How To Stop The Urge To Smoke Marijuana

Why do I have the sudden urge to smoke?

haha, I remember when I was younger and thought that I would NEVER smoke weed. In fact, I remember thinking that all of those anti-drug programs were unnecessary for me, because I just knew that I would never do it. However, when I was 15, I smoked at the first opportunity I was given. I think that the urge to smoke just comes from curiosity. you just want to know why SO many people smoke, and how good it feels. and to tell you the truth, I have absolutely NO regrets about smoking weed, as it is truly a great experience every time I do it. However, I would STRONGLY suggest that you avoid smoking until your older, because of the fact that smoking anything will hinder your brain growth at your young age. Plus, all of the kids that I know that started smoking at around 13 have moved on to harder drugs. So, hold back your urge, as weed requires you to have great maturity, because once you start smoking weed, you might feel that you can handle more than what you really can do.

How can I fight the urge to smoke weed?

my friends always quit by developing other bad habits and addictions. i recommend superfluous amounts of alcohol at inappropriate times (honestly, no one needs to bring a white russian to the math final), prescription drugs (a nice slow, but continual dose seems to work nicely), or switch to something a little more exotic like mescaline!

In all seriousness though, what is it about now (6 months later) that you feel so drawn to start smoking again. Despite what other people have said, 6 months is a really long time to still be experiencing the effect of addiction. I'd be more willing to believe there's something going on in your life that is making you feel the need to smoke. Have your friends been ignoring you in favoring of getting high? Is there something stressful going on in your life right now that you feel you need to escape from? Before I started lighting up again, I'd really try to figure out WHY I suddenly felt the need to after 6 months. Chances are, once you are more aware of the reason behind the urge, you'll be much more able to overcome those urges.

edit: canadian atheist is right - there are no instances of marijuana being the direct cause of death - although one study found that 37% of ER visits were marijuana-related accidents. The study, however, failed to differentiate between marijuana-related accidents, and those that were under a combination of alcohol and pot. There's also a very slim chance of marijuana allergy, which in theory could lead to anaphylaxis. My allergist told me that she'd never come across a case of severe anaphylaxis triggered by marijuana, nor had she ever diagnosed a marijuana allergy.

How does one eliminate the desire to smoke marijuana?

Thanks for A2A.The craving subsides after a while of being away from it. Cannabis addiction is considered strictly a psychological one, so there are supposedly no real physical withdrawals. Just go on about your life and distract yourself by doing fun things that you can't do while under the influence of cannabis. (For example, driving, operating heavy machinery, studying chemistry… etc.)If you stay away from the herb, and people who smoke it, and all other triggers (for example, smoking implements, Cheech and Chong movies, head shops, etc) then the urge will fade quickly.You don't explain why you want to quit. There are many valid reasons, for example, if you're worried that you're allowing it to control your life. Many people back down and take a break when they see it getting to that point.But every day they're finding more and more benefits resulting from cannabis use. Turns out it has many health promoting effects including pain relief, stress relief, and physical protective effects on the nervous system.If you don't like the feeling of being high, then your desire is understandable. But often that anxiety is paranoia, because you know you're breaking the law. In many places, cannabis is now legal, so you can stop being paranoid if you're in one of those enlightened places.For some people it's unpleasant because the feeling is too intense. That's another good reason to back off, or try a different strain. Usually if it's unpleasant though, it wouldn't be hard to quit, so I'm guessing that's not your reason.If you're trying to quit because you don't like inhaling smoke, then you might consider switching to edibles, especially at night before bed. You'll sleep better and wake up in a good mood.But if you're trying to quit because someone is laying a guilt trip on you, be sure to get the facts before you quit, because it really can be a beneficial herb.It's really not the devils weed…that entire campaign was all just propaganda that originated because certain rich people did not want hemp competing against forest products and western pharm.Legal history of cannabis in the United States - Wikipedia

Why is it so hard to stop smoking weed?

Yes smoking is hard to give up even pot. But a lot of it is in your mind. If you set your mind to it, you can do it, and you are right, you need to stay away from anyone who smokes in order to be a success in my opinion. The temptation is too great and you will give in. Take back control of your life and don't let anyone tell you what you should do. You have your own mind, USE IT!!! Think for yourself and don't let others do your thinking for you. That is how you take control of your life and if your friends don't understand that then maybe it is time to find some new friends that will support you in making positive changes in your life and doing what is right for you. And maybe just maybe they were not really your friends at all. A true friend will stand by you when you are trying to make positive choices in your life. And they will also tell you when you are doing wrong by others or yourself. They will want you to be happy and do the right thing. And what is right for you may not be right for them and they need to be supportive and most people in your position will not be supportive of you. They don't want things to change and life is ever changing. Get rid of your old friends and get some positive influence in your life might be the first step.

I want to be a correctional officer, but i love smoking marijuana...?

DONT give me some ignorant close minded speech about how i wont get hired and how someone like me would even want to go into law. Save it! Ive heard it all before. I know what i want an i will achieve it.
Now.. Im a junior at a prestigious university, an a athlete with a job. Im responsible and have no crim record. So im no criminal.
I love criminology an have always wanted to do something in that field, i have lots of fam in the crim justice field.
One thing though, i smoke marijuana every week end to just unwind, some people drink, i just smoke. Its natural an therapeutic.
Now, how long do i gotta be clean before applying to the academy? And what other crim fields are there for people like me?
Any help would be great! THANKS!

How to get over urges to smoke while quitting?

I quit smoking tobacco about 2 months ago and I quit smoking weed about a week ago. With tobacco I was smoking a pack a day to a pack a week for 5 consecutive years. With weed I was smoking every day for about 6 years and the last 2 years I was smoking dabs and would smoke either before bed or throughout the day just depending on the time frame.

it wasn't too difficult to stop smoking tobacco as I would just take a dab whenever I got the urge instead but now I have nothing to smoke and I can't stop craving tobacco and weed. How do I stop the cravings. Right now I go on drives and get a soda ever time it gets bad but I'm debating on going out and buying a juul which are little E cigs but I really should just not get back into the nicotine habit since I've been off it for so long. Drinking soda doesn't get rid of the urges like smoking something else does. I need smoke of some sort.

Sudden urge to smoke weed?

this is a sudden feeling that has just come over the past few days. I just really want to smoke one cigar et thing of weed just to know what it feels like. I know this isn't a good thing but lets face it even the most unsuspecting people have tried drugs at least once. I have asthma so i know it would be incredibly bad for me but do you think it would do any long term damage if i tried it once?

What should I do when I get urge of smoking weed?

TLDR: pretend you're stoned!Do the activities which you do after you get stoned! Psychologically confuse your body and make it believe you're stkendefor real!