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How To Stop Minecraft Mobs Scaring Me

Minecraft: What should I do with my dogs?

One thing you can do with animals that people seem to forget about is exploiting their "instincts" as it were...
If you put a sheep in a mine-cart (all mobs and animals can go in mine-carts), and put a wolf near it, the wolf will chase the sheep which pushes the mine-cart along some tracks, which you could have a detector rail at the end of.

Make some contraptions, yo.

P.S. Ocelots scare Creepers away.

How do I play minecraft when im scared of the mobs?

I've been playing Minecraft for a long while and fighting off monsters was the last thing I would want to do. At first, I would snipe monsters from towers, and create "Murder Holed" These are small shacks with a hole where the lower part of the monster would be, so they would follow you, but they couldn't hurt you (unless from a far distance) yet you could kill them. After a while, I created a world and the thing I loved to do was go to the desert near my house and kill all of the monsters there. Sure, there we a lot of creeper holes and I died a few times, but I eventually got used to it. I also started making mini sniping posts so if I was low on health I would climb up one and just snipe the mobs. Now, when you are building, you can easily kill the movs that get in your way! another way is to light up the surrounding areas with torches. If you would like to play Minecraft with me some time, my Skype is CrazyIrishman90! Thanks and I hope this helps!

Hearing footsteps behind me on peaceful mode minecraft? :(?

So I was just playing minecraft and of course i always play on peaceful cause i scare easily... which is why im asking this question. so i was in my house going through my chest after a long mining session, i hear footsteps in my house. like steps walking on the wood... i had been going through the chest for about a minute or more and i start hearing footsteps. my computer wasn't lagging and since its peaceful it cant be a monster, i checked on top of the house and there was nothing. I got really creeped out so i stopped playing... is there any explanation anyone can think of? has this happened to anybody else?