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How To Stop A Chirping Fire Alarm After The Battery Is Removed

Fire alarm chirping, if I remove battery will it shut up?

Itll actually keep beeping as ling as its still wired in and even once you unplug it it can still beep for a few days. although im not sure how it does it. i had one do the same thing a year or two ago. i just took the whole thing off the ceiling wrapped it in a blanket and put in the garage. three days later when i went to put it back it still beeped. they are meant to drive you nuts until you replace the battery. so until you do it will beep. or do what i did and take it down wrap it up and put it somewhere you cant hear it and get a new battery in the morning. dont forget it for a few days lol.

It is a form of design for some stand alone battery operated smoke alarms to beep every minute indicating they are powered ON and active.Also, some manufacturers will include LED flash every 5 minutes to also indicate Active operation.But also, weak battery can cause 1 minute beep as a warning that the battery is weak and need to be replaced.If you have replaced the battery and thus the 1 minute beep continued, then follow these Steps to stop the beeping:1. Completely turn OFF the device by removing the battery. If the battery is non removable, skip to the STEP 3.2. Replace the battery and observe that the LED flash at least once. The flash indicates that the battery connected properly and the device is ON.3. Press and Hold the TEST button for a few seconds. ( The TEST button is located around the surface of the smoke alarm and is marked TEST). The device will beep contineusly and flash light if it has a flashlight. This is to test the device and confirm that alarm can trigger when something like smoke is detected and that the battery is still OK.4. The test peeping will last for about 10 to 15 seconds and stop. The device is set . But if the 1 minute beep continues after the test alarm has stopped, just press the TEST button once.

My hard-wired smoke alarms won't stop beeping, even AFTER battery replacement AND vacuuming the dust away!!!?

You would need to turn the power off to the smoke detectors at the panel * aka flip the breaker* if not sure, turn the main breaker off. Then go to each smoke detector and hold the button till the test alarm goes off. Next turn the power back on.

Step 2.
Turn power off again , remove batteries and press the button causing the test alarm to go off until all power is drained from the smoke detector. then reinstall batteries doing the same on each one.. follow this method till all smoke detectors have been reset. turn power back on. If they keep beeping refer to step 2.

On a side note, the other suggestions on age of smoke detector's is true, although they are cheap i wont assume ur financial capabilities are, if this does not fix ur problem please replace em. Smoke detectors should be considered life saving devices. If they persist and you ignore the problem means one of them is not working correctly .

Lots of great answers here, unfortunately you didn’t provide enough information to give a clear answer. There are several possibilities as you can see to the cause of the chirping. Your best bet might be to look on the back side of one of the detectors for a brand and model number and then check on the manufacturers website. They should have information there that will tell you exactly what is causing the chirping and then you’ll know what to do to remedy the problem.

My fire detector won't stop beeping?

OK: I'm assuming its a battery-operated smoke detector. If it is, Don't be afraid of it! It will beep every minute or so to let you know the battery is weak. The cover is hinged, or twists off. Pull the battery out or off. Its a rectangular 9-volt battery. Replace it ASAP. ASAP means tomorrow, or tonight if you have a good 9-volt battery.

If its hard-wired, it might be beeping because the power is off, or it has a backup battery thats weak. Different story here. They could be interconnected with other detectors in the building (you would see three wires--one red, perhaps--connected to wire in the ceiling)

If its a Carbon Monoxide detector, its beeping because its detected carbon monoxide. Good news is you won't stay awake. Bad news is you won't wake up.

Batteries need to be replaced every year (even if its not beeping) because it takes much more power to sound an alarm than it is to detect smoke. Smoke Detectors are good for ten years (they are date-stamped: if its not, its well over ten years old) Batteries are $2, new detectors are $12 plus/minus.

How do I stop my Slomin's alarm from beeping?

