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How To Spend 2 Weeks In Denmark

How should I spend 2 weeks in India?

You may have heard about Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Jaipur atleast. These are metros, except for Jaipur. You may go there bec most foreigners are supposed to have been there!! Apart from historic and cultural considerations, you may not like them!! With just 14 days at your disposal, you can restrict yourself to about two days each to Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. And for the rest of the time you can visit a National Park or two. Ranthambore would be near Jaipur and Kanha accessible from Mumbai.

How should I spend 2 weeks in Italy?

Being that I have traveled to Italy between 30 to 40 times, I have a unique perspective from a visitation point of view.Most of my visits have been business/pleasure from as far south as Sorrento to as far North Gorizia and just about everywhere in between. The average trip duration was 7 - 14 days, with a few longer.I have been to over 30 countries, many in Europe and Asia. I will also say Italy is one of the most delightful places I’ve been. Perhaps my familiarity has something to do with it, but if I won an all expenses paid trip to any where in the world, I’d pick Italy!First, 2 weeks is not that much time. Although Italy is not a huge country, you could spend a significant amount of time traveling, so I would propose that you first determine where you would like to spend most of your time.I would suggest using Tuscany, possibly Florence, as your home base. From there you can reach many beautiful areas from a day trip. Its not too far to visit Rome for a day or two either. Its quite a hike from Florence to Venice, so its best to fix your destinations to one area. One of the things you don’t want to do is relocate everyday. You will be doing an extraordinary amount of walking, and packing your bags everyday becomes a burden.Do all of your research before you plan your trip, there are so many incredible areas to see and visit, that it can be overwhelming.If you do decide on Tuscany, the best times of year are later April to Early May, or Mid - September into early October. I’ve been in that region just about every month, and these are ideal. June, July and August can be hot, and the winters can be cold and damp.Must see in the Tuscany area and near by:Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca, Assisi, Siena, Volterra, Santa Margarita, Portifino, Montepulciano, and many more

Which country should I spend a week in? Finland, Norway, Denmark, or Sweden?

Oslo, arrive in the morning, go around the city, visit the Vigeland Park. Don’t miss the Viking Ship Museum.Next day in the afternoon fly to Stavanger (1h). In the following morning take the ferry and the bus and 2-hour hike to Preikestolen.Fly next morning till Kiruna in Sweden. Ice hotel there is Jukkasjärvi. Spend two nights there and fly down to either Stockholm (too many places there to visit) or to Lund, there visit Ares Stenar.If you are in Lund, take the train over the bridge to Copenhagen and finish there your 9 days.You won't regret it.

Where in the EU should I travel from Denmark for 1 week with a 1k euro budget?

€1000 takes you fairly far, as a single person. Use half for the ticket and half to eat and buy things when you’re there.I checked Find din rejse med Spies - Ferier du ikke vil hjem fra | Spies just to get an idea, and there’s plenty of places to go on that budget.I would recommend Rome in the late spring next year, but that’s just because I like the place.You can up the game by choosing cheaper transport or a nearer destination (say, Berlin, London, Amsterdam) and upping the hotel or the stay instead.Or, look at Dublin. Not too expensive, within reach, nice place. Good daytrip opportunities, too.Or, to flip it all around, book a hotel in Denmark and be a tourist in your home town.

What should i expect when I go to Denmark?

Walleh has given a few examples but drinking and sex is that a good advertisement for Denmark, not sure.

Social gatherings, are not as simple as turning up, and having fun, if you are not Danish read step 7

Teens are the same as the US, its just that few teens here (Denmark) are actually faced with consequences, they expect every one else to sort their problems out. Teen age years like the rest of the world finish at 19. you are considered an adult at 18, but young people still need the help from their parents. as for letting your BF stay over nigh maybe I am the only one but there is no way on this earth that my daughter will have her BF stay over night.

The main thing apart from the above is that you will find everything very expensive, one of the reasons some people don't have a car or only have one is that they are ridiculously expensive.

Over the last two years we have had warm long summers and long cold winters, lasting from the beginning of December until Feb/march.

Depending on Where in Denmark you are going to stay will depend on what you can see, There are many beautiful places to see in Denmark, and there is plenty of history.

