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How To Recognize The Jacket Leather Or Pu

How to clean my faux leather jacket?

I recently bought a PU Leather jacket from Obey. The outside is 100%polyurethane. I know how to clean the outside, however, the inside is what is bothering me. It has a hood and a liner on the inside made of about 75% cotton and 25% polyester. When the jacket arrived by mail, i found out that the inside has that funny smell that cotton/polyester clothes always have. How do I clean it?
By the way, i cannot remove the liner and hood, as it is sewn on. Can i just throw it in the washing machine? Or should I take it to the cleaners.

Here is a link to the jacket. It is the burgundy one.

Can you shrink a pu leather jacket? how?

Bought this jacket on short notice for an event it was decent price and looked decent. Was in such a hurry i didnt realize it was a little too big and dont really like its fit but i had already pulled all the tags. It says pu leather. 100% polyester lining/padding. On the tag it says machine wash cold on gentle non chlorine bleach if needed. I read online to soak it in very hot water and put in pillowcase in dryer and check it every 10 minutes? Will this work? Anyone know any other ideas?

Do you like leather jackets?

To start, it is not very attractive.

SECOND, killing living, helpless, animals to use their skin as clothing, is sick. Sick as in; disgusting, dreadful, and horribly unbelievable. People are sooooo cruel to these animals and i am tired of it. If we weren't born with fur or cow skin, why should we kill animals to use it for "fashion". Leather is also made from horses, sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs. Other species of animals are hunted and killed specifically for their skins, including zebras, bison, water buffaloes, boars, kangaroos, elephants, eels, sharks, dolphins, seals, walruses, frogs, turtles, crocodiles, lizards, and snakes.

Some people do like the look of it, and i respect their opinion. But if one person likes it (especailly a celebrity) more and more people like it, and it is the next "style". Now just imagine how many more helpless animals would be killed! Some of you may say i am over reacting but really, i am not. I have just waken up. Because before i thought it was no big deal.
but now i have done research and have seen pictures and videos of poor animals getting killed for skin and fur. And those images will never leave my memory.
If those of you who say killing animal to wear fur isn't bad, look it up right now and see what people do to these poor helpless animals. And after you see this and still say it is OK, you are clearly,heartless.

watch this video:

and NO i am not with PETA. i am a 14 year old girl stating my opinion. I know some people who hate PETA, but seriously, on this subject of fur/ leather, they are stating true facts and are doing the right thing.

This is also a big thing in canada where baby seals are killed for fur. I wont get into detail, but these baby seals are killed in ways that is hard to imagine. This is a big problem and it is our time to stop it.

i beg of you help stop it now:

T only way to be absolutely sure is by smell. Leather has a distinct scent. I have seen high quality vinyl that would have fooled me except for the smell. I have worked with all grades of leather for over 45 years. I can distinguish most leather types by feel. However, in today's market, it is hard to tell if it is real leather by feel. The only way to be sure is by smell.

Leather jacket vs PU leather??? Major difference?

PU is short for polyurethane, which is plastic. Plastic jackets don't last, they look good for a while but then start to wear out quickly. Meanwhile a leather jacket is longer lasting, wears well and will actually change its shape and molds itself to the contours of your body and fit like...well -like a leather glove. Additionally, plastic jackets can't be washed or dry cleaned, they can only be surface cleaned. Leather jackets can be taken to the dry cleaners and they will use a special leather cleaning process that will make your jacket as good as new. Plastic jackets are hot and sweaty, they plastic traps in all the heat and you will feel wet and clammy. It's like wearing a plastic bag. Leather breathes, letting you stay warm and comfortable while allowing air to circulate around you. A plastic jacket will last a couple years at most. With proper care a leather jacket will be wearable for decades. My dad still wears the leather jacket he wore when he hero-worshipped James Dean and Marlon Brando back in the fifties and it still looks good. Finally, leather is an all natural material, eco-friendly, and from a renewable resource. No part of a cow goes to waste, everything is used and cows aren't endangered.. Polyurethane comes from petroleum products, in other words crude oil. And at this moment in time millions of barrels of oil are killing all the life in the Gulf of Mexico, making fake polyurethane leather one of the most animal unfriendly materials on the market. A good leather jacket is an investment that you should be able to wear for years.

Does PU Leather stretch out?

Because I want to buy a PU Leather jacket except I measured the shoulder width and compared it to my shoulder width and their is a small diffrence.

My shoulder width is 17 inches
and the jacket I want shoulder width is 16.5 inches

Can I still buy it even if it will fit tight?
Or would it be too uncomfortable to wear?

Do most people wear fake leather jackets?

It really depends. I don't know many people who specifically buy real leather. Most jackets I see are faux leather.

But in the end, wear what you want. If you like your faux leather jacket, go ahead and wear it. As long as you think it looks nice, that's all that matters. If anyone gives you a hard time for wearing it, they're incredibly shallow. There are more important things to worry in life about fabrics. And don't be concerned about other people's opinions - that's a valuable life lesson.

Few things to consider:PriceIf the price is too cheap, most likely it is not real leather. I found a what-so-called leather jacket as cheap as 10$. Obviously it is not a real leather. 2.   BurnAlthough it is unlikely to burn a jacket while in store, it's a good information for you. Real leather is hard to burn, while faux will melt when you burn it because it is made from plastic. 3.   SmellReal leather will smell like a leather. Sometimes this trick doesn't work due to some perfume being added to the jacket. 4.  RubThis is the ultimate trick to know whether your jacket is a real leather or not. First,  seperate the leather with the lining by pinching the jacket. Then rub the leather side, if it feels like plastic it is not a leather. Leather should be soft if being rubbed together because the back side of a leather is suede. I hope it helps.

How can I tell if a leather jacket is good quality?

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PU leather which is also called “bicast leather” is basically a material that is made from leather covered with a polyurethane layer. Inner splits of hide are used in the preparation of PU leather. The polyurethane coating is created to make the leather more quality which can easily be cleaned.What is called synthetic leather is actually a laminate with a type of substrate (tissue or non-woven), usually derived from petroleum. There are several ways to make this laminate. Usually they are covered with materials like polyurethane (PU). What happens is that there are people who do with a perfection so great that it looks like leather - explains Luis Carlos Faleiros Freitas, from the Laboratory of Shoes and Protective Products of the Technological Research Institute (IPT), which is against the use of the term "leather synthetic "by the fashion industry.People create terms that do not exist. The position of the law is that one should not call leather what is not tanned animal skin (treated against rotting).