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How To Stay Motivated To Study Hard

How can I get motivated to study?

Make a list of all the good stuff that will happen if you study. Here are a few to start you off:

- You'll get the subjects easier, which will leave more time for fun.

- Your parents will be happy, which could mean rewards depending on whether your folks award them.

- You will be able to get into a good college.

- If you study REALLY hard, you might get into the college of your dreams.

- You will be able to get a good job. Many kids who make fun of the class nerd end up working for them after graduating.

- You will be able to help your own kids ace their homework, and they won't continue the cycle of struggling in the subjects you had a hard time with, too.

- Knowledge is power :D

Make a study plan for the next 2 weeks. In a notebook, dedicate one page to each day (weekends too). Divide your studying evenly among the 14 days. (Your finals are in 2 weeks now! You don't have time for hanging out on the weekends!) For example:
Monday: Read 10 chapters of English, 12 chapters of Science, and 10 chapters of Soc.Studies.
Tuesday: Draft essay for English. Read 5 more chapters of English, 12 chapters of math, and do practice problems. 8 chapters of Spanish.
Wednesday: Continue working on English essay, spell-checking as you go along. Make flashcards for the science and math formulas and vocabulary words and study them. Writing them down and saying them out loud will help cement them in your brain.
Thursday: Finish up English essay. Final edit, spell-check, and word count. Study flashcards for science and math. 10 chapters of whatever subject you haven't covered yet.

And so on.... review the flashcards every day!
Don't forget to take a short break every now and then to refresh your mind and keep you from getting too stressed or overwhelmed.

The day before finals:
Review flashcards. Re-read all chapters dealing with stuff you had a hard time with. Search on the internet (Google) for explanations of the material. Print these out, and highlight important concepts. (You can do this earlier in the week, too.) Add these concepts to your flashcard stockpile.
Bring the flashcard with you to the exams, and study them until the very last minute.

Good luck!

How to stay motivated about studying hard to achieve good grades?

Please read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Book. Not only will you be motivated to study, but you'll know why you're motivated.

Here's a rundown:
1. Be Proactive: recognize that you slack off after a good test, plan for it, write a detailed note of what happens when you slack off (you fail the next test, you lose sleep cramming). Then commit yourself to not procrastinating (tell a friend to keep you on your toes, or just make a promise to yourself--sometimes just an oath keeps us in line)
2. Begin with the End in Mind: See that A. Feel it. Now, work backwards on how you get there. (Set up regular study times, work with someone if you have to, make the goal smaller so that it's less daunting)
3. Put First things First: Is your study time important? More important than fun with friends? More important than family time? More important than eating? (probably not, but you get the point. If you put a list of priorities next to your desk, or on your person, you'll be stronger on your conviction to study. Plus, you'll get more respect from those that you have to put aside for studying; conversely, if you feel studying can be skipped just this once, you won't feel guilty....... you'll know in your heart you need the break, but you're still on track.)

That's the 1st three Habits and I bet even those 3 will improve your outlook.

Here's another tip: remember that High from getting a good grade? every time you're going to let your studies slide....... remember that feeling and how much you want to feel it again. Let yourself know that you only get that feeling with hard work.... and then get to work!

How do you stay motivated to study?

Be optimistic, convince yourself that you can get things done successfully and resist the temptation of procrastinating.

I wanna study hard but I can't, how can I motivate myself for that?

(72 requests!!!)As of me, I had an inborn urge to study well and prove myself. Since my childhood I had been so engrossed in studies that I hardly did anything else(including making friends). As told in many previous answers, I started studying advanced stuff from a very young age.Most of you who have started in classes 11th and 12th must have had a very chill life until now. Believe me,this is a very right time to start studying. You would really feel it a lot if you don't make it to a college of your expectations (as told by my friends).Although it makes little difference what your JEE rank was once you are in college, but college does (as seniors say). There should be an urge from your inside to get a good rank, go to your dream college, etc. All the wordly pleasures(TV shows, Movies, Social Media, Girls/Boys :p , going out with friends,etc.) should be done to a minimum (best if avoided, but make sure you have few stress busters too).Listen to motivational songs(Eminem works for me). Have that tendency to rip apart the freakin' paper. Blow off everybody in test results (but never be a part of rat race or bad competition). Think about the happiness you and your family will get when you perform above their expectations (don't take this negatively). Talk to a friend, parent, sibling who is a good motivater.Never get demotivated by your bad results. Rather take it as a challenge to perform better next time. I know many people who used to do very bad in early stages, but they maintained their cool and worked hard, and have achieved great ranks.So put your best foot forward, don't care about ranks, just study well and give your best.All the best!!!You can check out my blog if you liked this answer. I blog about JEE, Computer Science, Medical and other exams.

