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How To Succeed In High School With An Abusive Controlling Mom And Not Many Resources

My parents are basically choosing all my high school classes?

besides my required classes, they are also choosing my electives :/ I want photo classes and culinary and they're making me take a business class and TWO foreign languages. They have my entire high school classes planned out for me grades 9-12.

What do I do? This really sucks.

Is the china 'one child policy' acceptable, and did it success? How?

This is one thing that China has that is MUCH better than in the US. It is the same policy no matter how poor or wealthy the person/family is. This not only benefits their government, but the child and family as well as their whole society. They have relaxed this policy because they (wrongly) allowed for selective abortion and most choose to have a son depleting the amount of females needed to continue their population growth.

The United States has millions of children in our foster care system, and in extreme poverty that everyday are starving for human affection and basic love. Many, many children here are abused and neglected; their everyday life is pure pain and misery. As a Catholic republican mom I deeply respect the strong moral conviction’s on pro-life. But somehow time has taken their good and pure intention and somehow sneaked in a creation of unspeakable and ignored lives of misery. Visit a tax funded home; it’s a necessary hospital environment. Even the Catholic nun’s I volunteered with during high-school could not hold all the children for just one whole hour every day. Some babies lives’ have been for over 23 hours a day, has been spent lying alone in a metal crib (should I describe the tubes, needles, black bruises, some babies couldn’t even be held if someone was there to hold them for 10 minutes). The cribs came in different sizes from newborn to pre-teens, then adult body-sized ones which also came complete with restraints. Now today they legally have to just use drugs as restraints, and I’m told it keeps the noise down. I’ve always said at least these kids are warm; they don’t need many clothes or an education, and they are feed. Even the children who do not need to be fed threw a tube and can eat on their own… ALL these children are still starving for human affection/compassion. Now should I mention the babies of drug addicts or incest, even JUST poverty? – High-school was 1974 – this is now 35 years later with triple the number. Today pro-life has become advocating for someone to have a life of pain, abuse and misery. Society as a whole really needs early pro-choice and birth control to regain our humanity, compassion, and self-respect.

As someone with severe anxiety and depression how can I survive living with an emotionally abusive mother?

First of all I am sorry that you are in this situation.  Not everyone that becomes a mother is qualified to be a mother.  If I were you I would look around at the adults at your school and find someone that you connect with.  There are a lot of great teachers and counselors and they can help by being a comfortable adult to talk to.  Next I would look around at your friends and find someone that you can stay with once a week or so just to give yourself a break.  Then I would try to find a part time job.  This will also keep you away from the house and give you some spending money to start saving for college.  If you are really serious about wanting college then you will have to find a way to make it happen. (Teachers and counselors at your school can also be a great resource for this.)  Finally, stop telling yourself that your mom is preventing your success.  Not to make light of your situation, but as a teacher I have known students with much more difficult home lives that have gone on to put themselves through college and be successful.  Your mom is making it much more difficult, but the only one that can prevent your success is you.  None of this will be easy, but once you decide and start putting a plan in motion then your forward momentum will help make each day a little easier as you see light at the end of the tunnel and you are able to finish high school and move out.

Why do students get home schooled?

I don't actually know anyone who knows of people who have been home schooled. Why would a student choose to be taught at home instead of in a school? What are the pros and cons? A major disadvantage I can think of is the fact that you're not around a lot of people to interact with which is pretty crucial in today's day and age. I'm just wondering out of curiosity.

Mom ruining my future?

of course there is hope for you to get a good career. i'm sorry things are so bad with you and your family right now. but it will get better, it might seem like it'll be like this forever but it won't,promise. you try your hardest at school and you will succeed. give it your all and 10x more. don't worry about anyone else. it's your future, you control it. not your parents,friends,boyfriends, etc. you. listen to your heart and be determined and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. good luck, i wish you the best. and keep your head high. your heart is already in the right place. :) x

How do I deal with toxic and abusive parents?

This clearly sucks, and I sympathize with you.But I’m also a person who always wants to make the best out of whatever bad situation. Who is always looking for this silver lining in all things which we call ‘bad’.So here’s what I would do in order to benefit from it.Remember how it makes you feel when your parents treat you like that. When they’re not attentive to your feelings and needs. When they don’t listen to you. When they ridicule you, or think little of your feelings.Remember that awful feeling. Immerse in it. Feel the pain.And resolve to never in your adult life underplay other people’s feelings, or ridicule them because of how they feel.When you’ll do that people will want to be part of your life. You will easily win supporters (for your ideas, business ventures, etc.). You won’t waste your precious time on silly arguments and fights with people (often over nothing). You will always be a leader. You will enjoy your life and you’ll be successful.Remember that lesson!10 years from now, when you’ll no longer be affected by it (when you will no longer be pissed off), thank your parents for this probably best lesson ever.Now, be pissed off! Don’t try to convince yourself that you shouldn’t be. Don’t try to explain them. Most people won’t do that for us. They’ll be simply pissed off because of what we did (or because of something they think we did, but didn't), and unless we quickly acknowledge their feelings and apologize, we will pay for it in one way or another.

Why do some rich people criticize poor people for not climbing the latter, when they've never known poverty?

I'm talking about those born to rich parents and claim poor people are unmotivated. sure you went to harvard and all. but did you have someone to send you to good schools and all? do you know how hard it is to get to harvard when you're 14 and trying to go to school and help you're single mother support the family? So for you who crititicize the poor(90% of the rich don't)and have never experience poverty, keep your opinions to yourself.