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How To React To Being Bad Mouthed

How should I react when colleagues are bad-mouthing me after they got reprimanded by the boss for off-loading their work to me?

Keep doing the work your boss assigned and ask your boss what you need to learn in order to be able to do more work. If you make your boss look to your boss’ boss, you will be accepted.Happy Money and the Spirit of Capitalism explains what you have to do to make your work worth more to your employer so your employer will want to pay you more.

How should you react when people publicly bad mouth your former employer, for whom you have nothing but appreciation for all the things you learn there?

I was working in a seafront cafe for 2 seasons ,then the owners sold up. My former employers were very good to me, and it was a happy environment. But the new owners were not the same, and they criticised my former bosses who had been kindness itself. I couldn't say anything ,as i needed to keep my job, and they didn't say anything directly to me, it was what they were saying in a general way, that the cafe hadn't been run very well along those lines. People wondered what had happened now the cafe was in new hands I used to say they might return! (I knew they wouldn't not even to come and see what it was like now in new hands). I wasn't there that long, as they wanted new hfaces, nort anyone associated with the “Old regime”today the cafe has been sold time and time over. It went down a lot. sitting there,having a cup of tea one day, with a friend, I remarked to him that it had changed a lot. It didn't have the standards that it had under George and Beryl. But things change. I am not sure what you should say or do, if your former employers get criticised, but i can say, that though i didn't say anything, i derived some satisfaction,that the new owners didn't last long, and that the cafe never was as good as when George and Beryl ran it.

As a teacher, how do you deal with constant bad-mouthing from students?

This may not be the answer you want to hear, but you may want to look for a teaching job at a different school.

I know that just about every teacher's first year was bad, but mine was really a nightmare...I cried in my office every day b/c I hated my life! I even wondered if I made the right career choice. I got a new job in a different district, and I now love my job, and my students (most of the time)! I had my doubts about my classroom management skills (which have improved exponentially), and did not feel like I was very effective. Once I got into a school, district, and community that was a better fit for me, I felt much better and am now realizing my potential as a teacher. Perhaps a better teacher than I could have really thrived in the situation I was faced with my first year, but being a first year teacher, I did not have the tools to make it work.

I, too, and an emotional and sensitive person, so I understand how you feel. When I got overwhelmed my first year, sometimes I had to take a moment to remove myself from the situation to let out a string of curses under my breath, and then I could re-enter the situation with a calm demeanor. Even now, when students start to get to me, I'll take a moment to take some deep breaths to compose myself. The comment you got about not taking it personally is very true, and very important to keep in mind. Much of the time when students are acting out, it has little to do with you as a person, or even as a teacher. There are other aspects of this kid's life that are manifesting themselves as this bad behavior. Try to remember that and let it roll off your back. Ignoring the comments is a good idea - ignoring the behavior is not. Be sure to punish the behavior and take care of that as soon as you can. If students see that you don't tolerate the poor behavior, they will be less inclined to act that way, and these moments will occur less frequently.

Good luck!

What could this be (bad taste/bumps in mouth)?

everybody has bumps on the way back of your might just be noticing them for the first time. the taste could be something you ate, maybe some sort of allergic reaction even. but don't panic! are you on any medications? many antibiotics have a side-effect of an awful taste. unfortunately i am experiencing that right now. if you are not on antibiotics, maybe it could be an oral yeast infection. i hate to bring this up as a possibility. it could be from too much rinsing with mouth wash, it could be from performing oral sex on a male or a female. it could be an STD. just keep an eye on it, and if it gets worse or persists for a few days go to the doctor. i hope it's nothing, but good luck!

Can I get fired for bad mouthing my supervisor?

I bad mouthed my new supervisor not too long ago, so she told me to quit (she said that she wouldn't fire me). Could the reason be that if you get fired for trivial reasons or no reason at all, the company is to pay certain amount of money for a certain amount of time? Is this also the same case for Part Timers?

My daughter had a reaction after chewing big red gum; mouth and throat burning, nausea, diarrhea and shaking??

The first night, she just felt like it was heartburn and spit it out. Then, the following night, she tried it again and got severe burning in mouth and throat, then had diarrhea and nausea. She began shaking uncontrollably all over her body. About 30 minutes later, it was all gone. Anyone hear of anything like this or know what the culprit could be?

How should I respond when my new stepson bad-mouths his overbearing mom to me?

I would side step it, maybe add a “well, even if there are things you don’t like about her, she does love you. You have so many people in your life that love you…” and maybe list some.You’re in a tough spot. You want to hear him out, but don’t want to take part in bagging on his mom. So I would listen and help him problem solve if he wants/needs it, but always reaffirm that his mom loves him, as do you and his father. He may be venting, but he may also be trying to make you feel at ease or even win brownie points saying what he thinks you want to hear. So be there for him as a good listener but I’d avoid staying “you’re right, what a pain in the ass that woman can be” even if she’s the world’s largest pain the ass. Maybe even give some tips on you deal with overbearing people, without calling it overbearing.Good luck, step-parenting can be a mine field.

Co worker bad mouthing me?

Me & my co worker are constantly picking up everyones slack. He tells me that he likes working after me because me and him get stuff done instead of leaving it. We have this thing that we tell each other when something is missed instead of running to the bosses. I tell him what he missed & ask him if he read the instructions which are vital to our job which he usually replies no. He does tell me if I miss something but it seems like I catch alot more stuff because I read the instructions which can change daily. I am not one to toot my own horn and tell the boss what I catch, because were a team and are supposed to work together not work against each other. It has came to my attention that he is bad mouthing me to the big boss instead of coming to me. Should I start making my boss aware of whats not being catched. I do not work the same shift as my boss, so he does not alwasy see what I do. I do not want this to damage my career. Whats the best way to approach this situation. Help