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How To Sell A Wedding Dress

How do I sell my wedding dress?

Visit Wedding Box... It's a new site selling only wedding stuff as auctions Wedding Box | Sell My Wedding | Wedding Marketplace

How do I sell my wedding dress?

Ebay could work. Make sure you post LOTS of detailed pictures and are completely honest about any flaws there may be on it. You may even get more than you want for it. I sold a vacation voucher on there and was praying to get $200 for it, I ended up getting almost $800. Don't start the bidding at $375. I'd start at $300 (AT THE MOST) don't worry if you don't see bids at first, people watch and wait for the last second hoping no one else will bid but that last hour is so exciting when you see the price go up and up everytime you refresh the page.
good luck! and congrats on the babies! is a good place too as well as the other ones mentioned by other posters.

Is it bad luck to sell your wedding dress?

As long as your marriage is performed in a nice manner, why can't you sell it ?
I have seen lot of advertisement offering an used wedding dress
It nothing wrong in it,
Some needy person will get from you for bit less price for him (insted of going for new one for his daughter (if you would like to give for their expected price), will both of you will not happy ???
If you need money, there is nothing to sell to get that much money, i think you can sell your wedding dress to gain back the money to use for some useful expenditure
Do charity on that money so that your heart will be cool, that the wedding dress expenditure, went some useful manner
If you would like to do more give a part of money to the people who are doing this as a job, so that will be a nice one

Why did you sell your wedding dress?

It was way out of style and I donated it to a charity thrift store. I could only spend $20 on a dress, and though it was pretty, neither I nor any descendant would ever wear it again. It was a pale blue/white lace prairie dress that was in style back in the hippie/dippy days. Most physical goods have very little sentimental value for me. I’m still married to the same wonderful man. He’s a lot more important to me than anything I own.Within the next two years, I’d lost weight and lost my wedding ring while moving because it was loose, but we both know we are married. It was a plain gold band bought from a bin of gold rings. I dug around until I found one to fit me at the jeweler’s office. Gold cost way less back then. I paid something like $27 for it. I’ve been given an old wedding band from someone we knew who was divorced, but it won’t fit anymore.I just don’t feel any sort of loss except the waste of a nice ring. I think people place far too much mental significance on their physical possessions. That’s why I’ll never by designer clothes or shoes. I’m too practical and think it’s a waste of money to try and impress others. One can dress very nicely and receive compliments without being a total slave to fashion.

What is the best place to sell your wedding dress?

Dependent upon where you live. Here in Canada there are a number of options - you can try to sell it yourself on Kijiji or Craigslist and am sure there are also online sites dedicated to selling gently used wedding dresses. Or, there are also stores that specialize in this as well and finally a upper class second hand clothing store. I did this last route when I sold my wedding dress. When I called they said they didn’t take wedding dresses but told me to bring it in and they would take a look. My dress was very unique and they not only took it but put it in their front window! The dress sold quickly but of course at a fraction of the price I paid so don’t expect to get anywhere close to what you paid for your dress.

Wedding Dress with Stains......can I sell?

I have a wedding dress that was hung up in the back of the closet and forgotten about. I have no reason to keep it but the skirt part has stains the bodice is still in great shape not stain and beading in good shape. Will I be able sell dress with the stains?? I was thinking if anything the bodice can be used by a seamstress........

How much could I sell my wedding dress at a pawn shop for?

I've seen them priced anywhere from $50 to $1000. In my opinion, selling your wedding dress should be like a garage sale - don't expect to get half of what you paid for! I would price it at 1/3 of what you paid, and if it's not selling, reduce it by $20 a month until it's on sale for $40 or $50 (no need to go below that). Your question doesn't say anything about the quality of your dress or what you paid for it, so hopefully this answer covers any possibility. Good luck - I'm planning on selling mine afterwards too! Styles change, and besides some people can't afford one full price so you're helping them :)

What is the best way to sell a used wedding dress for the most money?

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What are some good channels to sell a used wedding dress?

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Place to sell my wedding dress in Eastern Ky?

I have a never been used wedding dress that I really need to sell ASAP! I would rather not try to sell it online because ive already run into frauds and its ticking me off. I am in Corbin and im hoping there is a place around this area that buys used wedding dresses.