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How To Remove Phone Number From Imessage On Ipad

How do I remove my phone number from iMessage?

Generally, iMessage uses your phone number as your primary option to start a conversation. However, if you don't want to start a conversation with your phone number and instead want to use your email id then, you need to change settings under Send & Receive which is inside setting->iMessage.To completely remove your phone number from iMessage, take the sim card out of your iPhone which will disable your iMessage through your phone number. And when you re-insert your sim card, then just choose not to activate your iMessage when you're prompted for activation which will actually won't allow you to use it with your phone number but you can always use it with your email ID instead and in a way you have removed your phone number from iMessage.

My iphone imessages go to my moms ipad how do i stop this from my iphone?

You need to go to settings: iMessage, Send and Receive; from here (if you are in your iPhone) choose your number to receive the messages to your iPhone but uncheck the email related to the iPad's email. Do the same in the iPad, uncheck the number but leave the email to get the message in the ipad checked. That's it.

How do you add or remove a phone number associated with iCloud/iMessage?

Set up your phone numberOn your iPhone:Go to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is on. You might need to wait a moment for it to activate.Tap Send & Receive. If you see “Use your Apple ID for iMessage,” tap it and sign in with the same Apple ID that you use on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch.In the "You can receive iMessages" section, make sure that your phone number and Apple ID are selected.Go to Settings > FaceTime and make sure that your phone number and Apple ID are selected in the "You can be reached at" section.On your other devices, you can now turn on the phone number that you just set up:Turn on your phone number for your MacTurn on your phone number for your iPad or iPod touchRemove your phone numberIf you don't want calls or messages for your iPhone on your iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you can remove your phone number. There are two ways to do this:On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Select your Apple ID and tap Sign Out. Then go to Settings > FaceTime, select your Apple ID and tap Sign Out.If the phone number that you want to remove belongs to an iPhone that you can't access, change your Apple ID password. This removes all phone numbers from your iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Calls or messages for the removed numbers won't appear on those devices anymore.If you have questions, contact Apple Support.

Why can I not always receive iMessages on my iPhone?

Imessage only works through Wi-Fi. If the issue persists go into settings-messages and then remove your apple ID and re-add it.

How do you change someone's name on iMessage on the iPad?

iMessage, unlike Facebook messenger, uses the name that is associated with the credential in your phone's contact app. So if you want to change the person's name you would need to go into your contacts app, find the person, and edit the name to what you desire.If you want it to just simply say their email or their phone number without a name, find the contact in the contact app and delete that contact. Going forward the communication will still be there, but it will be listed under the contacting address (i.e. a phone number or email) and not the person's name.

Can I send iMessage to a phone that blocked me?

Yes, it is possible to send the iMessage to a person who blocked.The only thing you need to do is, change the caller ID.In order to block, they need a phone number or an email address. Using those a user can block a contact. But what if you have an another email address which that person doesn’t know, you can use it to send the iMessage.Follow these steps to change the caller ID,On your iPhone, Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Under “You can be reached by iMessage at” tap on “Add another email”. Add the email address and verify it. Once it is verified, under ‘Start new conversations from’ you should choose the new email address.That’s it, if an iMessage is sent now, the receiver will be able to receive that message because that person didn’t block this new email address.