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How To Tell A Friend They Need To Be More Hygienic

Help With My Unhygienic Friend

I have a friend who is a really great person, and is really sweet, but has horrible hygiene, and doesn't take care of herself. She has very, very oily skin and hair, and takes showers about every three days. Since her hair is extremely thin, it gets hard to brush after shampooing it. Because of this, she uses only a little shampoo (she says she uses whatever kind of shampoo is around at that moment) and a lot of conditioner (a glob about the size of a child's fist. I doubt that she ever washes her face, because she has visibly oily skin with a lot of blackheads and whiteheads. Her hair always looks wet, it's really that oily. She also rarely washes her hands.
I would like to know some good products that you guys could suggest for her, and it would be great if you could offer some tips about talkinh about this to her. I am very hygienic and aware of my body, so seeing how see dosn't take care of herself is really hard for me. Thanks so much!

How do I politely tell my girlfriend that her hygiene sucks?


I'm a little grossed out by my girlfriend's lack of attention to her hygiene. I love her dearly and I am not exactly captain cleanliness, but I have my limits. I shower at least once a day, brush my teeth, try to make sure my breath isn't rank. But she just doesn't seem to care if she stinks.

She showers maybe every other day. Her breath smells bad. She won't leave the bedroom to fart (her farts are awful, and they linger!), and her a$$ kinda smells like poo. Like she wasn't thorough enough... Its becoming a serious turn off for me.

I've made jokes about it in a sort of back door way of trying to tell her she kinda smells. maybe I should try something more direct?

How do you tell a woman she smells bad without her stabbing you with a samurai sword and using your head as a pasta bowl?

How do I tell my boyfriend he has an offensive body odour without hurting him and also help him to be more hygienic without making things awkward?

The best way to communicate that negatives of your partner are objectionable is to bribe him to do the other thing. It may require more commitment on your part, but it can help both of you, especially if you are both young and maturing.You can bribe him with many things - you will know the man best - but the best three are your approval, your time, and your body. While this might sound mercenary, think of it more of an investment. If he’s really THE ONE then he’s worth these investments. If not, why not simply move to someone less stinky?In this case, the answer is to become physically closer to him, and give him the things that you think will make him smell better. Start with a well-known soap, aftershave, cologne and deodorant. Be clear that you like the way THESE things smell. Don’t mention that he stinks. You might want to add a foot powder and even offer to do his laundry if he has poor laundry habits. Be sure to comment favorably when he complies, treating each time he meets you smelling nice as if he gave you a gift.If you are of the right age (and culture) to do so, shower with him, wash him all over. It will be attractive and bonding. If you are new to this depth of nudity around each other, it can be an excellent time to teach him how you like to be touched.Once it becomes established that you like him to smell a ‘certain way’ (as opposed to ‘bad’) you can focus on reinforcement in a general way. When he smells nice, breathe deep and smile and give him affection. When he has an odor problem, you now get to lightly suggest that he use one of the products that you’ve given him. When he makes changes to increase the quality of his scent, you must also reinforce with touches, sexual access, quiet & obedient support, or even just doing things for him. Positive actions that go unreinforced fall out of habit in the short term. Good reinforcement over a long period of time can lead him to adopting these grooming habits permanently.Keep in mind that he may never smell as nice as you want, and that many women actually prefer men with a strong, musky scent (no joke). If you are quite young you may be best served to simply move on to another boy who smells better. Additionally, some women find that some men just ‘smell wrong’, and this may ultimately be the case with him. If he’s fresh and clean from a shower and still ‘smells wrong’ you may need to move on to another man.

What is cleaner and more hygienic, a rabbit or a cat?

It depends on the animal. I have a cat who is a complete pig, but the rest are extremely neat.

Rabbits are generally stereotyped as less hygienic, because you're right, they do crap everywhere and tend to make a mess of their cage. However, cats have full access to your entire home (usually) and can, if they want to, make a complete mess by knocking things over, urinating on furniture, pooping on the rug etc. However when happy I have found that cats are some of the cleanest animals I have ever come in contact with. However my cousins have the most docile, sweet, cleanliest rabbit I have ever seen and is very well trained.

I feel that in general though you're right, cats are much more hygienic for two reasons; they are smarter and therefore train easier/understand that you don't want pee on the floor, and that they are naturally more inclined to grooming.

Subway? As Hygienic As They Say?

The other day in stoke on trent i had waited to order a sandwich at subway. The man ahead of me had a sandwich with bacon and chicken. When it was my turn to tell the gentleman behind the counter what i wanted in my sandwich i waited to see weither he changes his gloves or asks me, i did not mention it to him as i wanted to see how he asses the situation, he did not change his gloves and prepared my sandwich, i am a very religious muslim and vegetarian and dont eat this sort of meat no affence, i did not eat the sandwich and paid for it for no reason. i would like to know what you would do about this situation.

Do you think I have bad hygiene?

Depends on where you live - personally I live in a hot climate, so I need to shower daily to avoid stinking of sweat. I know in cooler places it's quite common to have only 1 or 2 showers a week, so if that's what it's like where you live then don't pay attention to the people here who are saying you are unhygienic. Also if you play a lot of sport, you'll need to shower more often.Personally, I think it's always nice to put on clean undies every day, even if i'm wearing old (but not smelly) clothes. If you're worried about your hygiene, I reckon you should ask your mum/sister/best friend for her honest opinion (but make sure the person you ask is someone you consider clean and hygienic)

Is it shallow too not want to be friends with somebody because they have poor hygiene?

It is as shallow as someone rejecting your friendship based on the fact that you wrote ‘too’ instead of ‘to’ in your question here.Point being, we all have flaws and they could be jarring, but these can be worked on.Choice of a friend depends on things that are deeper; like trust, loyalty, conversations and support. If your friend displays all of that and you still do not want to be friends because of their hygiene, then it’s silly.These flaws (poor hygiene, bad grammar, awkward behavior, bad pronunciation) are correctable, you can actually tell your friend about it honestly and help them change it.

What is the importance of personal hygiene?

cleanliness is next to godliness.