Both answers seem to be right! When my alarm looses its phone connection for x amount of time, it beeps (I have Optimum for my phone source, so when I reset my cable modem it happens) So Function 4 restores the system and takes away the beep. I just tried Function 9, that seems more for when you hit the keypad, it beeps or when you open and close the doors, door opens you hear a BEEP. (Nice feature to have when you have kids) Thanks for the two answers guys! :)

You need to give us more information regarding your smoke alarm, such as make, model, and date of manufacture if possible. Generally speaking, a continuosly flashing red light indicates a problem. It could be one of the following: Weak battery (or batteries), Age of unit is over 10 years old, and thus it needs to be replaced. Actual smoke is detected, but below the threshold to activate the audible alarm. If the unit is dual powered (battery AND ac electricity), there is a problem with either the battery or the electrical feed. If the smoke alarm is connected to a main alarm panel, there may be a problem in the main alarm panel. If none of these are causing the red light to flash, possibly there is dust or an insect in the sensor chamber. If none of these are the causes of the rapidly flashing red light, you should replace the unit.If your question concerns a red light that only flashes once every 60 seconds or so, this may simply be a normal indication that the smoke detector is functioning perfectly fine.To help yourself get the best solution to your question, remove the cover from the smoke detector/alarm and write down the make, model, serial numbet, and date of manufacture. If this info isn't available after removing the cover, you might need to remove the unit from the wall or ceiling and look on the back side on the unit. Then perform an internet search for: “Make/Model smoke detector/alarm flashing red light” and the search results will probably answer your question. Most alarm manufacturers have a toll-free telephone number you can call to get free info regarding your alarm device. Some alarm companies will replace your defective unit free of charge, depending on the age of the unit and other factors.

Remove the detector from its mounting bracket and unplug the power supply. * With the battery removed, press and hold the test button for 15-20 seconds. * Replace the new battery in the detector and plug in the power supply. When the power is restored, the smoke detector should chirp once.

How long does it take for a smoke detector with low battery to stop beeping?

For the past four days, there has been a persistent chirp in my house, roughly every 60 sec or so which I initially assumed was one of the smoke detectors. I replaced the batteries in every detector in the home but it didn't stop the beeping. I even turned off the power to the house from the circuit breaker and the beeping was still there which I interpreted to mean that it is from a device that is battery operated and not plugged in. However, after searching all around the house, I have yet to find the source.

I suspect it is from something my attic since even though I disconnected completely the detector that I thought was the source but the beeping seems to be coming from the ceiling from where it was mounted. It sounds identical to the other smoke detectors so I assume it is perhaps a spare one lying around in the attic. It's not so bad that I could deal with it if it would die within a week or so, but if not I'd try harder to find the source. I guess before I really start to ransack the house finding this thing, I was wondering how long it would take to die on its own.

How do I disable/remove a hard-wired smoke detector?

You should be able to simply turn it on direction or the other and pull it off the ceiling/wall. It should have a wire harness that plugs into the back that you just need to pull out. Now if it isn't mounted like that then you should be able to remove the face of it. You would find it screwed onto the wall with the wire coming in. It would be best to find the fuse/breaker that provides current for this circuit before you attempt to remove it. After removing power just cut or unscrew the wires and put a wire nut on the ends of the wires tuck them into the electrical box the alarm should have been mounted to. Cover the box with your choice of style blank wall plate or a picture and restore power.

On some smoke detectors after the batter has been changed you need to reset the alarm. You do this by pressing the test button. If it is a seriously outdated alarm then you may want to replace it. I dont like battery only alarms and there is no substitution for a wired detector with a batter back up. Be sure to check the other detector and make sure it is for smoke and not some other gas like Radon or carbon monoxide. They look alike and are easily mistook for one or the other. I would suggest getting a new detector and installing it where the other one was. In fact if all of the smoke detectors in the house are the same I would replace them all as they are good for 10 years. There should be information on the back of the detector saying when it was made or when to replace it, read it carefully. Be safe!!!