How To Tell A Friend That I

How to tell a friend to move on?

I have a friend who tells me that he is still in love with his now ex-girlfriend. He recently told me that in the over 2 1/2 years him and his ex were together she cheated on him three times. They are now broken up, but he is thinking of getting back together with her as long as there a "rules" in place. He says the only "rule" would be basically that they don't cheat on each other. Again, she has already done it 3 times. I know you can't help who you love, but he really values my advice, and I don't know how to tell him that if she did it 3 times, she will probably do it again. I really care about him and don't want him to get hurt so I need to find a way to get through to him that, although it is his decision, I think he needs to let her go. Any ideas?

How to tell a friend.?

Okay. My advice to you is to talk to someone that you really really care about and know that they care about you. Like a bestfriend or a cousin or something. They will definately take you seriously. If its someone that KNOWS you and you really are not doing this for attention, they they will hear you out. I know that you are nervous and scared and don't want people to think your a loon. But the people that care won't shut you out. You have to open up. The person you are talking to cannot see your full perspective unless you tell it to them. People are not mind readers, bottom line.
Just tell that person that you've been feeling down int he dumps lately and you really need someone to talk to and could really use advice. Make sure you tell them how you feel. Be straight up and tell them at the beginning of the conversation that this is hard for you to talk about. Tell them you were nervous of talking to them about it because their reaction and your not doing it for attention that its a serious thought.
I know that you think your life couldn't possible get any worse. But it deffinately can. I agree with the answer previous to this. Because of your writing style and way of looking at this you are either young or immature. Since you haven't done it already I wouldn't take you seriously if I was this person you were talking to. So just talk to them about your problems first and don't bring up suicide until you've gotten your point across. That way your friend will actually be paying attention to why and not in hysterics telling you not to kill yourself. Because apparently that is the reaction you do not want.

Trust me kid, You were put on this Earth for a reason. Why don't you stay on it long enough to find out what that reason is.

How do I tell my friend that I like her?

If you really want to express to her that you like her, the best way isn’t by telling her, it’s by doing subtle things that allow her to know you like her. Always remember — actions speak louder than words — and that goes for all aspects of life as well. Your actions will allow you to preserve your poise (dignity if you will) while subtly communicating that you like her; that she is special, that you are interested, and that she brings something to your life that other girls do not. Here is my very favorite way of telling someone you like them without ever verbalizing it.Pay attention to them. In my many years on this earth, I think I have learned a few things about women. The most important being, what a woman enjoys from a man is the little extra attention he offers her. Be sure to make time for her even if it’s only ten minutes, try and give her that little added time. Try things such as swinging by her place on the way to class just to say hello or see how she is. Don’t intrude on her privacy of course, but go out of your way to show her you care. One simple romantic gesture during the week will speak volumes about how much you like her, without you ever having to say it.

How to tell your friend you're sick?

If your friend is concerned about your constant fatigue and would seat her down and explain your situation. Just tell her what the doctor has told you but in your own words for her to understand. Depending on what's causing your anemia and how bad it is its always good have a friend to talk to about problems. Anything should happen, like fainting she would be able to tell someone your condition if you needed medical treatment.
I know several ladies who I work with who have anemia and they have to take iron supplements and had to change there diets to incorporate more foods rich in iron, some had to use b12 shots and other meds. Having good friendship with them were able to watch out for each other and remind each other to take are medications and make sure we eat. bottom line there your friends and they care about you and can help with your situation whether its reminding you to take your meds, from eating the right foods,to taking a nap when you feel run down. You have to decide whether you want them to know everything or some of your medical needs,sit down and think it through,do some research because if you decide to them they might have questions. Hope this helps.

How to tell a friend that you miss her?

Guess what she may feel the same way as you !! The longer you wait the harder it will be to pick up were you left off. Pick up the phone send an e-mail or an IM. Don't pour your heart out right away, but ease into it. Let her know that you are alway there if , she needs you. If you feel she is a good friend by all means tell her that you think she is a valubale part of your life and that you hope to stay in touch. Send her a card or yes even flowers. Women with boyfriends still needs other friends too. Good Luck.

How to tell a friend that you feel like you are being used???????

Make your friend tell you the answer by asking: “I have a friend that uses me, what do you suggest I tell them?”.

If that doesn’t work, you must tell them when it happens, why you feel so and stop giving. If you don’t, you are effectively accepting the situation passively.

