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How To Order An Appliance

Where can I sell my used appliances?

I have a side by side Refrigator/ stainless steel,has ice,crushed & cubed plus water in door, works great, its a side by side refrigator/freezer with glass shelfs door on frig. adjust for a galon size of milk,2yrs old,also I have a front load washer & dryer pair, on the pedestals which has a draw for storing laundry detergant or what ever, white Duet Sport whirlpool HD. this washer & dryer saves you money they are High Efenicency only 3yrs old also have a chest type freezer medium size full of meats veggies,all store bought need to sale these items to get the rest of my stuff back to South Carolina. I moved here in November 2014, and just want to sale these items to get home. The North is just not working out for me.Want to go back home to SC.All my stuff works and name brand stuff

How to convert 120v appliance to 220v outlet?

Its kinda hard to believe you don't have 120v somewhere in the structure,.... BUT

You got it all backwards; its the outlet that has to be converted to 120v. Pick an outlet receptacle that has its own single breaker, and if you are experienced, (DO be careful in the breaker box, as you can really get lit up or kill yourself in there if you are careless) you can pull one hot leg from the bus bar, thus, reducing the voltage from 220 down to 120. Now, go to a hardware store and purchase a 120 outlet that will accept the male appliance plug.... no need to go buying transformers and all kinds of electrical sh*t....

An appliance company determines that in order to sell

Profit = Revenue - Cost
You have a cost function C(x) = 3000 + 0.2x², but you need to create a revenue function. Since revenue = price*quantity, R(x) = (600 - 0.4x)x = 600x - 0.4x².

Then P(x) = R(x) - C(x).
P(x) = 600x - 0.4x² - (3000 + 0.2x²)
P(x) = 600x - 0.4x² - 3000 - 0.2x²
P(x) = 600x - 0.6x² - 3000

To maximize profit, set the derivative equal to 0 and solve for x.
P(x) = 600x - 0.6x² - 3000
dP/dx = 600 - 1.2x
0 = 600 - 1.2x
600 = 1.2x
500 = x

Find P(500) to get the maximum profit.
P(500) = 600*500 - 0.6*500² - 3000
P(500) = 300000 - 0.6*250000 - 3000
P(500) = 300,000 - 150,000 - 3,000
P(500) = 147,000

Answer: c. $147,000

Hope this helps you!

How to Ground an Appliance with a 2-way Plug?

Your appliance is very likely grounded through the neutral wire. But if you're not happy with that set up you have a different option. You could buy 5 to 6 foot of SO type cord (or a cord that is appliance rated) and a 3 pronged male plug with the amperage rated for the appliance. Bond the green wire to the frame of the appliance and wire the hot and neutral to their respective terminals. If you have no experience in wiring, hire some one who does to do this for you. Be safe.
You can still do this with relative ease if you have some soldering experience. The soldering has to be done right though, good solid connections. Now that I think about it you may just have a slightly loose solder connection creating the hum/ buzzing noise. It's worth looking into. It could be a bad solder connection at the jack as well.

Where can I buy appliances in bulk? Wholesale appliances?

So, here is my situation: I have a moderately large number of rental homes in SE Michigan. My brother, sister and parents also have rental units as do some of our friends. In addition, I am a member of various landlord association/clubs (aka I know a lot of people who own rentals).

As is the case with rentals, things break down. Water heaters, fridges and stoves. I usually buy in bulk from a big box store (2-3 of the items listed above at a time) or buy clearance, damaged appliances. I always buy more than I need in order to get a discount, but end up sharing the appliances with one of my siblings. Anyways, it seems like if I could actually buy directly from manufactures/distributors in bulk, I could resell these items to all of my contacts and turn this into an actual business.

Which leads me to my initial question of where to purchase these items in bulk. I am not looking for high end items here (just the opposite). I am looking for simple, robust, rental grade fridges, stoves and water heaters. It would be nice to consistently be able to buy the same model over and over. One color, one model type only.

Do appliances come with homes when buying?

There is no "standard" and it varies completely with whoever is selling the house. Often you can offer to buy the kitchen appliance from the owners even if they have listed the house for sale without them. Generally a permanent installation like a dishwasher or overhead microwave/range hood, or anything that is mounted directly inside the cabinetry like a gas hob (cooktop) or wall mounted oven, will come WITH the house. For a movable range and/or refrigerator it seems to be about 50/50 and may depend on how far away the owner is moving and whether they have new ones in their next house.

Personally, I prefer to start fresh with my own new appliances. I have moved into too many houses where the refrigerator smelled stale and the stove had mouse poop and dried on food trapped inside of it.

And sometimes, in an attempt to "market" a house, owners or builders will add in the cheapest stainless steel finish appliances that they can find to add "bling". If you watch the HGTV shows you will see the naive young first time buyers oohing and aahing about "oh, look, HOney, stainless appliances!" while they are completely ignoring the fact that the plumbing in the house is rotted and the furnace is 50 years old. Don't let yourself be dazzled by appliances. If they are new, they are probably the cheapest junk the seller could find. Tell them you don't want the appliances and ask for a deduct from the price if they are "included" and then take the credit, add a few hundred $ of your own and buy better ones. it is expensive to remove old appliances nowadays because of recycling fees and laws. Get the seller to deal with that and start fresh.

Whenever I have sold my houses I listed the appliances separately -- if they wanted them they could pay me for them (about half what I bought them for since most were less than 5 years old), otherwise I would sell them on Craigslist for cash and remove them from the house. Since I usually moved from state to state, I never took any with me. It is cheaper and easier to buy new ones when you move.

I know it is hard to visualize a kitchen when you are house-hunting when it doesn't have appliances, but that is the better deal. Buying a house because you are attracted to appliances in it is like marrying a guy because you lthink his shirt and shoes are sharp.