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How To Rip A Troublesome Dvd

How can I get my legally purchased DVD content onto my iTunes/iPad/iPhone/iPod/Apple TV? I’m not always at home, so I would like to convert them to a more portable format.

You may have a lot of DVDs at home and wonder the easiest way to copy your DVD movies to your iTunes (iTunes 12) so that you can watch them on your Apple devices: Apple TV, iPod touch, iPad (iPad Pro), iPhone (iPhone 7/7 Plus) easily. However, as we all know, iTunes could only recognize video files in MP4, MOV, M4V, video format from DVD disc is not the iTunes friendly format. What's the quick fix?In order to import DVD movies to your iTunes library and then sync with your iDevices, what you need is only a professional DVD ripper that can help you convert DVD movies to iTunes supported video formats fast with good video quality.Brorsoft DVD to iTunes Ripper for Mac is an ideal tool to help you import DVD, DVD ISO, DVD VIDEO_TS folder to iTunes compatible *.mp4, *.mov, *.m4a video format on macOS Sierra and Mac OS X with high quality. It also can help you to convert DVD movies to almost any other common video format such as H.264, MKV, QuickTime, MOV,H.265(HEVC) or backup the DVD keeping the whole movie structure as you need.Besides, you can crop the black bars, add special video effects, split or merge videos, etc. as you like with the built-in editor. Just get it and rip videos from DVD disc to iTunes supported videos for playback on your iPhone, iPad. iPod, Apple TV, etc. in just a few mouse clicks!The guide article here and hope Brorsoft Studio helps.

Why does dvd rippers have a blurry picture?

Here I'd like to share with you several good qulity DVD rippers.some are free,some not.But as a DVD ripper user,I recommend you to buy one so that you can enjoy the conversion without any troublesome.

Free download of DVD ripper without watermark on it?

WinX DVD Ripper is totally free, no trial, no registration, no watermark. Free yet professional.

Only several clicks to rip DVDs to the video format you want, super easy to operate. And the quality is also great. I tried several DVD ripper software and think this one works best. Glad to share with you. lol

How can .avi files play on a DVD player?

As far as we know, newer DVD players that are DivX- certified(with the DIVX symbol on it) can read data DVDs with an AVI file encoded in DivX codec. While, if you got some AVI files encoded with Xvid that wouldn't be supported.An easy solution I’ve worked is to convert AVI to DVD player supported format. Brorsoft’s AVI Video Converter is recommended here. It can fast convert all kinds of AVI files to DVD player compatible DivX . And with its built-in video editor, you can trim, crop, merge video clips as you want.BTW, if your DVD player is not DivX supported, you can burn your AVI files to DVD.How to Burn AVI files to DVD with Nero:Basically there are two different ways to burn an .avi-file on DVD with Nero for play in a DVD player:1. If you have a DVD-player that is capable of playing avi-files, you can simply use Nero Burning Rom or Nero Express and burn a data disc with the .avi-file untouched.2. However, for NeroVision, I suppose you don't want a data disc with an avi-file but a "real" Video-DVD in compatible DVD-format. For that you will need Nero Video. In the "Create & Export" menu, choose DVD- DVD-Video, then import the .avi-file and follow the instructions. You can either create a menu and chapters, or just make a simple DVD without menu and one video. In the final step, NeroVideo will either write the necessary DVD structure on a DVD or to a folder on your hard disk. If you used NeroVision before, it should be easy for you because NeroVideo is very similar.

I have lots of old DVDs. What should I do with them?

If these DVDs are important to you. You can backup them to digital files. And this is a safer and more convenient way to keep the content.To convert these DVDs to digital files, there are many DVD rippers you can take full use of. If your DVDs are all homemade ones, you can take handbrake: Open Source Video Transcoder to help you. This is a freeware. While if some are commercial ones, you can take WonderFox DVD ripper. This one can rip both homemade DVDs and commercial DVDs.After ripping these DVDs to digital files, you can sync them to your cloud.

How do I remove a cable that is stuck to my hard drive?

For want of information I will assume you have an internal hard drive, SATA or PATA and that it is situated in a DELL or a similar proprietary manufactured device.Many companies glue the cables into place so as to avoid a warranty problem when the cable comes out during transit. Nothing is worse than unpacking a brand new Computer only to find that the hard drive is not connected and nothing works. Back in the box, send it back, have another go. Expensive and customer costing.Thus the glue.Most glues used in computers are the loctite, superglue type glues, very strong when pulled away from the glued surfaces but with no shear strength. So pulling directly back can snap the glue clear.Personally in this situation I focus on the other end of the cable and remove it from the mainboard and when I replace the HDD I replace the cable too.This way I don’t risk ripping the terminals out of the hard drive disk and ending data recovery options.Always try to do no damage, even to items that are going to go into the bin. You never know when you will go “oh damn, I did’t do xxx” and that is far from a happy time.So, if it does not come with a gentle pull, ignore it and go for the other end of the wire.Chris…

Can a MP4 video file becomes corrupt while converting to another video format?

TS to MP4 Converter - Avdshare Video ConverterAvdshare Video Converter, as the professional TS to MP4 converter, can batch convert all TS files to MP4 for playing TS on iPhone, iPad, iPod, PowerPoint, Zune, iTunes, Android, Samsung, BlackBerry, etc.Besides convert TS to MP4, this powerful Avdshare Video Converter can also convert TS to MOV, WMV, ASF, AVI, MKV, VOB, AVCHD, ProRes, etc for further playing TS or editing TS on QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Sony Vegas, Adobe, iMovie, FCP, etc or uploading TS to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.What is more than expected is that this Avdshare Video Converter is also workable to convert TS or any video format to MP3, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc.Aside from convert TS files, TS to MP4 Video Converter also enables to convert any video format to TS video format.Besides conversion function Avdshare Video Converter also has been designed with excellent editing functions, like rotating, trimming, splitting, merging video files, removing or adding subtitles, logo, watermark to video file, adjusting video frame rate, bitrate, resolution to video file.

Cannot copy a DVD to my Mac?

The format of a file shouldn't affect OSX's ability to copy that file from a DVD to a Mac's hard drive. Nor should you need ripping software to copy "old family DVDs," which I presume are home movies you or someone else made.

Finder error -36 indicates that a file is corrupt (see ref below). In this case, unfortunately, that's an unrecoverable problem unless you have another, uncorrupted copy.
Update 7/14: I found a file-recovery program that claims to work with CDs and DVDs at Compatible with OSX 10.3 - 10.6, PPC and Intel Macs. I downloaded and experimented with it a bit -- the free trial version appears fully functional, altho I don't have a damaged disk to test with. At least it isn't malware and looks legit. Worth a shot.

And it dawned on me (doh!) that you could try cleaning the disk with dishwashing liquid or rubbing alcohol, or -- if you can see scratches on it -- polishing it gently with a soft cloth and mild abrasive, such as toothpaste.