I hope you don’t fall out and loose the friendship, but in the end of the day, if that is the price you have to pay, you are better off with somebody who respects your decision.

Good luck!

How should I tell my male friend that I like him?

Hey Lucky girl!First of all the best!And yes your indeed lucky!Well, its not an interview or a your not giving a speech tomorrow in front of 1000 to 1000000 people or raising a campaign or funds. Well, to my knowledge those would require a prep talk.I know your scared and excited inside.Do not dump all into him in one go but tell in smooth and plain manner.To not damage and run perfectly all you have to do is ask him tomorrow and tell him out.Just see that you both are alone with no one and you take him out. Just hint him by saying its a special surprise day and ask him to wear a good dress and you go in a super sexy frock. Well, to start with the talk. Talk casually and see that he raises to the point of saying whats special about today.Or if he does not ask you ask are you not curious to know whats so special about today.Candle light dinner on a lake side is the best way to hint him up. So you can say him by saying that there is something I wanted to tell you and say it out loud.Say you love him and he is the best thing that is ever happened to you. Say he was your light in your dark and he is your everything.Say you wanted to say it from so long and said it today as you felt it was the right time for him to know. Hold his hand tight and see in his eyes and say it. For now, keep it this simple and ask him what's his decision. And tell him before he says the decision, if its a 'NO', say him not to break the friendship and keep the things same. Initially it would be slow and awkward but later on it will be the same.Remember one thing , just be brave and just be yourself. Your yourself is a charm for you. I forgot to add one point. Whatever he says just be bold enough to accept it and digest it. At least not for totally but for the initial moments until you both say a bye. I hope and wish this does not happen from my bottom of my heart. I hope this helps.I really wish your good luck from my bottom of my heart and want you both to have a good life.There is nothing more best than falling in love with your best friend.

How do I tell my friend that I'm bisexual?

This is the method that I used:Don’t tell unless somebody asked… seriously, who gives a toss what genitals you like to stick into which other genitals. The majority of people I know are aware I have a female partner but do not definitively know that I am bisexual. There is little that irritates me more than being introduced to somebody and they say “Hi, I am X and I am gay/lesbian/bisexual/whateversexual”… ok? Good for you? Why are you telling me?If somebody does ask, enquire why they are so interested in what genitals you like to stick in which other genitals.If somebody asks and you do wish to let them know, here is how it goes:“I am bisexual”“Why?”“For the same reason that anybody is bisexual; I find men and women equally attractive and do not instinctively distinguish between the two”.

How do I tell my best friend I'm in love with her?

My best friend proposed to me two years back. I was a nerdy-type of a girl belonging to a conservative family. I had no idea how to respond. He mailed me a love letter and I freaked out after reading it. My mum read it too (it was unexpected and my  mum was sitting right next to me while I opened my mail). I ignored him and deleted the mail.I pretended like nothing had happened, so did he. But it had. The barrier surrounding our uncomplicated but hidden friendship had been shattered. And the worst part was, while I was unaware of his feelings, the girls I used to hang out with used to tease me about him. They knew that he liked me, I don't know how.Needless to say, it was awkward. We didn't talk for almost a year, until the school farewell. I was starting to miss him and I wanted to talk to him. We had gone from being best friends to strangers and it was upsetting.After school finished, but before starting college, I took matters into my own hands and messaged him, apologized and requested to continue the friendship. I felt cruel and selfish for doing that but when he told me he wanted us to remain friends, all my doubts went away.College started and our friendship resumed. Some time later, he told me about this girl in his class that he had a crush on. He's a happy boyfriend now!The thing about falling in love with your best friend is that if the other person doesn't share the exact same feelings, it becomes the biggest what if of your life. I love him, but it isn't a romantic kind of love.The positive aspect is that your best friend knows you better than your other friends, so the relationship doesn't feel much of a strain. I don't claim to be an expert on relationships, or dating for that matter, but I think you should go ahead and tell your best friend how you feel about her. Talk directly. A phone call, or a face-to-face chat.  Start it as a question. Ask her how she feels about dating. Take her out to a place special to her. Don't be afraid to lay it on thick. Tell her how much she means to you. If she doesn't feel ready, go slow and let her know that she will always be special for you.PS: I had to go anonymous because the said friend is on quora and I don't want to hurt his feelings. Don't hate me please!!!!!