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How are Capricorn men after a breakup?

I looked up enough information about them, but I want a Capricorn's opinion on this. How are you guys really? We had a strong bond, but he broke up with me due to miscommunication through text and the fact that I tend to be a little too caring. He pushes me away and comes off as standoffish now. How can I better the relationship between us? I'm Aries female that doesn't accept failure, LOLZ! If you're a close minded fool saying astrology is bull, then I highly suggest you look and get your facts straight. There's more to astrology than basing on Sun signs. ANYWAYS! If you're not a Cappy and can see where he's coming from then any help is appreciated. Thanks :)

This capricorn likes me but doesn't act on it anymore...i'm so frustrated, what do i do?

I hate that this guy has such a hold on you. You're driving yourself insane. I know what it's like..Capricorns can make you fall in love easily, and when they go, it can sting pretty bad. I've already given you advice, to move on and try to push past this. Stop doting on this him no mind. That's the thing with this type of Capricorn...whether you make the effort or not, they're not going to notice. He isn't seeing you for what you are, and he is the one at a loss. I would stop wasting your time and find another who appreciates you. He ignores you, and you bring him coffee and such? Why would you do that? A good Capricorn man will never accept a pushover....he likes the chase and to know that you're steady enough to demand first class treatment because he certainly is. Stop settling for scraps or nothing at all. You deserve better.

How do I deal with life when I have no one with whom to share my feelings or problems? I have no close friends or family members. I never developed close relationships with anyone, and am scared of forming them, fearing it will bring rejection.

I think I was lonely as a child, and did not really know it.  I remember a cat that followed me one day, into the woods where I would sit alone.  The cat sat about five feet from me, looking in the same direction as me.  I was enjoying the view of the woods, and the sounds of nature.  So was the cat.  When I looked at the cat, the cat just continued to look forward and enjoying the nature around us.  When the cat turned to look at me, I too, just looked forward and enjoyed the feeling of the woods.  I felt such love between me and the cat, just sitting and sharing the experience of the woods around us together.  We did not speak.  We did not demand anything from one another.  But I felt such a bond.  A bond that I believe the cat felt as well.  We both just knew, not in words, but in feeling, that just sitting there together, was special because we had each other, we shared the same moment of peace, and accompaniment.  I too, was afraid to start anything with the cat, for fear it would ruin it and the cat would just run away.  So I let the cat do what it wanted, without question or imposing my wants.  And the cat kept coming back to me, until one day, it came to me and then looked at me, then just fell over dead at my feet.  They said the cat had been bitten by a snake, and it was unusual for it to come to humans to die, as they usually went off to die alone.  I did not feel too bad when the cat died.  Because, the love we shared lives on forever, and I am never lonely with that memory.So get out to where life is, you will not find a cat or person in your room.  Maybe a bug, but a bug is just hard to relate to.  Go out and take a notepad, and write your feelings, look around at life and enjoy, observe.  Find the child within yourself that does not even know what loneliness is.  And you will realize that you are a good friend to have, you are good to hang around with.  And when you realize this, so will all life, and others around you take notice.  Because you will be shining life without making effort to shine.  You will attract life without making effort to attract.  You will be yourself, a content self, and that is all that is needed to draw life and love to you.    You're already kind of doing this, because you attracted me to share things on Quora.  Sharing is giving is love.  Thanks for giving me a chance to share my cat story too.

How do Aries men usually act?

I'm an aries pretty independant quite competitive and sometimes just argue to be arguing but romantic and spontaneous when it comes to relationships