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How To Say Sorry To My Teacher Asap

Dont know how to say Sorry to my teacher :(?

yesterday i told a lie to my teacher :( when he asked me why i hadnt done the listening exercises, i replied that i could not find the CD. but then my classmates saw the CD was in my bag :(( My teacher didnt say anything but he looks unpleasant :( i'm so ashamed :( it's not a big lie according to my bro, but i cannot get this out of my head. i think that i need to say sorry to him but i dont know how :( i only study with him one more week and then the course will be over and he will come back to his country

plz help me

How should a student say sorry to his/her teacher for his/her mistake ?

Dear Madhavi,

First and foremost take an outh not to do that mistake again in your life. That in itself is a great submission to the first guru / Adi guru, which is almighty himself.

When a student has done a mistake and has realized it, it is his duty to go and surrender to the teacher / guru and submit their mistake completely with truth and honesty. While trying to say sorry or ask for an apology, they should again not do a mistake by giving justifications to their mistakes.

Genuinity is what is expected. A student should not commit the same mistake again, that is definitely what is required more than apology.

Every teacher/guru wants the student to change for good. He wants his student to be the best. He doesn’t want any apologies. However what he wants is politeness and humbleness from his student.

Every lesson you learn in this world is to reduce your ego and be good. Goodness and reduced is what will be liked by the teacher /Guru.

With warm regards

How to say sorry to a teacher?

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Warning. Old guy rant about to begin…Back in my day we never would have told a teacher that we hated them.Back in my day everyone was raised to respect adults.Back in my day kids knew their place.Back in my day, who your teacher was mattered very little. Of course everyone wanted a cool teacher, but we all worked with the ones who were assigned to us.Back in my day, how we felt about our teacher didn’t matter to anyone. All we cared about was getting through the class, and then getting on with our lives.Maybe you should try that.

My hot teacher! Asap! Thanks seriously?

I just cant fucos! Im in grade 7 and im just a 12 year old girl! Ok i got 21 out of 24 on my geogrphy test today.b But that was rotary! I had a girl teacher. My teacher homeroom that im with for like 99% with everyday.. Is a hot teacher! He is hot.

I mean we all have that teacher right!
I dont drool and stare at him! Im not like that Lol
i knoe it anit happeing! Im not dreaming over him! Its not like that!

I want to be comfterbale there ( sorry for my spelling :P) i cant switch classes! Help im not comterbale to get work done and stuff!

Thanks for the help! Have a good day! Well night ;) and im not gonna tell anyone else about him.

How to apologize to my teacher?

Speaking from a teacher's point of view:

A written apology is generally preferred, however oral can be acceptable as well. No need to dress it up real nice, though it can help sometimes. Keep it short and sweet.

This is just my first year of teaching, however I had a young lady who absolutely couldn't stand me. I'm not your typical young first-year teacher pushover. I run my class pretty hard. When I approached her and asked her why she was struggling she just told me to leave her the f*** alone. I of course gave her an office referral.

Came back the next week bawling, letter in hand. I let her talk for awhile, let her speak her mind, and all ended with on a good note. She's doing much better in class now, by the way.

Just thought I'd pass that story along to you, just for some insight. Student/teacher battles do happen, and it might not be the last one you get into. Just learn from it and try to prevent it from happening again :-)

Best wishes to you.

Try this interesting technique. Smooth and easy way.You would have definitely learnt something out of this mistake.Instead of saying a sorry, just thank him/her for giving an opportunity to learn a lesson for life. And thank him for the lesson so that you don't repeat in life one more time. Follow it with a genuine sorry.This satisfies all the purposeEasy way to ask sorry. Thanking a person is easy than asking sorry.Satisfies the other person's ego. If you ask for a sorry you are doing what he expects you to do. And he might have some actions pre planned when you as for a sorry. A twist in the storey will make him wonder what he could do to counter react. At this phase if you ask a sorry that would solve the whole issue.Be 100% transparent …Just let me know the result of this magic

Teachers are generally not in it for the money. They have altruistic beliefs about knowledge. In addition, something happened in which they discovered they love the change which comes from learning as well as discovery. Cheating is an affront to that belief. You have to understand your actions said their religion is worthless. You are so above it, you don't have to bother. So they don't want to bother with you. Your hook to get back is they really do love learning. You have to demonstrate your behavior is not only a fluke, but you learned more than just not to do it. This incident brought to your attention some flaw in your awarness on character development and the futility of practicing a process doomed to failure. You also should include some nugget of information as to why you possess  such a disregard for for your own integrity. Some dynamic in your upbringing could be discribed as to how you adapted to and normalized it from your family of origin. It was a coping method. It is outdated and needing upgrading. This incident is just the nudge you needed. Now this all will require a congruency in feelings and behavior lest they think you are blowing smoke. Even if you do well and demonstrate honesty, you may have stepped over a morals line with them they've concluded is a value so precious, there isn't a going back. Character is character. Then you hint at the higher order of forgiveness and grace. They may not budge but you are to still have learned your lesson. And it wasn't the one you signed up for. Oh and one last thing. Bottom line, you have to demonstrate you really did learn the material.

Polite word for asap?

I'm not sure in what context your message is regarding. However, you can just emphasize at the end the importance of the file being updated as quickly as possible. You state that it is time sensitive, or you could state that he needs to have the file updated before a specific time so that you may have time to review it before having to forward it on by a certain time. Maybe let him know that by him accomplishing his task quickly will be of great help to you and you would be greatly appreciative of his cooperation in completing this task as quickly as possible. Just be polite and think if it was you receiving this message how would you want to be asked?

I don’t recommend telling your teacher that. It could make the teacher feel uncomfortable, and probably make you move classes.However, you can show that you love him/her. When I was 13 I had a crush on my teacher. I would tell him all my feelings instead of my guidance counselor. I desperately wanted his attention. Over the three years in middle school we had a really good bond, other than the time he swore at me for smoking pot, and occasionally flirted with me.In retrospect it must have been pretty awkward for a sixth graders to like a 30 year old men. It’s now awkward while thinking about that. If you tell your teachers your feelings about him/her you will cringe in the future like I did.If you go on reddit there’s multiple threats explaining what happened after they tried to seduce there teachers. I suggest reading there responses before doing anything.Also, the teacher probably already knows.Good luck!