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How To Transfer Music From An Iphone To A New Computer Without My Songs Being Deleted

How do I delete music from my iPhone via my computer?

There are 2 feasible ways that allow you to delete music from iPhone via your computer.delete music from iPhone via iTunesFirstly, delete songs from iTunes Library, and then sync your iPhone music playlist. In this way, the songs will be deleted from your iPhone. In fact, this way is cumbersome and dull.2. delete music from iPhone via IOTransferIOTransfer offers you the most effective and easiest solution to manage your iPhone files and content. With IOTransfer, you are able to delete songs from your iPhone with just 1 simple click. Here’s how to delete music from iPhone via IOTransfer.connect your iPhone to PC, run IOTransfer, go to Music tab (you will see all your music files on iPhone), choose those you want to delete, and click “Delete” button.

If I sync Music between my iPhone and a new computer, will the Voice Memos on my iPhone get erased?

Voice memos should sync back from the iPhone to iTunes to the Voice Memos playlist. If that doesn't work, you can try using iPhone Explorer to open the iPhone as a hard drive and copy the files.

How do I transfer music from my PC to my iPhone without deleting the existing songs?

I will recommend you to use IOTransfer to transfer music from your computer (PC/Mac) to iPhone (iPad/iPod Touch). IOTransfer is the best iOS file management and transfer tool helping you transfer music, video, photo and other data across iOS devices and computer with just 1 simple click. Of course, without deleting the existing music files.Here’s how to transfer music from PC to iPhone via IOTransfer (step-by-step guide).*models: Win10 system and iPhone 6connect iPhone to computer, and run IOTransfer2. go to Music tab, and click Import button3. choose music files you want to transfer, and “open” (eg. Almost Lover.m4a)DONE!

How do I add songs to my iPhone via a computer without my existing music library?

That’s true. Your iPhone can be synced to only one iTunes library at the same time.It’s a good alternative to using iPhone transfer tool, like the one I used iMyFone iPhone Transfer.You can sync your iPhone to different computers without erasing.You can add songs to iPhone from new computer without erasing music library.You can add any songs to iPhone, no matter on iTunes or computer.Its free trial allows you to add songs to iPhone:(1) Open the transfer tool on computer and link your iPhone.(2) Click on the “Music” tab on the tool and all your songs will be shown there. (You can back up/delete/transfer/add songs.)(3) Adding songs by clicking “Add > Add File”, browsing and selecting music on computer.Once done, all the added songs can be enjoyed in iPhone Music app. All of them can be played on iPhone as they are automatically converted to iPhone version when adding.You can also refer to Free Way to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes.

Deleted songs from iPhone still show up in iTunes?

I only put a small portion of my iTunes library on my iPhone, and often I will delete songs off my iPhone from my phone without going back through iTunes and removing those songs from the playlist of the music I put on my phone. When I plug my phone back into my computer and go to iTunes, under "On this iPhone" tab it shows all the music I put on my phone including the songs I deleted that I do not want to go back on my phone.

So say I made a playlist of 500 songs and put that playlist on my phone. Over the next month I delete 50 songs, but when I plug my phone into iTunes it shows all 500 songs are on my phone even though I deleted 50 of them. Then I add songs to my "iPhone playlist" and want to put that playlist on my phone but it still includes the songs I deleted from my phone. Is there any way to make a new playlist on iTunes and transfer the music I have on my phone to this playlist? Or is there a place on iTunes that shows the actual music I have on my phone?

Is there a way to transfer photos from iPhone without iTunes?

I used Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo.
It can help copy both iPhone Library Photo ( the photos sync with iTunes) and iPhone Camera Photo ( the photos taken with iPhone Camera ) to your selected folder on your computer completely and safely. The whole process needs just a few simple clicks.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how:

Best luck!
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How to sync iphone without losing songs?

"how to sync iphone without losing songs?"

You don't - that's the point of syncing. It matches one device (iPhone) against another.

I've avoided this problem by never syncing. Instead, I use manual managment - works in both older devices (iPod Touch 3rd gen) and never (iPad 3, iPhone 5). I've put hundreds of songs on my iPod and nothing ever gets erased. All you iPhone and iPod users seem to rely on sync, as if it's some magic word. It sounds simple and cool, so none of you guys try the alternative. Put it this way, in 3 years w/the same iPod, I've replaced computers at home. and I've also connected it to my PC at work, and I've never had this problem.

" I wish i could access ''iPod_Control'' but somehow even when i enable show hidden files, maps and stations it still doesnt show ''iPod_Control."

That only works on Nanos (older ones, at least).

Also, you should get into the habit of backing up your music to MP3-CD or DVD-R, flash or something like that. That way if you get a new computer, you can just copy your music to it from there. I've see this same question posted hundreds of times by people who for some reason never considered this simple alternative to save hundreds of songs.

How can I backup my iPhone to a new computer when my old one is dead?

Thanks for the A2A.It’s possible to perform a backup on iTunes without syncing the data.First of all, if you have enough iCloud Storage, I’d recommend to perform an iCloud backup before attempting to procedure explained below.Secondly, configure iTunes so that it does not automatically sync iOS devices when plugged in:Open iTunesMac: Open iTunes preferences (⌘ ,)Windows PC: Click on “Edit” then “Preferences”Click on the “Devices” tabTick the option “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”Now, it’s important to know whether you encrypted the iTunes backup on your old computer or not.If you did not, then your next backup won’t be encrypted either, AND you won’t be able to restore your Health data and passwords if you’d like to.This kind of data requires the iTunes backup to be encrypted.If you did encrypt your iTunes backup on your old computer, then the backup on the new computer will automatically be encrypted with the same iTunes backup password than the one used on your old computer.Please note that this iTunes backup password is required when restoring the backup from iTunes onto your iPhone.If you don’t remember that password then you may have a problem depending on whether your iPhone is running iOS 11 or below:iOS 11: It’s possible to reset the iTunes backup password by resetting the settings of your iPhone (About encrypted backups in iTunes) AND you’ll have to re-configure a bunch of stuff afterwards.iOS 10 and below: It’s NOT possible to reset the iTunes backup without its password. In that case, you’ll have to try out every possible password that you may have set in the past, otherwise iCloud Backup will be your only option moving forward.Assuming that you’re good to go, you can then manually trigger the backup of your iPhone:This won’t sync any iTunes media with your iPhone, and thus won’t delete anything on your iPhone.If, one day, you’d like to be able to sync iTunes on your new computer with your iPhone, then follow this article:How to sync an iPhone with more than one Mac without erasing everythingHope this helps!

I accidentally synced my iPhone with a new computer and lost all my songs?

I feel so ******* awful. i just synced my Iphone to a new computer, thinking it would transfer my songs to the computer, but it just deleted all of mine... What can I do now? And I can't sync with the old computer again because its disk burned out. ****.