How do I motivate myself to study?

Okay So I have been a very good student this year. Completing all my work before time, learning and acing all the tests. Best in my class even. Now I am one month away from finals and I can t bring myself to study. I just can t do it. My brain can t focus on anything. (may or may not have to do something with a boy band I got obsessed over recently *cough* *cough* BTS) Any advice as to how to force myself to just gwt it over with. Not being productive has really dampened my mood and even when I tell myself that I ll feel good when I get it over with, I still can t bring myself to do it. Please help me. I really really need to do good in finals.

How to stay motivated in college?

Speaking from experience, leaving school and getting a taste of what life is like *without* school is a great wakeup call. Working a crappy minimum wage job during high school isn't bad; you know it's only temporary. When school is behind you, and you're spending 8 hours a day making minimum wage, you realize how badly you never want to end up being one of your 40 year old co-workers some day.

I don't know if this applies to you (I won't make the assumption), but a lot of middle class/upper class kids develop a terrible sense of entitlement. Myself included, but I didn't realize it until I had to do things that I previously would have thought "Bleh, I don't wanna do that!" about. It's that whole "jobs that Americans won't do" attitude, and the higher up in society you were raised, the more you feel that good things are supposed to just...happen (as opposed to being earned through blood sweat and tears.) Working in manufacturing with 200 immigrants was my wakeup call about just how high up in society I was born, and just how hopeless the bottom of society is.

I am 100% certain that you do not have a mental problem. And you aren't lazy, either. You just don't appreciate the opportunity you've been given yet. "You don't know what you have 'til it's gone", so...lose it for a while. Take a semester or a year off, and spend the entire time doing something you consider dreadful. After a few months, you'll be thinking "Dear lord baby Jesus, give me my textbooks back!" but you have to keep on pushing beyond the urge to run away so that you can really understand the possibility that you could have that job for the rest of your life unless you go to school and set yourself up for something better.

What motivates you to do well at your studies?

I am normally a very motivated person and I always strive to do well in my studies and go get the best grades possible, but there are times when I feel lazy and I just want to watch tele and stuff my face with sweeties and that is normal because we are humans and we have days when we feel like this, but it is important to over-come that and work hard in life because it's not easy.

What mainly motivates me to do well in my studies is fear. I am very scared that I will be thrown out of university if I don't do well in my studies and this is true. If I don't do well and don't pass with 40%+ in every one of my modules then I will be thrown out of university and that is scary because then I don't know what I will do with my life and where it will go next. I do have a plan B in-case plan A doesn't work out because it might not (you never know and it's always good to have that back-up) but I want plan A to work because it's my dream and has been my dream for a very long time and I can't see myself doing anything else, especially since I thought and worked hard to get this far and failing and/or giving up is not an option. I guess fear is a good thing because if you fear fear then you will do everything to beat it and it will challenge you and it pushes you to work hard not to go through that and it's a good thing as it's pushing me.

I am also motivated by my future plans. I have made a list of realistic life-goal life long dreams that I want to achieve and I can achieve them if I work hard and try my best in school and I want to achieve them and I don't want to be one of those people that has never does what makes them happy in life or never gets anything out if it. Having life long dreams helps you to stay motivated as you have a calling and you have found your point and your focus, and this pushes you to work hard and to stay focus and motivated. I also think about all the things I want in life - marriage, houses, cars, holidays, nice things and children and to give my family a nice life which has to be achieved by myself working hard and gaining promotions.

Just think about what you want out in life and tell yourself that even though it's hard work it will all be worth it and when you accomplish your dreams you can celebrate, it feels so good and everybody will be so proud of you and you will feel like you are on cloud nine with the stars and walking on the moon :3 good luck xoxo