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How To My Advertise Seen People Seated On Bench In Bench Advertising.

Do i need permission to advertise my business on my property?

hi do i need to get council permission to advertise my dog sitting/walking business, i was thinking of putting a sign up on my garage for people to see. i live in a maisonette and pay ground rent so i don't know if this complicates things at all?thanks

When is the last time an advertisement swayed you to buy the product?

A favorite occupation of mine is paging through handsome magazines like Architectural Digest and Antiques. I enjoy the feel of the shiny, heavy pages. And, although I like reading about designers and collectors and expensive locales, I also enjoy examining the full-bleed advertisements, usually striking photographs. A simple photo of woman on a chair might be a work of art if it were framed. Instead, it's an ad selling fabric or furniture or jewelry in AD.Now, if I were in the proper tax bracket, adverts like these would definitely sway me to purchase some of the luxury items on display. Just today I saw this outrageously attractive wooden bench. (I have a weakness for wooden seating.) The fasteners are visible, and the backing is so unusual.Why do ads in fancy mags entice me? Because the wares they're touting are so beautiful.

What are the funniest advertising strategies used by companies?

1. A Sprite shower on the beach… Free refills!2. Ikea’s Bus stop makeover 3. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, obviously whoever uses Axe!4. Don’t sit on this Kit Kat bench when its hot, the chocolate will melt all over your clothes… 5. As always, Coca Cola is bigger than life! 6. Want to try on a IWC Schaffhausen luxury watch? Catch an airport shuttle! 7. A truck size Mars to fight the world hunger… 8. Promoting the Simpsons movie by making Homer’s fantasy of devouring infinite donuts a reality 9. It’s a bird? it’s a plane? No, it’s the new Superman movie! 10. Do you think these drivers are noticing this ‘subtle’ Adidas advertisement?11.  McDonald’s version of pedestrian crossing12. There is white, and then there is Ariel white!13. Every kid dreams of having a never ending Hubba Bubba roll…14. Turning the sewer into a steaming cup of coffee… I’m not sure that Folgers thought this one through… 15. What did I do yesterday evening at 10 pm? Watched Law and Order, and I have a solid alibi… 16. The Copenhagen Zoo’s strange way to attract some attention to its inhabitants…17. IBM is getting creative with some useful advertising18. The Nike bench allows no rest, inspiring you to run again! 19. The Economist is enlightening by-passers20. Imodium illustrates the times when it’s costumers need it the most 21. This is how Durex is promoting its XXL condom Source : 21 Amazing Street Marketing Campaigns

Why does every bench in America have a name of a dead person written on it?

The question has been edited to sound more neutral. My answer and several others answer the original version. Wow, so much misinformation in one question.It is clearly not every bench in America. It is a small percentage of benches in some parks in some towns. The markers you see are not ads. They are plaques placed in honor of the named person.In some places the named person can still be alive, and the plaque can honor a family or other group,  not just an individual.In most cases, the cost of the bench and plaque is not much more than the price of materials and labor, so it is not a very good way to raise municipal funds.Parks can always use more seating, and this is a way to provide it without cost to the town/city. Most Americans consider such benches as a win/win.  More seating for the public, and a special place for the family member to go and relax and think of the named person.Not sure why you have such negative feelings about them. Would you feel differently if you thought that when you are gone, someone might  erect a bench in your honor?

How can one have an opportunity to act in TV advertisements? Whom should they contact?

I did get an opportunity to act. It was not merely advertisement. I actually had got an opportunity to act in a Hindi TV serial. In my case, I had been offered this lead actress role in serial upon the reference of my best friend. She is a Bollywood actress. We are friends because both of us are from Pune and attended same college. In fact, we used to sit on same bench too !Coming to your question, I don't know exactly whom to contact and how. I never tried it myself.

How should an advertisement of Quora look like?

So if advertisement of Quora is on Indian television.Pehle mai bhut nirash rehta tha, na hi mere life me koi job thi aur na hi koi ladki thi. Mai bhut kala aur mota bhi tha. Log mujhe kala vele keh k bulane lage the. Mujhe smjh nhi aa rha tha mai kya kru. Mai bhut akela sa ho gya tha. (In past, I was very depressed from my life. Neither I was having job nor I have a girlfriend. I was dark in colour and fat too. People call me jobless dark guy. I was completely clueless. I was so lonely that time.)Phr mai apne ek dost me mila, jisne mujhe Quora k baare me bataya. Usne btaya ki kaise usk life me Quora aa jane uski puri life hi badal gyi. (Then I met my friend, who told me about Quora. He told me how his life is changed after coming of Quora in his life.)Phr maine Quora ka application download kiya. (And then I had downloaded the application of Quora.)Usk baad maano jaise ki chamatkar ho gya. (Its just like miracle happened after downloading Quora.)Meri to zindagi hi badal gyi. (My life is so relishing now.)Ab mere paas naukri bhi hai aur meri life me sundar si ladki bhi aa gyi hai. Aur mere sharir ka rang kala se gora ho gya. (Now I have job and a beautiful girlfriend too. And now my colour of body is changed from dark to fair.)Aap bhi download kre Quora application aur phr dekhe kaise aapki zindagi badal jati hai. Aapki zindagi andhere se ujiyare ki ore kaise jati hai. (You too download Quora application and see how your life will change magically.)Aaj hi download kre. (Download it now!!!)Aap ki najdiki play store me. (In your nearest play store.)Aah!! Typical advertisement in India.Image source: Google ImagesChora ganga kinare vala - AbhyudayKushwaha :)

Four girls are sitting on the bench to be photographed. Shikha is to the left of Reena. Manju is to the right of Reena. Rita is between Reena and Manju. Who would be second from the left in the photograph?

Consider the above photograph.Let's say the girl in the purple shirt is REENA.To Her Left is SHIKHA.Therefore SHIKHA is on the extreme right in the Photograph.To her right are two people (as in the question and in the photograph)The girl on the extreme left of the photograph has to be MANJU.The girl in between REENA & MANJU is RITA.Therefore, the girl second from left is RITA.********************************************The order in the photograph will beMANJU → RITA → REENA → SHIKHAThe order on the bench would beSHIKHA ← REENA ← RITA ← MANJUAs Shown in the Image below