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How To Stop Looking/ogling At Girls

How can I stop myself from looking at pretty girls?

I'd guess we're hard wired to look at girls/women. It has been part of staying alive as a species. That said, what can you do?Two things come to mind.We are very much creatures of our comfort zones. We like things to be easy. And we can often stop ourselves from doing something by making it just a touch less convenient.For example, if you got a cheap pair of reading glasses, something that made it easier to read up close, but blurred your vision for things even a little farther away. The hassle of taking your glasses off might be the nudge you need to remember what you want to be concentrating on.For that matter, you might be able to turn your back to foot traffic and face a wall. Even the small hassle of turning around might remind you to keep focused.Train yourself to regain focus quickly. When I used to take and teach improv acting, one of the big issues was fear. A common technique is taking suggestions from the audience. And very often the suggestion would be scary for the actors ("everyone should sing instead of talking", for example).If you try to avoid the fear, you wrestle with it. You get into a fight that is really distracting. And you end up doing a poor job.The more effective approach is to accept the fear, to say, this is step 1 for me - feeling fear. Step 2 is recommitting quickly. Step 3 is to listen and watch closely to see what's going on around me so I can respond.By knowing my steps, I can advance along the routine I've developed far faster than I can defeat the fear I don't want to feel. So have your routine for bringing yourself back from distraction.Good luck.

Does a girl like you if she doesn't stop looking at you?

This girl that I like sometimes look at me. I look at her too, and would hold the gaze for a couple seconds. Though most of the time both of us look away quickly if we are caught looking. In history we sit on opposite sides, and when turning to look at people speaking we meet eyes. When we look for too long sometimes I just smile and then she would smile too, though a smile without showing teeth.

I dont know. Does this mean she likes me? Or is she just curious because she noticed that I keep looking at her.

Why can a guy not stop ogling a hot girl?

Usually boys just notice girls(everygirl skinny/chubby)even i do because its a natural law that both sexs get attracted toward each other. Even i have been stared at when i wear new clothes even when i ain't having 6 packs. Actually most of the boys love just noticing girls but due to recent rape incidents happening in countries like India, Girls think that boys are just horny creature's, so i just want to say that every peeping by a boy isn't with same intension but girls should keep themselves in group if they feel unsafe by peeping.

I can't stop staring at girls?

I'm 14 and I'm in 8th grade. Every time I see a girl is in front of me, I look at her butt. I can't help it. I always do this and I really like their butts (When they have good sized butts, not flat). Most girls at my school wear tight jeans which makes it harder not to look 'cause their butts look even better! I think some of them know I'm staring at them 'cause they look over their shoulders. Do girls feel something when they are being stared at? I mean, do they know someone is staring at them?

Do women mind it less if a good-looking guy is ogling them vs an average or unattractive guy?

Ogling is inherently predatory and people don't like being stared at, especially when it's because the person wants something.  Gender is irrelevant.  How many bar fights get started because some guy thought someone was staring at him?  Heck, what happens if you stare at a dog?Staring is threatening, period, and the sexual connotations aren't going to help.  Just like your parents told you when you were maybe three, don't do it.  Don't imagine it's OK because you're cute or that the problem is that you're not cute enough.  Imagine trying to make that distinction to the angry drunk at the bar...

What can one do to stop himself from lustfully staring at girls?

Ok here goes. I'm a 52 year old man and I'm sorry to have to say this guys but a good looking 25 year old woman will always look good no matter how old the guy is. However, in order to keep your dignity you just can not look lustfully at them. It's never going to happen gentlemen, and it's not appropriate anymore anyway so what to do? What I do is immediately look away. No eye contact, don't look directly at any part of her and never talk to her unless she has some reason to need to talk to you first. It gets easier as you get older but you have to train yourself in this reflex. As soon as you notice her hotness, instantly snap your eyes away from her, focus straight ahead and don't let yourself look back. There are plenty of models in magazines if you want to admire beauty but never embarrass yourself in public.. good luck.

Why do some people say that staring (ogling) is the same as rape?

Someone actually made that statement in a question that I made yesterday. Doesn't these kind of statements trivialize the term "rape" in such as way that no one takes it seriously anymore? If a word means everything, then it really means nothing.

BTW, most people who stare are probably unaware of what they are doing, as it is a subconscious response to seeing something unusual or visually stimulating (like bright colors), and is in NO WAY comparable with sexual assault, which is a premeditated physical act which requires more effort, and does more damage than a passing glance in your general direction ever will. I don't see how the two are even remotely comparable. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Friends are ogling my Mom - how to stop them?


I'm 16 years old, and live with my parents. Off late, I've been a little disturbed by the behavior of some of my friends.

I've overheard them discussing my Mom in the way we sometimes discuss the girls we think are hot....a couple have even told me that they think she's hot.

I'm on my school soccer team, and a few days back, she came to watch a game. After the game, I heard a few guys who aren't on the team, but were there to watch talking about her, and how they got to look up her skirt at her panties.

The guys who've told me they think she's hot sometimes try walking up and down the corridor by my parents room when they are over, to try and catch her undressing (one of them told me he did peep into her room and saw her in her bra and panties once)

This is really upsetting - I've told them not to look at my Mom like this, and behave themselves, but they don't listen. How do I get them to stop?

My boyfriend looks at other girls? should i be mad?

my boyfriend swears that he doesnt look at other girls, and i'll give him some credit and admit that he doesnt full on ever check out girls. but sometimes i catch him taking a glance or looking at other girls and it bothers me alot. however he does look around and is very observative and looks at everyone. should i be mad? hes a great guy and i love him very much , he in no way ever checks out girls and stares but sometimes he takes a glance. help :(