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How To Tell My Dad I Quit Basketball

How do I tell my parents I want to quit basketball?

"Just do it."


How to convince my dad to let me quit basketball?

I've been playing on my high school girls basketball team since I was a freshman and played with them during the summer when I was in middle school. I've hated basketball all these years, my dad made me join it because 1)He thinks because I'm 5'11" that basketball is my sport. 2) my head basketball coach works for him and they know each other very well 3) He has this dream of one of his children being in the hall of fame, just like he is.

This year is my senior year and I'd like to focus on other things like getting my cna certification, the senior project, and joining clubs that I couldn't join due to basketball taking up so much time. I asked him today if I could quit basketball and he said no. I would just go up to the coach and tell him that I don't want to play anymore, but he works for my dad so my dad would hear of it immediately and say no, she isn't quitting. I hate basketball so much, not because of the exercise but because I'm just not good at it. I'm a horrible basketball player even though I'm so tall. I guess because my heart was never really in it. I was bullied by the older players as a freshman and sophomore for not being good. The team is very cliquish too and there is too much drama for me. My dad is very stubborn and I've never opened up to him emotionally about anything, so explaining this stuff to him would be really hard and I doubt he would agree anyways.

I want to quit my basketball team, but my dad won't let me?

I really..REALLY wanna quit the basketball team! Im on the verge of failing at least one class or skipping class just to get kicked off!
Long story short, I wanted to join the team to try out a sport, and make new friends. I actually made the team! But, I suck REALLY bad, the teammates yell at me all the time, some of my team mates "hate" me, no one talks to me on the team, and I can't remember plays well. I told all of this to my dad, but he is telling me not to be quitter, and telling me to stop self-pity myself! He also is forcing me to play the whole season because he bought me new 80$ shoes for it, so he is getting his
moneys worth! I also hate going to the games because all I do is sit on the bench! PLEASE HELP! What can I DO!?!??!

Parents won't let me quit basketball?

I'm going into 9th grade. I've been playing basketball and lacrosse since 2nd grade. I want to quit basketball and only play lacrosse my parents won't let me, they said if I quit basketball they won't let me play lacrosse (which I think is retarded) I hated my last season of basketball, it was boring and my team didn't like each other at all. I want to play lax and only lax I'm good at both sports but again they said if I quit basketball they won't let me play lax. I have all a's and b's if that has anything to do with it. How can I convince them to let me quit?

I suck at playing basketball. should I quit it?

Your heart is just not into it anymore.Talent and perseverance will only get you so far without genuine PASSION. If you’re in the game but “the lights aren’t on upstairs,” meaning that you’re not really interested in the process or the outcome, are distracted with thoughts about other things in your life, are no longer having fun and basically can’t wait for it to be over, then maybe this just isn’t the sport for you, and that’s okay .Don’t stay in it because of pressure from other people, or because you want a reason to do what your friends are doing.Life is too short for that! If you don’t LOVE the sport or don’t CRAVE to do your best at that particular endeavor, then find something else that you will feel that way about.Maybe it’s another sport! Lots of athletes start out in one sport and then later, find more enjoyment in another.If you choose to quit, then do it with pride knowing it was for the right reasons.All the best for your future ..Follow me for more enlightening answers in future ..Tharshini Ramesh <^>

How do I tell my basketball coach that I want to quit playing after 9 years?

Tell him or her straight up face to face.Many years ago, I quit a sports club after having been a member for seven years. I was young and didn’t have the courage to look my coach in the eye and tell him I was going to leave. One day, I just stopped showing up without saying a word. I still feel bad about that more than ten years later. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

I want to quit basketball but my parents wont let me?

Speaking as a parent, yeah I've been there. Your kid says he loves basketball, wants to play it all his life, so you spring for gear and camps and whatever. They two weeks later your kid decides he doesn't like basketball at all, he wants to learn to play guitar and become a rock star. So, Mom and Dad, can we put all that basketball gear in a closet, and will you buy me a Fender and an amp? And let me use the garage to practice?

Asking you to finish out the season isn't an unreasonable request if your parents have made an investment in basketball. Quit blaming your slipping grades on stress. There are milllions of adults who wake up every day and go to jobs they hate. You're getting all stressed out because you have to spend a couple of hours a day playing a game. Grow up, suck it up, and finish out the season.

How do I convince my parents to let me quit basketball?

I hate basketball so much. I hate it with a passion. I hate it so much I'd rather endure 2 hours of torture than go to practice.

It's not that I'm bad at it, it's just that I hate it SO MUCH. My parents made me sign up for it and I've resisted and complained every step of the way. I just think it's the worst, most boring sport that ever existed. AND I HATE IT.

How do I convince my parents that I WANT and NEED to quit?!