How To Plugin Speakers To Ps4

Can I connect PS4 to monitor without speakers?

Yes you can but you won't be able to get any audio feedback.For that use a headphone or earphones connected to your controller.

How can I use external speaker for my PS4 slim if my monitor doesn’t have one?

There is good news, and bad news.The PS4 slim can only output sound from the HDMI out. It has no optical port.So… to get sound from your PS4, you will need some sort of adapter BEFORE the TV, OR to pump audio out from your Monitor. Being a monitor… I doubt it has ANY audio out. Even the Red/white jacks.In the meantime… do you have a second controller?Hold the PS button, set it to NEVER turn off. Plug in your external speaker to the 3.5mm jack, and plug the controller into any USB port to keep it charged.The downside of this is that the wireless audio quality is much worse (but not bad!) than a wired solution. And you tie up a controller.But in the meantime… until someone else answers with some sort of HDMI audio separator gizmo… it’s your best bet. Hey… at least ya can plug in a bunch of them for surround!

How do I hook up a Bluetooth speaker to a PS4?

The jury is out on the feasibility of it. According to Sony, it's as easy as following the below link instructions:Bluetooth DevicesAnd yet others insist that PS4 doesn't support a2dp audio over Bluetooth and that it's a lost cause.I hate copying and pasting others answers as my own so go here for a nice rundown of how/ why and all available workarounds:How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 [Easy Steps] - Driver EasyGood luck and Godspeed!

I am trying to get my PS4 to stream sound through a Bluetooth speaker, but I get a message saying the profile is not supported. What should I do?

There are now multiple ways for you to stream your local DRM-free media files to your PS4 by using the “Media Player” app. Your PS4 can even play unprotected local music files in MP3 or AAC (M4A) formats in the background while you play a game. I find this is the quickest and easiest way to stream music to PS4, i even figure out how to stream my apple music tracks to PS4 by following the steps in the tutorial below. Hope it helps.3 ways to stream Apple Music on iPhone to PS4

Can I play my PS4 on a computer monitor? If so what are some good monitors around 24-32 inch?

I recently bought this monitor so I could upgrade to 1440p. It has a list price of about $400 but frequently goes on sale. I got mine for $80 off two months ago.ASUS PB258Q Black 25" 5ms WQHD Frameless HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor AH-IPS 350 cd/m2, 2560 x 1440, 100,000,000:1 Built-in Speakers One thing to keep in mind when buying a monitor, compared to a television, is the common lack of internal speakers. Most desktop users either have desk speakers or headphones, so manufacturers frequently skip the speakers to reduce the price.For the PS4, you need speakers.The monitor I got, it has internal speakers. And HDMI/VGA/Display Port/DVI connections, with cables all included.Edit:Immediately after posting this, I checked the lately email from newegg and found this wonderful looking monitor:ASUS VE278H Black 27" 2ms (GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ASVR 50000000:1 (1200:1) Built-in Speakers 27" 1080p 2ms response time, internal speakers, and discounted from $300 to $170. Only has HDMI and VGA, but for a discount of $130... that's alright.

Is it safe to plug ps4 direct into power outlet or use surge protector or extension cord??

Generally, yes.

However, a surge protector (an actual surge protector, not just a power strip) is always a good idea for your PS4 and other electronic devices to protect them from a voltage spike that could damage their internals.

It's a lot cheaper buying a new surge protector than a new PS4 and/or TV.

Can I use headphones on the PS4 Controller?

I've heard that the dualshock 4 has a headphone jack,but is it compatible with all types of headphones (I don't care about the mic),or only with sony headsets?Please tell me because I'm thinking if I should buy it or not before it's late.

Can I play a PS4 game with a PC USB controller?

I'm going to guess that what your asking is can you use a controler from another console or an older console on the PS4.You cannot just plug any USB controler into the PS4 system and expect it to work. The only 2 controler types that are 100% PS4 compatible are the PS4 controler and the PS Vita paired and linked to that console.The exception to this is if you spend extra money to buy a converter such as the CronusMax. CronusMax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter for PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 Windows PC CronusMax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter for PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 Windows PC: Video Games Thesr converters plug into the systems USB port and allow you to use older wireless controlers or controlers from other systems or even the PC. However these things are not cheap they cost as much as a controler and in most cases you will loose some functionality ie. Your big middle scroll pad button that is only found on rhe ps4 controler.Also there will probably be sone set up you will have to do on a pc so you can tell the converter what buttons on the controler you want mapped to the buttons on your ps4.

Turtle Beach PLa headset compatible with PS4?

I got this headset while I was using my PS3 and on the turtle beach website it says it is compatible with the ps4.. so I bought it. it works with chat, i'm confused on the audio part (to where I can hear through the speakers). This headset has the USB plug in for chat. then it has the two audio cables that i plugged into the Playstation cable they give you, which plugs into the back of the ps3. The ps4 does NOT have that port in the back. The link to the my headset is here:

It says: For full PS4™ compatibility you will need to PS4™ System Software Update 1.50 and have stereo output connection from TV or audio receiver for game audio.

I have system software update 1.52.. I just need to figure out how to get the sound through the speakers!

Thank you for any help you can offer! - Brenden

What is "ext" on a PS4 controller?

The “Ext” port on the Dualshock 4 is for charging the controller, just like the USB port on the front. “Ext” port is used like this:and the USB can be used like this:USB Charging ProsPlay while it’s chargingLong CableUSB Charging Cons:It charges slower vs the Charging dockCan only charge two at a time due to USBs requiredCharging Dock Pros:It charges a lot faster than the cableYou can have up to 4 controllers charging if you have two docksCharging Dock Cons:You can’t play with the controller while it’s chargingIt uses more power than the USB CableHope that helps! It’s up to you to decide if you want it!