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How To Stop My Horse From Knocking Poles

How can I make/help my horse to be more careful with poles?

My horse has a LOT of scope like so much that some people fall off because he will take off a stride early sometimes and just completely over jump and kick his back end up over. He has the scope and heart to jump, he makes a good shape over the jump but sometimes will just clip poles and I was wondering if this is just normal or if there were ways I could help him become more agile.

I do a lot of dressage about 5 times a week, one day off and then once jumping.

SO I was wondering what I could do to help him (like exercises etc.). Also he takes off quite far away from a jump, not so it is uncomfortable or anything he just is a big horse at 16.3 and he is 7ft long in rugs to give you an idea! But I was told I had to train him to go a bit closer but when he does go closer he knocks down a lot more because it is harder for him to pick himself up, so should I just ignore them?

How long are ground poles?

i hear alot of people save money on going to a lumber yard/ hard wear store to get wood to make poles and jumps.

i want to someday make jumps. but for now all i need are ground poles that i can buy, cut, and paint.

about how wide and how long should to finished ground pole be?

keep in mind i want to someday be able to use the same ones for jumps.


How to knock someone out from behind?

oh this happen last week just hit them with a brick on the back of their head or fight like a man

Where can I find wooden poles to make jumps?

Lowes. but try using PVC pipe its the safest for the horse(cant get splinters) its doesnt break aslong as you get a good thick peace. i go 10ft 3in and i have had mine for just about 4 1/2 years now and none have broken

How can I get my horse to respect small jumps?

Your horse sounds like a true athlete. She may be bored with jumps lower than 18 inches and doesn't pay them any attention. I recommend the following:

1. If she is ignoring the height, add some distance. Make her jump long jumps so it's actually a workout for her and reduce it little by little until she ignores it again and keep it at that distance.
2. Use brightly colored logs to catch her attention and make her really look. (This sometimes doesn't work for intelligent horses so flowers and stones work)
3. Try jumping them at a 45 degree angle. It will be weird for her and she will have to really put some effort in.

Well this is all the tips i can think of at the moment. Don't do all the tips at once, just one at a time. Good luck and have fun