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How To Root My S3 Android Phone

About rooting android phone?

I have Motorola Moto E i.e. XT1022 with android 5.1 version. I want to root my device just to move some of my apps to external SD card. Please tell me whether rooting my device (not installing custom OS) will format my phone data or not..thanks in advance.

Rooted (?) my android phone. Now what?

I may or may not have rooted my cell phone, and the process wasn't pretty. My Galaxy S3 phone thinks it is now rooted because it now refuses to update beyond android 4.3 and gives me a message that my phone has been modified, but Root Checker says it isn't rooted. I can run SuperSU and Clean Master, both of which think I have it rooted, but Clean Master can't remove my stupid pre-installed apps, and I still do not know how to get 4.4 Kit-Kat on my phone. The root method I used was one that inserted a new OS kernel in place of the 4.3 kernel. Factory restoring my phone still left the modified kernel in place. I am pretty tech-savvy. Any suggestions?

How do I root my Android phone Samsung GT i8262?

Method 1 - Only Works On Stock RomFree Super One Click Android Root Tool (Apk)Step 1- Download iRoot app from - HereStep 2- Install iRoot app on Samsung galaxy Core ( Dual / single )Step 3- Open iRoot app and Select Install Root or Root device .Step 4 - Reboot and You are done .Method 2 - Works On Custom RomsStep 1- Download The zip file from - HereStep 2 - You must have Custom Recovery Installed - If not then Go - HereStep 3 - Go to recovery mode by Pressing - Volume Up + Home + Power buttonStep 4 - Select Install zip from Sd card and Select the above Downloaded Zip .Step 5 - Reboot System Now.

How do I root my Android phone (Samsung Star Pro)?

Step 1:- Go to xdadevelopers.comstep 2:- Search for your phone modelStep 3:- You will be provided with all cool stuff like roms and deffinately you will be able to root your phone by following that procedure .

Backup Android app (no root)?

My S3 has started to have some troubles with changing (12h -> 20%).
I have a few games that I've played really far, but they don't have their own backup servers.

I can't root my phone.
I've tried Poot and several Framaroot versions but they just fail. I can't root from computer because my phones USB port is having some troubles to work. My computer might recognize it, but before I can even open it up, it dissapears from the "Devices" list...

Is there a way to backup these games without root nor USB?
List of the games:
Bloons TD5
Angry Birds GO!

How can I root my Android Samsung S3?

Download Kingo root.apk & run it on ur mobile that is a screenshot that I take from my SIII after root & download Rom Note 7

I'm going to root my Galaxy S3 phone. What can I do with my rooted phone?

1) You can try some custom roms for your device based on your preference,they are awesome!as there are many roms which may suit your requirements (good stability or customizability or battery back up etc)2) You can overclock your device to greater speeds3) Increase internal memory of your device.4) completely backup your device with data with apps like titanium backup etcthere are many more advantages of rooting but these are few that came right off my head now,If your device still has warranty think a bit about rooting as it voids your warranty (though there are ways to unroot your phone) but if your phone warranty has expired just go ahead and find a good tutorial and root your phone!

I want to install Android Lollipop for my rooted Samsung S3 phone. What's the best custom ROM for my S3?

If you want most stable and fully functional 5.1 rom then just install TEMASEK 12.1 rom in your galaxy s3.. I m using this rom after uusing at least 30 + roms..! This rom is the most stable and most customized rom for galaxy S3.. Every single function is running as it is running on official rom.. From status bar customization to system animation to gps to camera you name it and this rom has all the features one can imagine.. It is so smooth and fast.. I suggest you to install boeffla kernel with it because if you want to play heavy games then you can over clock your cpu with one click.. If you want more battery life then again you can under clock your cpu with one click.. Trust me just install TEMASEK and see the huge difference.. I use this rom from the last two months and in between i tried every other rom in my S3 but i always return to this rom.. Just remember not to restore apps from titanium backup after installing this rom.. Just give a fresh install and enjoy like never before... Jai hind

Help my root on my Android s3 is kinda screwed up?

My root on my s3 is screwed up i need help please it says this on root checker pro Root access not properly configured or granted.

Superuser Application Status
Installed: SuperSU by Chainfire - version 2.45

System Files Status
Standard Location
Command: ls -l /system/bin/su:
Result: /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
Analysis: File /system/bin/su does not exist.

Standard Location
Command: ls -l /system/xbin/su:
Result: -rwxr-xr-x root root 66916 2015-01-23 18:48 su
Analysis: Root access IS correctly configured for this file! Executing this file can grant root access! Root user ownership is present and setuid attribute is not present.

Alternative Location
Command: ls -l /sbin/su:
Result: /sbin/su: Permission denied
Analysis: File system permissions restricted and denied access.

Alternative Location
Command: ls -l /system/xbin/sudo:
Result: /system/xbin/sudo: No such file or directory
Analysis: File /system/xbin/sudo does not exist.

User and Group ID Status
Error: stderr: [-] connect ui: Timer expired, stdout: null, exit_value: 1

ADB Shell User Status
ADB setting for shell access, stored in default.prop, is configured as: shell (non root) user -

System Environment PATH Status
System Environment PATH: /sbin /vendor/bin /system/sbin /system/bin /system/xbin

Results provided for your SGH-I747M - Android 4.3 device by Root Checker Pro version 1.4.2 from joeykrim in the Android Market - plz tell me how to fix.