little treat. Ignorance can kill any relation.I think, rest you will figure out. Just don’t expect too much in friendship. It may be proved as one of the purest bonds in your life, only and only if you will be true in this. Remember, there is nothing like formality in friendship. Don’t try to be formal.I hope this little note will help you.

Why don’t friends last a lifetime?

In my opinion friends always last until EGO creeps into our relationship.Another situation is when actually that person was never our friend in the first place(then it won’t last).Other than these two reason, a friendship can literally last a lifetime.The signs that lead to crumbling of friendship is whenCommunication becomes less.Less bonding time.Keeping scorecard, like i called u today next you should call me.Doubting if it is true friendship!Asking if we are friends question million times.Not opening up to your friend thinking you are a burdenIf you see any of these signs, change it because it cannot always be a walk on the beach, sometimes it takes work from each of us.As we say we cannot clap without two hands and friendship also needs work , a patnership based on trust,love and belief in the relationship.I hope this has been helpful..

"If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky."?

i am 17. i have never had a friend like that before. most people suck, but if i could have the blessings of just one true friend for the rest of my life, i would be more than happy. does anyone else feel this way?

How many real life friends is the average for a lifetime?

The friends you have are different at different stages of life... I remember my dad telling me when I was a rebellious 16 year old ..."Your friends at high-school, are not the same as the ones in college.. Your friends in college will not be the same as after you start work... Your friends at work will not be same after you get married... And then after you have kids - friends are a luxury..."