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How To Sell A Car Without Title

Can you sell a car without a title?

Yeah you can do it...but it takes more effort and a little trust. You could put down a small deposit..or pay a portion of the price and wait for the seller to get the title and then complete the transaction. But you take the chance that the seller is driving around in the car, or a tree falls on it. If you do this get everything in writing in case there is a dispute about anything. But I'm not sure why you would want to do this...most times this probably works out fine, but I wouldn't take the chance.

Can you sell a car without a title?

No you can not. A title of the car indicate to the DMV who the car belongs to.

If you had misplaced the title, you need to file a lost of title form for it to be replace before transfer to it to another owner.

How do you sell a junk car without a title?

Scenario #1 If you are the last registered owner of record in your state (i.e., the car is in your name but title cant be found) then you can go to DMV office and apply/obtain a “Duplicate Title”. It's a small fee and they usually issue duplicate right away.Scenario #2 However if someone other than you (i.e. previous owner of record) still shows on DMV records even though you have a Bill of Sale proving you bought the car from that person but you never transferred title into your name and now you cant find the title or that person then you have to file for a “Bonded Title". Google bonded title process for your state. Costs money and takes alot of time and you must have some form of proof that you own the car, Bill of Sale, cancelled check, etc.Scenario #3 Sell the car to someone that isnt planning to ever register it again since its junk, i.e. buyer wants it for parts only and there is no need for a title.

Can you sell a car without the title in Pa?

We bought a car and it wasnt inspected and we were going to try and get it up to code to be inspected but we no longer can so we want to sell it. We have not received the title yet and the person who wants to buy it is just going to part it out because it is not able to be inspected. So my question is can we sell it without the title and then when we recieve the title in the male just give it to the person who bought it. The person buying it is a friend so he knows we would actually give him the title.

How do you sell a junk car without a title?

If you have the VIN (vehicle identification number), you can order a replacement title.

If the car is truly a junk car and won't ever be on the highway ever again, you can sell it by a private bill of sale. Just draw up a piece of paper with the buyer and seller's name on it, describe the vehicle as best you can, include the purchase price, and both of your sign it.

Is it legal to sell a car without a title?

You need to “hold title” to the car, as in you must be the legal owner. If you live in a state that doesn’t issue title certificates for certain cars, you won’t need a physical document. You might sell a car that you own and don’t have a title certificate for, and might have to get a title certificate to give to the new owner in order for the owner to register the car.If you “own” the car but have a loan, the bank probably holds title because it’s a secured loan. You might not have the right to sell the car without paying off the loan, and the bank won’t relinquish title until you do so. That won’t keep you from selling the car, but the sale will not be complete until the bank relinquishes title.

Selling a car without the title in hand?

Okay. so. I just paid off my vehicle last week because I am moving across the country and it was just easier for me to sell it than to take it with me. My plan was to pay it off and sell it to CarMax. however, the problem is that the title won't be released until Oct 26th, and at that point I will already be moved out of the state.

I spoke with Carmax about what to do, and they suggested that I find a Power of Attorney to take over my vehicle, bring it in to carmax once I have the title, and collect the payment.

However, I have a friend who might be interested in buying my car instead. My question is is it possible to sell my car to my friend without having the title currently? What do you all suggest I do? From what I understand you can't sell a car without a title. Please use the simplest terms possible. I am not good with all this car stuff! thank you very much!

Can a dealership sell you a car without a title?

I’m in a similar predicament! I bought a 2015 BMW X5 With only 29,000 miles on it and traded in my Honda Crv for 12,500 with only 30,000 miles on it. I paid almost 40,000 total and I paid for it with my savings with the intention of financing my vehicle with a loan at my bank the next week.Well, it’s been 3 months and 3 weeks and no title. I’ve contacted them several times and finally had to get an attorney. This is a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway and is a large dealership. Sent a demand letter last week asking for a return to be made. Nothing.I’ve submitted this information to the attorney general and through the dmv. Was told it is illegal to sell a vehicle in Arizona without the title and they have 10 days to produce the title. It’s almost been 4 months. They purchased this BMW from an auction and the title is tied up in California where the vehicle was last registered. Must have been a repossession or something and when I did a search I found a lein through BMW finance.For almost 4 months I’ve been unable to get a loan without proper registration and a title so I’ve been financially struggling. Bills are late and I’m very stressed about paying almost $40,000 and not having anything to show for it.Attorney has charged me $1500 already and we still haven’t gotten as much as a response to my deman for a refund.Very frustrating. Will never make this mistake again!!

How to sell my car without title in California?

I'm between a rock and a hard place. I need to get my old totaled car off my property soon because my landlord wants it gone. That wouldn't be a problem if I had my title.

Unfortunately, I can't find the thing. My mother, who has kept a record of everything I've done since birth, miraculously doesn't have a copy. The dealer doesn't have a copy, either. So it would make sense to ask the DMV for a copy, right?

A bit more bad luck: it was registered in New Hampshire. NH's policy is that they don't keep titles for cars older than 10 years. I've been fighting with them for a long time, but it's useless. They just don't have a copy.

I asked the DMV about getting a new title, but the only way to do that besides having the original title involves paying a high monthly insurance premium for an extended period before the car can be declared in such a way that a new title can be drafted. I don't know what they were talking about, but considering I can't drive the thing, buying such high-priced insurance for it isn't worth it.

Does anyone know of any Los Angeles area junkyards that might take it? I don't care at this point whether or not it makes me any money, I just don't want to pay to have it towed, which is what my landlord will do and bill me for it if it isn't gone soon.

I don't have any mechanical expertise and neither do my friends, so taking it apart and selling parts individually is out of the question for me. Any suggestions?