There are few sites that can give you an insight into Danish culture, from the eyes of non Danes.

there are many people from all walks of life many from the US and will be willing to give you as much information as you need.

I wish you well with your studies


I will be in Lund, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark in about 2 weeks. Any info on where to go/eat?

In Lund itself, the Kulturen is worth a visit. It's an outdoor museum with old houses/buildings from around Sweden that have been moved to the museum and demonstrate traditional architedture of various regions. There are some runestones at the entrance.

The cathedral has a very old astronomical clock inside and the crypts are nice.

Restaurants: Staket is one of my favorites there - it's in a 15th century building and features wild game. The restaurant at the Grand Hotel is also very good. I make it a point to go to the Restaurant Finn in Martinstorget every time I get to Lund. There are a lot of other good choices - it's a university town.

In Copenhagen has tons of things to see and do - basically any guidebook will keep you occupied. I highly recommend Rosenborg Palace where the crown jewels are. Walk up the round tower - Tyco Brahe's observatory, Go see the Little Mermaid. The changing of the Guard at Amielenborg Palace should not be missed. Nyhavn is picturesque and has a lot of restaurants. Check the menus and pick whichever sounds best to you. Don't miss Tivoli. Shop on the Stroget. Visit the Glyptotek museum.

Restaurants: 1st choice would have to be St. Gertruds Kloster (Hauser Plads 32) near Rosenborg Castle. Great food and setting. Other good choices (in my opinion): Det Lille Apotek, the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen, is quite good. Ida DavidIda Davidsen for sandwiches (over 150 choices; near Nyhavn). I like Jensens Bofhus for the ribs.

Outside of Copenhagen/Lund, there's Roskilde with the Viking ships museum and the cathedral where the rulers of Denmark are buried.

Fredricksborg Castle in Hillerod is worth a visit, especially when they're holding the dragon boat races on the lake surrounding the castle.

Helsingor is a very nice town with Kronborg Castle which is the setting for Hamlet.

Malmo has a very nice old town with a lot of good restaurants.

Why do Denmark have six weeks of holiday and 37 hours/week while have one week of holiday and 40 hours/week?

Because we have worker unions to help workers gain and maintain rights such as these...

How should I spend 2 weeks in Australia?

You have chosen to spend two weeks in Australia. There are many amazing places in Australia and you’re not going to see them. You are going to see a ‘snapshot’ of Australia at best.I would suggest you look at as many tourist brochures as possible and see what appeals to you. You could spend two weeks on just one Australian beach if that appealed to you. It depends on your port of entry. If you arrive in Perth there is an excellent loop. Drive to Karajini for a week across to Ningaloo Reef for another week and done the coast calling in at various spots. That’s my holiday loop by far. Or drive to Esperance for two weeks on the worlds best beaches.If you are a wine buff you could possibly manage a few of the many wine regions easily accessible around Australia.Chance are that you are arriving in Sydney. There is plenty of information about the east coast of Australia from a Sydney as a base.

How would you spend 2 weeks travelling in Germany?

It depends on what you’re most interested in seeing.Germany’s major cities Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne are definitely great spots, though if you’re looking for architecture, cultural spots and historical sites, I also recommend exploring some of the smaller towns, such as Nuremberg, Bamberg, Heidelberg, Passau, Jena, etc.Also, Germany has several amazing national parks, such as the Thuringian Forest, Saxon Switzerland, Franconian Switzerland, the Black Forest and, of course, the Alps.If you’re more into getting to know the German culture and history and less into partying, maybe take a look at this medieval-themed 2-week Germany itinerary!

How should I spend one week in Scotland?

My answer may be a little unusual, but I’d say don’t go into Edinburgh and Glasgow at all.The reason is that they are both big international and cosmopolitan cities, and as such have a lot in common with similar cities around the world. Sure there are great things like Edinburgh New Town and the Glasgow School of Art which have a distinctly Scottish flavor to the cityscape, but I think you can do a lot better by spending your time in the other areas.The Highlands are an obvious target, but the border regions and Dumfries and Galloway are lovely too. There are hundreds of islands, some of which are quite hard to get to, and the likes of Oban and Glaecoe are great places. I recommend going there, rather than the big cities.