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How To Sleep At Night

How to get to sleep at night!? I believe I have a bit of an insomnia issue. My last resort will be going to the dr. and getting put on a sleep med but I don't want to go that extreme yet. The things I have tried are...counting sheep..i do this thing where i start at letter A and go through the alphabet and name girl names first, then boys and go A-Z. Not working anymore. Warm milk, no. Bath, no. Teas, no. I've tried benadryl and tylenol PM's..end up taking 4 ( Dangerous I already know). Other sleeping pills like melatonin, and other over the counter sleep aids. yadayada. I get off my computer at a decent hour. I've tried reading something boring and imagining beaches and all that. I find it impossible to sleep without my tv on which I can't help because some strange reason I ALWAYS wake up with a nightmare when its off. But i turn it to something boring and the volume pretty low. Yet, I always find myself laying here in bed hours and hours and hours and not a bit sleepy!! I stop caffeine hours before bed. I have litterally tried everything..including wearing myself out with excersize. NOTHING has helped. So...any other suggestions?!?

How do you sleep at night?

Sort of half on my stomach (top half), half on my side (bottom half), while hugging a pillow
That's the best way :)
So comfortable

How to sleep at night?

Hi I'm josh I'm eleven years old. And I am starting school in 2 days. I am starting to fall asleep at 8:00 pm but I keep waking up in exactly 3 am every night. And I'm to scared to fall back asleep. And I'm also waking up my mom and she's mad at me. Is there a way to stay asleep until 6 am in the morning?

Well, break that habit then. Introduce a shock to it by allowing yourself to start waking up perhaps by midday -2pm, and go outdoors, plan activity. Hack your routine, so they can slowly adjust back. But this take about 2 weeks to set in.I can't set your schedule, but you can. So as long as you plan your day right, include exercise, avoid nap,and have early dinner.When in bed leave all electronics off, and smartphones not with your or next to you. If your mind wonder off, let it be. Just ensure you keep your breathing regular and slowly tuning in to it.Meditation can also help, once you start adjusting.

How to get my puppy to sleep at night?

Although puppies sleep alot, they don't sleep for long periods like we do. If you get up and give her a fuss when she cries, she knows that when she cries, she will get to see you. That's why she does it. It's hard (and heartbreaking) but you need to ignore her and after a couple of nights it should stop. She will learn that crying doesn't get your attention and she will need to wait until the morning.
I have a 18 month Labrador, and when we first brought her home we have 2 sleepless nights of her crying for us to go and see her. But after ignoring her for 2 nights, she didn't cry once.
This theory works for most training issues. Praise the behaviour you want and ignore the behaviour you don't
You wont get much sleep for a couple of nights and it will break your heart hearing her crying, but in the long run it will be for the best.

How can I get to sleep easier at night?

When I've had especially stressful times in my life, I take 5mg of melatonin about 30 minutes before bed to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. It's a hormone produced naturally by the human body during dark hours to help regulate our circadian rhythms (sleep cycles). It really doesn't have any negative side affects; however, if you use if for a long period of time, you can become dependent on it to get to sleep. It's also very inexpensive and available at most pharmacies, including Wal-Mart.

Other than that, try not to use any electronics an hour or two before bed, perhaps drink a nice cup of herbal tea and do something relaxing, like reading a book. When you lay down to sleep, focus on clearing your mind, relaxing every single individual muscle in your body, and not troubling yourself too much about life. It's also helpful to make sure that your room is dark and quiet. Because our melatonin production is triggered by darkness, having lights on when you sleep can inhibit that production and mess up your sleep cycles.

Good luck!

People who sleep early tend to wake up early. As simple as that! Their bodies are accustomed to their sleeping patterns. If you are interested in being one of them, here are a few tips:1. During the day, avoid having any caffeine, energy drinks or other stimulants. Their effects can last for hours making it difficult for you to feel sleepy later.2. If you workout, ensure that it is 4-5 hours before bedtime.3. Try to have your dinner 2-3 hours before you sleep. Avoid eating something too heavy. Before sleeping, you could have something warm to drink like milk or chamomile tea(or green tea maybe?). Again, avoid caffeine. 4. Try to minimize the use of your laptop, cell phone and other electronic gadgets at night(maybe an hour or so before you sleep). Don't read an engrossing novel/book that would keep you awake. Read the newspaper or something light. Avoid listening to heavy metal. Something slow like piano instrumentals would be a good choice. 5. Avoid bringing your work to the bed. The bed should be a place that is reserved for you to sleep. Ensure the bedding and pillows are comfortable. Minimize clutter. Keep the curtains and windows closed. Ensure that the room is dark. You could also use earplugs or a sleep mask. Most people find the noise of the ceiling fan comfortable. Do whatever works for you. ( Home Decoration and Interior Design at )6. Set an alarm ensuring that you get an adequate amount of sleep. Don't hit the snooze button. It may take a few days for your body to adjust, but once it realizes that your waking up time isn't negotiable, your body would automatically adjust to the new schedule. Hope this helps. sources: (I did not blindly copy paste anything, however I read it and got the points from both the articles)How to Go to Bed EarlyHow to Become an Early Riser

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