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How To Make That The Small Match Stick Looks Smaller

How to make your nose look smaller?

Bronzer on the sides of your nose.

Here are more suggestions:

Another way to make your nose appear smaller, and I do this myself, is to outline the sides of your nose (on the bone) with a white/very light liner or cover stick.

Actually you would make the contour or darker color on the out side of the nose and a highlight or lighter color on the top of the nose.

Use a sheerer foundation, and apply bronzer on top of it: this makes things more natural, and often slimmer.

If you have a long nose apply a small amount of darker blusher/foundation down the middle.

Don't use blusher to contour! Blusher is used to add colour, not shadow! In short: lighter colours highlight and darker colours recede. I use a cream coloured matte eyeshadow to highlight and a pale beige/brown to shade/contour.

More Nose Make-Up Tips

Large nose - apply shader to the nose and then subtly blend. Highlight the surrounding skin and slightly onto the sides of the nose. Keep blusher away from the nose.

Broad nose - shade down each side of the nose taking care not to blend onto the face.

Short nose - apply highlighter down the length of the nose from the bridge to the tip.

Long nose - apply shader to the tip of the nose.

Bump on the nose - apply shader to the bump.

Crooked nose - apply shader to the side that goes out, and highlighter to the side that goes in.
By the way, as with all highlighting and shading - less is more!

I got this from I x'd out the link accidentally sorry. But if you just google up how to make my nose look smaller it'll come up I think.

Anyways I hope this helps you out a bit.


Will warm colors make my kitchen look smaller?

It's not the warmth of the color but rather the darkness of the color that makes a room look smaller.
The darker you go the more closed in the room will feel. Go to the fabric store and get some different fabrics in the hue of red you thinkg you would like to use. Bring the fabrics home and place them in the room. Tape them on the cabinets using painter's tape to see how the color might look painted on the cabinets.

Light changes during the day so be sure to look at it different times during the day. When you find a red that you like, take the fabric to a paint store and ask them to match it.

Flared pants can actually help a lot to make your feet look smaller.

Does the makeover "smokey eyes" make your eyes look smaller or bigger?

depends on how you execute it. a "smoky eye" isn't a specific look, there are a million different ways to do it. If the whole look is very dark and dramatic, then it could potentially make your eyes appear smaller. a "smokey eye" is not a look. it's really just a blending technique. you can do a lighter day-time smokey look or you can really crank it up for a dramatic or even theatrical look.

Just today i had a client with smaller eyes, with a very prominent, low brow bone. I taught her how to do a smoky eye with a false crease, where i contoured the color higher than her actual crease to make it look as if her lids were higher than they really were. It still had the darkness and drama that she was looking for, but made her eyes look way more open. that's the nice thing about makeup: if you don't have certain features that you would rather have, you can just fake it as long as you know what you're doing.

How do I make my small room look bigger?

First off take out big furniture . yes i mean that overly spacious tv table you have with all that junk you dont use half the time. or maybe that coffee table or bed backboard. Big furniture can come to make your space look and feel lets say "even smaller".


Move furniture out from walkways, opening up the space (to make it feel larger). You can also choose short pieces of furniture like an ottoman, an armless, open chair, or a low table, and place large, tall pieces along a wall rather than out in the open space. If you can see the floor, the room will look larger.

Paint the walls a light color and do not paint one wall a different color because its going to make the space look choppy.

There is an exception!! .. as i saw on the tyra show painting a small room a grayish color doesnt look that bad but actually gives it a more homey feel to the room which overall makes up for the "smallerness".

Try buying or decorating your upholstery plain colors instead of bold plaids, stripes, or prints. Use texture for interest and stick to neutral tones if you can.

Hang artwork about midway down the walls to create the illusion of a taller ceiling. In other words, don't hang your pictures too high!!

Avoid area rugs on the floors, as this also chops up the visuals of the room.

Does this make my room look smaller? Need help!?

An extra window will make your room looks bigger.

You can also paint your wall in white to make your room even more spacious (colors, such as red, green, etc. defines the edges of a room so it will make a room smaller).

Try not to block away too much of your wall..that way it will help to make your room looks bigger.

How to make small eyes look big??! :)?

Making your eyes big with makeup is pretty simple, don't be intimidated!

Avoid using dark shadow colors on the whole lid - a light, shimmery shadow on the lid, inner corner, and brow bone will really open up the eye. Save your medium-dark shade for the crease, pulling the color up slightly above your own natural crease - or you can skip it for a super big, doe eyed look.

With eyeliner, avoiding lining the bottom at all. A thin line right against your upper lashline is all you need. This will make your lashes look thicker without closing up your eyes. Use a white eyeliner on your waterline to really open up your eyes and look more awake.

Lastly, be sure to curl your lashes and use 2 coats of brown or black mascara. If your lashes don't like to hold a curl, heat up your curler with a shot of hot air from the blowdryer first.

Wider longer planks make the room look bigger.Smaller fussier patterns make the room look smaller.Lighter coloured homogeneous floors make the room seem bigger.Match the floor covering with the baseboards/skirting boards or kitchen toe kicks.

How can I make my head smaller?

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losing weight will make your face smaller not head. Who care how big it is! If you are comfortable with it no one will care

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